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Subseries 1. Annotated Books, dates

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries consists of 792 books which have information in the form of annotations, dedications to Sellars, or inclusions. The books are arranged alphabetically by author, editor, or occasionally by translator. The annotations take the form of notes in the margins of the documents, underlining, and logical notations and derivations. The degree and kind of annotation vary greatly; some books are heavily underlined, annotated, and logically notated. Others have only short sections that are heavily marked, or are lightly marked throughout. There are dedications to Sellars from family members or other philosophers, and there are dedications from Wilfrid to his father. There are also books that contained inclusions. These inclusions can consist of fairly extended written commentary. They are sometimes commentary on the book in which they were found, and sometimes on other philosophical or personal topics.

In addition there are a few books that may not be marked, but are on topics that were of particular interest to Sellars. These books contained many slips of paper which acted as book markers. For example, his editions of Kant are included although they are not marked, because they contain hundreds of book markers and show considerable signs of use. In general, the books in this series are books on philosophical topics. They include editions of the works of the central figures in European philosophy such as Hume, Locke, Descartes, Kant, and Russell. Many of these are student editions that he seems to have used during his days at Oxford and Harvard. They are often extensively annotated with both marginal notes and underlining.

A list of annotated books is available.