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Folder 21 Orr Reports, 294-310, 1979

This folder contains reports 294 through 310, which includes the following: Associated Construction Consultants, Broken 1/4 inch Solarbronze after Applying P-19 Scotch Tint; Lucitron Corp., Design of Laminated Windows for Vacuum Chambers; PPG McKinley, Comparison of New PPP Load Charts with Others; Jubilerer and Pass, Breakage of Fixed 1/4 inch Plate at J.C Penney Greengate Mall; PPG Quality Assurance, Breakage of 1 inch Solarbronze Unit at Delmarva P. and L.; Willcox, Norfolk, Virginia, Court Case on Broken 1/4 inch Tempered Plate; Roche Dinkeloo, Inspection of Tempered Glass at MMA For Flaws Causing Failure; PCL Construction Ltd., Review of Proposed Glazing for Sask Tel Office Building; Viracon Inc., Seminar on General Subject of Slope Glazing; A.D. Lyons, Delivered Broken Ball Mason Jar to American Glass Research; Roche Dinkeloo, Examination of Failed L-O-F Window in MMA New York; Shatterproof Glass, Wind Loads, Center Deflection Pull-Out, Glass Plate; Harmon Glazing, Analysis of Glass for Towers, Town Square, St. Paul; Robert A. Romero, Analysis of Glass Breaks from Shims, Fitchburg, MA; White and Steele, Rewrite Report No. 291 on Hilton Accident; White and Steele, Comments on Bauer and Crawford Letter on Glass Breakage, Denver Hilton; White and Steele, Additional Information Requested during Meeting at Pittsburgh Airport.