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Series VI. Personal, 1961-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains materials that document Rabinowitz's experiences during college and after in New York City, non NAM and DSA affiliated conferences and events, legal cases she was involved in, writings and correspondence, various projects, and involvement in other various organizations. This series is divided into six subseries in which folders are organized alphabetically, excluding "legal cases" which is organized chronologically.

Subseries 1. College and New York City, 1961-1969

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries documents some of Rabinowitz's activism while at college and after college when she moved back to New York City. Included are writings, events, and materials collected which are organized alphabetically.

Box 10
Folder 1 Antioch College Student Organizations, Actions, and Publications, 1961-1963
Folder 2 Anti-Poverty Teach In, 1965-1967
Folder 3 Committee For Independent Political Action, 1966
Folder 4 Helsinki Youth Festival, 1962
Folder 5 Movement for a Democratic Society, 1968-1969
Folder 6 Movement for a Democratic Society, Literature, 1969
Folder 7 Movement for a Democratic Society, Welfare, 1968-1969
Folder 8 The National Committee to Abolish the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1961-1966
Folder 9 Social Welfare Worker's Movement, 1964-1969
Folder 10 Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), 1963-1964

Subseries 2. Conferences and Events, 1966-1999

Scope and Content Notes:

Rabinowitz was not only active in attending various conferences and events through NAM and DSA, but her activism and involvement extended beyond and after these organizations. This subseries documents the various conferences and events she attended and is organized alphabetically.

Folder 11 Alternative State and Local Policies Conference, 1980
Folder 12 Anti-Communism and the US: An International Conference, 1988
Folder 13 Campus Organizing Action Conference, 1970
Folder 14 Citizen's Action Midwest Academy Retreat, 1984
Folder 15 Counter Bicentennial Demonstration, 1976
Folder 16 Health Care for All Speaker's Seminar, 1992
Folder 17 Morningside March, 1987
Folder 18 Second Festival of the Revolution, Granada, 1981
Folder 19 Strike City Benefit, 1966
Folder 20 Women's Health Services 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1983
Folder 21 Women of Achievement Recognition and Awards, 1999
Folder 22 Various Conferences and Workshops, 1980-1984

Subseries 3. Legal Cases, 1964-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries documents the legal cases Rabinowitz was involved in and include legal documents, briefs, and newspaper clippings. Materials are organized in chronological order. Of interest are the The Gegner v. McKee and Rabinowitz v. The United States cases. Joni Rabinowitz v. The United States, or "Joni's Case" as it was known, involved she and five other members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) who were indicted for perjury in 1963 when she testified that she was not present at a protest meeting in front of an Albany, Ga., grocery store. Her father, Victor Rabinowitz, defended her and won an appeal the next year. The Gegner v. McKee involved Rabinowitz and over one hundred Antioch College students and other civil rights activists who were arrested in 1964 after protesting against Lewis Gegner, a Yellow Springs barber who refused to serve African American patrons.

Folder 23 Albany By: Howard Zinn 1962
Folder 24 The Albany Cases (pamphlet), 1962
Folder 25-26 "Joni's Case," 1963-1965
Folder 27 Joni Rabinowitz v. The United States, Brief of Amicus Curiae of American Scholars, 1964
Folder 28 Joni Rabinowitz v. The United States, Legal Briefs, 1964
Folder 29 Joni Rabinowitz v The United States Legal Briefs, 1966

Box 11
Folder 1 Gegner v. McKee Newspaper Clippings, 1964
Folder 2 Gegner v. McKee Correspondence, 1964-1968
Folder 3 Gegner v. McKee Legal Documents, 1964-1965
Folder 4 Defiant Trespass, 1985
Folder 3 Drug Bust, 1971
Folder 5 Case Against Rabinowitz for the Distribution of Leaflets at the Monroeville Mall, 1996-1997

Subseries 4. Writings and Correspondence, 1964-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is organized alphabetically and contains items written by Rabinowitz, which includes correspondence, academic papers, and newspaper editorials and pieces. Also included are items written about Rabinowitz which include newspaper articles, interviews, and academic papers.

Folder 6 Correspondence Regarding Breast Cancer Diagnosis, 1983
Folder 7 Correspondence with Brother Concerning His Involvement in the Freedom Riders, 1964
Folder 8 Correspondence with Martin Luther King Jr., 1964
Folder 9 Letters to the Editors of Various Newspapers, 1973-1978
Folder 10 Mastectomy Legislation, 1984
Folder 11 Papers Written On Joni, 1989-1991
Folder 12 Personal Correspondence, 1964-1988
Folder 13 The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Roundtable, 1984
Folder 14 Press, 1964-2004
Folder 15 Speeches, 1975-1980
Folder 16 University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, 1972-1974

Subseries 5. Projects, 1973-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains materials pertaining to projects Rabinowitz was involved in, separate from the organizations she was a member of. Included are the advertising books that she created for different causes, evaluation and analysis of local organizations, an oral history project she became involved in, and papers that document her time at Wobblie Joe's Tavern as a manager. Materials are organized alphabetically.

Folder 17 Advertising Books, 1981-1982
Folder 18 Celestial Seasonings Tea Distribution, 1973
Folder 19 Evaluation and Analysis of Community Organizations in Pittsburgh, 1977
Folder 20 Oral History Project, 1975-1996
Folder 21 Resistance and Beyond: A Handbook Prepared by The Pittsburgh Resistance and Their Friends, 1970
Folder 22 Wobbie Joe's Tavern, Manager, 1978-1981
Folder 23 Wobblie Joe's Tavern, Personal Notebook, 1978-1981

Subseries 6. Personal Involvement in Organizations, 1968-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

Included in this subseries are materials that document Rabinowitz's involvement in organizations throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, separate from those related to the NAM or DSA. Materials are organized alphabetically.

Folder 24 Ad Hoc Committee to Counter Klan Activity, 1980-1981
Folder 25 The Citizen's/Consumer Party Materials, 1980
Folder 26 Committee to Improve Kane Hospital, 1977
Folder 27 Ejection from Democratic Platform Meeting, 1996
Folder 28 Fair Budget Coalition, 1982
Folder 29 The Gulf Action Project, 1970
Folder 30 Jobs with Peace, 1981-1987
Folder 31 Just Harvest Presentations and Testimonies, 1992-1996
Folder 32 Heath Care for All, Post 1995 and Disbandment, 1995
Folder 33 Health Care for All, Canadian Tour, 1992
Folder 34 Local 1199 in Pittsburgh, 1968-1970
Folder 35 Relations with Congress of Afrikan People, Mass Party Organizing Committee, 1975-1976
Folder 36 Relations with Socialist Worker's Party Campaign, 1973-1976
Folder 37 Support Our Neighborhood Action Coalition, 1983
Folder 38 Switchboard Community Telephone Service and Serve the People Coalition, 1970-1972