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Subseries 3. Schilpp Material, Notes, and Printing-Proofs for Various Works

Folder 24 "Probability and Induction": Reply 25 for Schilpp-Volume
Folder 25 "An Axiom System for Inductive Logic": Reply 26 for Schilpp-Volume
Folder 26 Replies 27-31 for Schilpp-Volume
Folder 27 Supplementary Bibliogaphy: Galleys and Typescript, 1960-1962
Folder 28 11. "Robert Feys on Modalities"
Folder 29 Bibliography of Rudolf Carnap, 1959-1962
Folder 30 "My Views on Ontological Problems of Existence," Reply 4 Schilpp-Volume
Folder 31 "Modal Logic": Reply 9 for Schilpp-Volume, 1962
Folder 32 "My Conception of Semantics": Reply 10 for Schilpp-Volume
Folder 33 Reply to Hempel, 1961
Folder 34 "Theoretical Concepts in Science": Typescripts, 1954 and 1962
Folder 35 "Remarks on Physicalism and Related Topics: Discussion with Wilfrid Sellars," December 1954
Folder 36 Vorwort Der logische Aufbau der Welt, 1961
Folder 37 "Notes on Semantics," UCLA Seminar, Typescripts, 1936 and 1955-1960

Box 109a
Folder 1a Einführung in die symbolische Logik: Corrected Page-Proofs (Item 1), 1959-1960
Folder 1b Einführung in die symbolische Logik: Corrected Page-Proofs (Item 2a), 1959-1960
Folder 1c Einführung in die symbolische Logik: Corrected Page-Proofs (Item 2b), 1959-1960
Folder 1d Einführung in die symbolische Logik: Corrected Page-Proofs (Item 2c), 1959-1960
Folder 2 Meaning and Necessity, Chicago: Page-Proofs, 1947
Folder 3 Formulization of Logic: Page-Proofs
Folder 4a Introduction to Semantics: Typescript and Page-Proofs (Item 1), 1941
Folder 4b Introduction to Semantics: Typescript and Page-Proofs (Item 2), 1941
Folder 5 The Logical Syntax of Language: Page-Proofs
Folder 6 On the Application of Inductive Logic: Page-Proofs
Folder 7 Logical Foundation of the Unity of Science: Page-Proofs
Folder 8 Review of Quine's A System of Logistic: Page-Proofs, 1935
Folder 9 "Die Methode der logichen Analyse": Page-Proofs
Folder 10 "Die logizistische Grundlegung der Mathematik": Page-Proofs, 1931
Folder 11 "Die Mathematik als Zweig der Logik": Page-Proofs
Folder 12 Excerpts from Schilpp-Volume: Mimeos, 1962

Box 109b
Folder 13a The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap: 2nd Proof, (Items 1-2),
Folder 13b The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap: 2nd Proof, (Item 3a),
Folder 13c The Philosophy of Rudolf Carnap: 2nd Proof, (Item 3b),
Folder 14 Replies I., Schilpp-Volume
Folder 15 Replies II., Schilpp-Volume
Folder 16 Replies III., Schilpp-Volume
Folder 17 Introductory Remarks to Replies of Schilpp-Volume
Folder 18 Mimeographed Copies of "Contents" from Schilpp-Volume
Folder 19 Reply: 1: "Charles Morris on Pragmatism and Logical Empiricism"
Folder 20 Reply 2: "Robert S. Cohen on Dialectical Materialism vs. Empiricism"
Folder 21 Reply 3: "Philipp Frank and V. Brushlinsky on Positivism, Metaphysics, and Marxism"
Folder 22 Reply 5: "Paul Henle on Meaning and Verifiability"
Folder 23 Reply 9: "My Conceptions of the Logic of Modalities"
Folder 24 Reply 10: "My Conception of Semantics"
Folder 25 Reply 14: "Richard Martin on Semantics"

Box 109c
Folder 26 Reply 12: "John Myhill on Modal Logic and Semantics"
Folder 27 Reply 13: "Donald Davidson on Modalities and Semantics"
Folder 28 Reply 16: Herbert G. Bohnert on Definitions and Analyticity
Folder 29 Reply 18: "E.W. Beth on Constructed Language Systems"
Folder 30 Reply 20: "Yehoshua Bar-Hillel on Linguistics and Metatheory"
Folder 31 Reply 23: "Adolf Grünbaum on the Philosophy of Space and Time"
Folder 32 § 24: "Carl G. Hempel on Scientific Theories"
Folder 33 Reply 27: "John G. Kemeny on Probability and Induction"
Folder 34 Reply 32: "Abraham Kaplan on Value Judgements"
Folder 35 Carnap, Logik, 2. Auflage: Page-Proofs, 1959
Folder 36 Logische Syntax der Sprache: Page-Proofs, 1968
Folder 37 Einführung in die symbolische Logik: Page-Proofs, 1968

Box 109d
Folders 38-40 The Continuum of Inductive Methods: Page-Proofs, 1952
Folders 40-41 Induktive Logik und Wahrscheinlichkeit: Page-Proofs, 1958-1959