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Folder 16 Orr Reports, 803-829, 1991

This folder contains reports 803 through 829 and includes the following: Tel-tech, GE Lamp Fracture of Lamp around Filament; John Braithwaite, Deposition Corrections; Viking Glass and Mirror, Design of Aquarium; Helen R. Kotler, Failure of Entrance Door, Causing Injury; Bob Smith Associates, Failure of Anchor Hocking Baking Dish; Helen R. Kotler, Revision of Report No. 806; Moshe, Safdie and Associates, Fine Arts Museum, Montreal; Construction Consulting Corp., Analysis of Nickel Sulfide Failure; PPG Research Lab, Attend Meeting on Glass Strength; Tel-tech Malinka, Breakage of Glass Plates when Hot Spray; Tel-tech, McAfee Physical Constants of Glass; SYDA Curt Van Vloten, Design of Window for Aquarium; Charisma Design Studio, Cause of Bent Glass Breaks from Edge; Larsen and Stewart, Tyson, Comment on Hein Report NCTL-110-3628-2; N.D. Pitnoff, Stress Analysis of Broken Door Glass; Smith and Robson, Robert B. Elion Bottle Fracture; Taylor Woodrow Construction, NiS Failures, Tampa Airport F; Smith and Robson, Failure of Coca-Cola Bottle; CLRR Architects, Zoo Exhibit Glass Calculations, Cardinal IG, Analysis of Five Breaks from IG Units; Tel-tech, Recommended Glass for Table Top; Standard Bent Plate, Interpreting Stresses in Bent Glass; Smith and Robson, Frank Campese, Jr., Examination of Broken Spaghetti Bottle; Schneider, Minnesota, Examination of Glass from Ford Truck; Seminar at Cardinal, Review of Glass Failures and Defects; Tel-tech, Breaking Neck of Perfume Bottle.