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Folder 17 Orr Reports, 830-859, 1992

This folder contains reports 830 through 859 and includes the following: Tel-tech, Internal Stresses in 3/4 inch and 1 inch Float Glass; Cardinal IG; Examination Of Broken and Unbroken Heat Strengthened Plates; Tel-tech Jeff Cram, Impact of Metal Rod Against 1/4 inch Lexam; John C. Hayes, Jr., Deposition at Hagerstown, Salsa Bottle Case; Rick Wright, Design of Glass Panels for Aquarium; J.C. Hambrick, Jr., Examination of Broken 2.5 L Corning Vision; General Glass International, Examination of Stress Patterns in Glass Sheets; Advance Coating Technology, Dianne J. Grande, Discussion at Pittsburgh Airport on NiS Failures; Smith and Robson Elion, Comments on Information for Murphy Bottle; John A. Palmieri, Examination of Dr. Pepper Bottle Causing Injury; Sam Floro, Broken Canada Dry Bottle; Smith and Rob Donahoe, Examination of Broken Pyrex Baking Dish; Lynette Gray, Examination of Broken Glass Baking Dish; Vision Technologies, Examination of Failures from Impact and NiS; Joseph Procopio, Glass Door Failure Causing Injury; John W. Cooper, Failed Wire Glass in W.VA Wesleyan Door; Cardinal IG, Breakage of 1/4 inch Coated Gray Heat, Strengthened Glass; Thomas Lazaroff, Door Glass Breakage Causing Injury; William J. Mason, Failure of Door Glass Causing Injury; Tel-tech, Design of Control Tower Windows; National Mirror and Glass, Design of Aquarium 84 Inch Cube; Rafael Vimoly, Design of Glass Floor and Railing; Tel-tech, Peeling of Coating from Tempered Glass; Smith and Robson Elion, Elion Letter Reply on Murphy Accident; R.C. Hagen Co., Glass Design for Aquariums; Smith and Robson, Broken Corning Vision Dish; Procopio Job, Deposition at Pittsburgh Airport; Roche Dinkeloo, Glass Panel for Corning Exhibit; Cardinal IG, Strength of Water Jet Cut Glass Edges.