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Series I. University of Pittsburgh, 1930-1937

Scope and Content Notes:

This series documents Frank Bolden’s time as a student at the University of Pittsburgh. Bolden entered the university in 1930 intending to be an attorney, but switched his major to Biology. He graduated in 1934 with a Bachelor of Science degree and went on to take graduate courses and function as Teaching Assistant in Biology. The material in this series includes numerous laboratory notebooks dedicated to biological study. There are a few pieces of ephemera that document his time in the Pitt Marching Band, such as a concert program and a photograph of a marching band formation. Of particular interest in this series is a short story written by Bolden called “The Gray Seal,” and a card indicating that he took a pledge of silence for the day as a pledge member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. The material in this series dates from 1930 to 1937 and is arranged by year.

Box 1
Folder 1 "The Gray Seal," short story 1930
Folder 2 Constitution and By-Laws of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, 1930
Folder 3 Photographs of Bolden as a student, ca.1930
Folder 4 Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity membership certificate, 1931
Folder 5 Alpha Phi Alpha pledge of silence card, 1931
Folder 6 Pharmacy Notebook, ca.1931
Folder 8 University of Pittsburgh Band Concert Program, 1933
Folder 7 Excused absence note from Assistant Dean of Men, 1933
Folder 9 Vertebrate Zoology typewritten notes, 1934
Folder 10 Zoology Notebook, 1934
Folder 11 Alpha Omicron Lambda Constitution, By-Laws, and new member selections 1935
Folder 12 Vertebrate Zoology Notebook, 1935
Folder 13 Cell drawings for Zoology History course, 1935-1936
Folder 14 Zoology Histology Graduate Lab Notebook, 1935-1936
Folder 15 "The Individuality of the Chromosome" Term paper for Cytology, 1935-1936
Folder 16 Handwritten notes for Zoology Histology course, 1935-1936
Folder 17 Seminar report on "Ancient Medicine," 1936
Folder 18 Physiology Seminar notes and lab notebook, 1936
Folder 19 Notes on techniques in Protozology, 1936
Folder 20 Zoology Histology Final Exam, 1936
Folder 21 General Micrology and Histology, notes and workbook, 1936-1937
Folder 22 Biology Bacteriology Department, notes and lab notebook, 1937
Folder 23 Bacteriology Lab, workbook, undated
Folder 24 Bacteriology Report, undated
Folder 25 Crythropaiesis in Avian Marrow notes, undated
Folder 26 French Vocabulary notes undated
Folder 27 Term paper on Henderson-Hasselbalch Equation, undated
Folder 28 Pitt Band formation photograph, undated