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Folder 31 Orr Reports, 452-468, 1982

This folder contains reports 452 through 468 and includes the following: Viracon Inc., Glass Failures in AMAX Laboratory, Denver, Colorado; R. W. Bletzacker, Breakage in Insulated Units, Ohio State, Wooster; Flour City Architectural Metals, Failures In L-O-F Insulated Units, New York; Arthur Erickson, Break in Laminated Unit, Vancouver, B.C.; Nissan Motors, Comments on Auto Accident, Valdes V. Nissan; Tarnopol, Examination of Broken Champagne Bottle; Pope, Accident of Simpson Through Window; PDSW Joint Venture, Analysis of All Glass Proposed for L.A. Airport; Flour City Architectural Metals, Examination of Three Breaks in L-O-F Units, N.Y. City; Acadia Manufacturing Co., Analysis of Cause of Breaks in Two Units; Vanir Development Co., Examination of Gold Units in Vanir Tower, California; Jung Brannen Associates, Inc., Skylight Canopy Design Calculations; Toyota Motor Sales, Comments on Deposition of Bruce Wong; Tarnopol, Broken Tia Maria Liquor Bottle; Tarnopol, Broken Glass Mug, Berney Karp Inc., 1981; Dan Love, Aquarium for Restaurant, Nashville, Tennessee.