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Folder 6 Orr Reports, 18-43, 1973

This folder contains the following reports, all done for I. M. Pei and Partners, and ranging between 18 and 43: Comments on February 10 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 Inch; Comments on February 15 Horizontal Vacuum Load Tests 1 1/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch; Comments on February 26 Horizontal Vacuum Load Summary; Comments on March 1 Correction for Tare Loads; Comments on March 7 New Insulated 9 Fl. 1 Inch Unit; Comments on April 23 Report and Uhlmann 4/17 Report; Comments on L-O-F Information March 27; Use of 2.5 Factor of Safety; Summary of Hancock Breakage Problem; Examination of Hancock Failure Origins at MIT; Revision of Chart Analyzing Breakage; Comments on L-O-F July 16 Reglazing Plan; Comments on L-O-F July 6 Load and Temperature Differential; Strength Glass Form Edge of 19-1B Window; Comments on Hansen Letters 7/5, 25, 26, 8/3; Comments on L-O-F Letter August 9; Comments on Vibration Tests on Bondermetic Windows; Comments on Mr. Henry N. Cobbs Letter August 14; Comments on Broken Window 17-6E Fail 8/14; Heavy Glass for Chemical Engineering Facility, MIT; Comments on Redesign of Hancock Window Wall; Use of 1/2 Inch Full Tempered Replacement Glass; Proposed Dew Point Test Measurements; Review of Hancock Reports and Letters; Load Duration Theory for Glass Design, W.G. Brown; Recording Temperatures on Hancock Thermopane Windows; Comments on Hancock Reports and Letters.