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Folder 15 Orr Reports, 752-802, 1990

This folder contains reports 752 through 802 and includes the following: M. Parisi and Sons Construction, Degree of Temper in 1/4 inch Glass; Tel-tech, Design of Window for Super Flight; Glassalum Engineering Co.; Inspection of Glass at Three Lincoln Center, NY; Peter Corsell Associates, Revision of 748A Using New Glass Sizes; Solid Waste Authority, Florida, Calculations for 3/8 inch Float Glass off Vertical; Construction Consulting Corp., Examination of Three Nickel Sulfide Failures; Elstner Pacific Ltd., Examination of Broken Heat Strengthened Glass; Peter Corsell Associates, Changes in 748B Using 70 PSF Load; Brookfield Zoo, Design of Glass Panel for Animal Impact; Tyson Technics, Examination of Three Failed Insulated Windows; Glassalum Engineering Co., Revise Report No. 754 on Three Lincoln Center; PPG Industries, Grieve, Discussion on Metal Cemented to Glass Door; Kensington Mfg., Problem of Seal Failure in Insulating Unit; The Austin Company, Breakage of Insulated Units; Group Health Inc., Two Days at Minneapolis inspecting and replacing; Kensington Manufacturing, Dew Point Measurements in Insulated Units; Kensington Manufacturing., Dew Point Measurements of Thirty two Units with Gallo; Andrew Muth, Fracture of Glass Windows in School; Law Engineering Co., Review of Drawings and Correspondence Ace Building; Braithwaite, Utah, Review of Deposition and Drawings on NiS Failure; Cardinal IG, Rewrite Report No. 774; Danny Shaw NiS, Stone Failures in New Orleans; Andrew Muth, Additional Facts of Report No. 772, 777; David Shuldiner, Design of Aquarium, Three Edge Support; Glassalum Engineering Co. NY, Glass Breakage at 750 Seventh Avenue Building; Smith and Robson, Comments on package of Windshield Photos; Dick Elstner, Analyze Glass Fragments from Breaks; Peter N. Munsing, Fracture of A-Treat Bottle Causing Injury; Roche Dinkeloo, Fracture of Skylights at MMA, NY; Roche Dinkeloo, Rewrite Report No. 782; Smith and Robson, Broken Syringe, Syracuse, NY; Thomas Craddock, Copy of Notes, Construction Consultants Corp.; USF and G Corp., Weld Spatter on Insulated Units; Charles P. Falk, Failure of Glass Vial Causing Injuries; Andrew Muth, Affidavit Notarized; Cardinal IG, Temp. Differential Strength of Plates, Damaged Edges; Teltech, Bending Large Windows, Tempered; Tempglass, Inc., Loss of Temper in Fireplace Glass; GTD Associates, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load; Schaefer and Associates, Analysis of Broken Catsup Bottle; Peter N. Munsing, Comparison of Thickness in Three Bottles; Teltech, Explosion Proof Lighted Panels; St. August Alligator Farm, Design of Aquarium Window, No Report; Teltech, Temperature Build-up Behind Shades; John H. Caputo, Discussion Broken Pepsi Bottle; New York Zoo, Weakening Effect of Surface Chip; McGraw Hudson Corp., Breakage of Shower Doors, Hotel Macklowe; John Braithwaite, Deposition on NiS Case, Salt Lake City.