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Folder 28 Orr Reports, 408-417, 1981

This folder contains reports 408 through 417 and includes the following: PRC Corporation, Examination of Ten Broken Windows from Utah; Glassalum Engineering, Comments on Three Letters and Nickel Sulfide Stones; Lovell, White and King, Spandrel Failures UBM Hills Windows Ltd., Glassalum Engineering, Summary of Recent Findings, Key Colony Job; Glassalum Engineering, Final Report on NiS Tempered Glass Breakage; Cyro Industries, Consulting at Sanford, Maine Factory; Continental Offices, Arbitration on Settlement of Replacing Glass; Globe Amerada, Glass Information for Sweets Catalog; Donald F. Ayers, Lava Light Bottle Glass Breakage; Donald F. Ayers, Photographic Appendix to Lava-Lite; Sills, Beck, Cummis, Examination of Pyrex Coffee Brewer.