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Subseries 2. Lecture Notes and Conferences, 1964-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

The majority of the material consists of Jeffrey's lecture notes and transparencies. Some folders also contain material relating to his conference preparations and attendance such as correspondence, programs, abstracts, and travel arrangements.

The folders are arranged chronologically, followed by undated material, which is arranged alphabetically according to lecture title or conference name.

Folder 16 "If", APA Meeting, Boston, 1964
Folder 17 International Congress for Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Jerusalem: Program and Abstracts, 1964
Folder 18 "The Prisoner's Dilemma", Princeton University, 1968
Folder 19 International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, London, Ontario, Canada, 1975
Folder 20 "Subjective Probability": Talk for Statistics Seminar, London University, 1976
Folder 21 "Coming True", Lecture for Conference on the Philosophy of Language & Logic, University of Warwick, March 1976
Folder 22 IV Simposio Latino-Americano de Logica Matematica (IV SLAM): Motion for Withdrawal ASL Sponsorship, 1977-1978
Folder 23 7th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, Salzburg, Austria 1983, 1980-1983
Folder 24 International Conference on the Foundations of Probability & Statistics, Luino, Italy, 1981-1982
Folder 25 "Carnap on Artificial Languages and Artificial Lives", Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science and "Carnap's Robots", Center for the Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh, 1982-1985

Box 21
Folder 1 "Judgmental Probability and Objective Chance", Siena Conference, 1984
Folder 2 Conference on "Exchangeability and Partial Exchangeability", Purdue University, 1984
Folder 3 "From Logical Probability to Probability Logic", Bar-Hillel Symposium, Boston University, 1985
Folder 4 "Probability & Induction", 1985
Folder 5 "Alias Smith and Jones: The Testimony of the Senses", Essler Conference, Frankfurt, May 1986, 1885-1987
Folder 6 Juror Decision Making Conference, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1986
Folder 7 Frankfurt and Bologna Lectures, 1986
Folder 8 Princeton Colloquium Speakers, 1986-1987
Folder 9 Lecture Programs and Announcements, Italy, 1986-1993
Folder 10 "Probabilistic Epistemology: De Finetti's 'Probabilismo' (1931)", Moscow, Aug., 1987
Folder 11 "Conditionals", Dunwalke Conference, Lecture Draft and Transparencies, 1989
Folder 12 Joint US-Italian Workshop on Knowledge, Belief, and Strategic Interaction, Castiglioncello Italy, 1991
Folder 13 Salamanca Conference "Ciencia y Conocimiento", Spain, Programs and Correspondence, 1991
Folder 14 Lectures in Genova and Turin, Italy, 1993
Folder 15 8th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, & Philosophy of Science, Florence, August 1995, 1993-1995
Folder 16 "Decision Kinematics", IEA Conference on Rationality in Economics, Turin, and Revised, 1993-1996
Folder 17 Luino III & Trieste Conferences 1995, 1994-1995
Folder 18 IEA Turin Conference: The Rational Foundations of Economic Behaviour, 1995
Folder 19 International Conference: The Notion of Event in Probabilistic Epistemology, Trieste, Italy, 1996
Folder 20 "What It Takes to be a Group: Pareto vs. Diversity", Caen, France, 1997
Folder 21 "I Was a Teenage Logical Positivist (Now a Septuagenarian Radical Probabilist)", PSA Presidential Address 1998, 1998-1999
Folder 22 "The Career of Logical Empiricism", History of Science Society, Pittsburgh, 1999
Folder 23 Probabilistic States of Mind: IPMU 8th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems, Madrid 2000, 1999-2000
Folder 24 "After Logical Empiricism", 2000
Folder 25 "I. After Logical Empiricism, II. Radical Probabilism", Petrus Hispanus Lectures, Lisbon, 2000-2001

Box 22
Folder 1 "Empiricism Probabilized", Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK) Lecture, 2001
Folder 2 "From Logical Empiricism to Radical Probabilism", Program and Abstract for Hägerström Lecture, Uppsala University, Schweden, 2001
Folder 3 "Joyce on Choice" & Reply by Jim Joyce, Central Division APA Meeting, Minneapolis, 2001
Folder 4 "Judgmental Probabilities, Conditional and Unconditional", ISBA, Laguna Beach, 2001
Folder 5 "Probabilistic Epistemology--or--Après épistémologie", Carnegie Mellon University, 05-25-02, 2002
Folder 6 Carnegie Mellon University Talks "Probability Dynamics" and "Logicism Lite", Lecture Notes and Correspondence, 2002
Folder 7 "Adoptive (Constructive) Probability", et al., Transparencies, Rome
Folder 8 "After Logicism", Transparancies
Folder 9 "Agreeing to Disagree: Harsanyi & Aumann", w/ Matthias Hild & Mathias Risse, Transparencies
Folder 10 "Conditional Probability", Transparencies
Folder 11 "Epistemology Re-Naturalized", Transparancies (Bees)
Folder 12 "Evolutionary Decision Theory", SF Talk
Folder 13 "Exchangeability & Generalized Conditioning", & "Mini-Aumann Theorem", Transparencies
Folder 14 "Fallacies re. Radical Probabilism", Transparencies for Bologna/Lisbon Lectures
Folder 15 "Irrationality and the Bayesian Enlightenment", Announcement of Lecture at the University of Bristol
Folder 16 "Jon Dorling's Solution of the Duhem-Quine Problem", Transparencies
Folder 17 "Judgemental Probability", Jerusalem, Transparencies
Folder 18 "Logical Probability (Objective Bayesianism)", Transparencies
Folder 19 "Probabilistic Epistemology", Transparencies
Folder 20 "Probabilities of Preference Aggregation", Cal Tech Talk, Transparencies
Folder 21 "Probability Dynamics and Causality", Transparencies
Folder 22 "Probability Kinematics", Transparencies
Folder 23 "Prospects for Pure Pragmatism", Transparencies
Folder 24 "Radical Probabilism, et al.", Transparencies
Folder 25 "Savage on the Cheap", Transparencies
Folder 26 "The Theory of Knowledge", First Lecture
Folder 27 "What It Takes to be a Group: Pareto vs. Diversity", Transparencies
Folder 28 Unidentified Lecture Notes and Transparencies