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Series XIII. Other Radical/Leftist Organizations

Scope and Content Notes:

Basically this section of the collection is catch all for a variety of material does not fit obviously into other categories or includes too few items to merit an entire section of its own.

Box 8
Folder 20 "The Demands of Democracy", By Eugene J. McCarthy
Folder 21 "Four More Nixon Years?" Pamphlet
Folder 22 The Southern Patriot, November, 1958
Folder 23 The Southern Patriot, December, 1976
Folder 24 "Impeach Nixon No Deals, Force Congress to Impeach Nixon"
Folder 25 "The Whole World is Watching! Inauguration Day '69" Flyer, 1969
Folder 26 Letter from George McGovern
Folder 27 "Exploring Nonviolent Action", A Guide to Research, By George Lakey, April, 1970
Folder 28 "Monthly Review Press", Spring 1969, 1969
Folder 29 "Hugh Hardyman 1902-1960"
Folder 30 Flyer for the Peace and Freedom Party Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Clyde Kuhn, 1986
Folder 31 "Poverty Amidst Plenty", A Scientific Anachronism
Folder 32 "For a Labor Party in Connecticut"
Folder 33 The American Progress, November 9, 1933
Folder 34 "The A.F.T. Strike Continues!!", Policy on the First Week of the Semester
Folder 35 "Building Economic Alternatives", A Quarterly Publication of Co-op America, Spring 1986, 1986
Folder 36 "March for Economic Survival, Saturday-September 28, 1974 August 20, 1974
Folder 37 Flyers (4)Calling People to March and Protest, 1974
Folder 38 Southern Exposure, "Here Come a Wind", Labor on the Move, 1976
Folder 39 Southern Exposure, "Growing Up Southern", 1980
Folder 40 Southern Exposure, "Festival", Celebrating Southern Literature, 1981
Folder 41 Southern Exposure, "Stayed on Freedom", 1981
Folder 42 Fact Sheet, Details of the Community Control of the Police Proposition January, 1971
Folder 43 "Too Much Garbage from City Council"
Folder 44 "A Short Introduction to Consumers' Cooperation", By Ellis Cowling, 1935
Folder 45 "Disarm the Corporations"
Folder 46 The Principal Principle, June, 1931
Folder 47 "The Big Guns", By Matthew Josephson, January 14, 1956
Folder 48 "Technocracy an Interpretation", By Stuart Chase, 1933
Folder 49 "Smog over Los Angeles", 1959
Folder 50 "Rich Man Poor Man", By Ryllis Alexander Goslin & Omar Pancost Goslin, 1935
Folder 51 Issues of World Events (14), By Scott Nearing, 1947-1948
Folder 52 "In Memoriam of Victor Alter Henryk Erlich", March 30, 1943
Folder 53 "Our Maturing Fascism", By Hugh Hardyman, 1949
Folder 54 "Synthesis is our Only Possibility", By Bob Dickens
Folder 55 Flyer from the National Organization for an American Revolution
Folder 56 "San Francisco and the Un-American Activities Committee"
Folder 57 IS Bulletin, May 15, 1971
Folder 58 "Economics for Beginners", Elementary Economics in Simple Language, By John Keracher, 1935
Folder 59 "Are Our Banks Betraying Us?", By Alfred Wayland, 1932
Folder 60 Flyers for "Food Not Bombs" and The Conscious Alliance
Folder 61 "What They Won't Tell You About Jobs and Prices", The Unemployment- Inflation Trap and the Way Out of It, By Edward Boorstein October, 1980
Folder 62 "The Socialization of Money", By E.F. Mylius
Folder 63 "Inaugural Address"
Folder 64 "The World's Crisis Analyzed- Solution Offered", Open Letter to President Harding, By H.L.A. Holman
Folder 65 The Industrial Communist (2), September, 1920 and May, 1921
Folder 66 "Countdown to a Nuclear Moratorium", Environmental Action Foundation, April, 1976
Folder 67 Progressive Student Union Rearguard, 1990
Folder 68 "Somebody Had to Say 'the emperor wears no clothes'"
Folder 69 "Come Home, America", A Flyer for Democratic Presidential Candidate George McGovern
Folder 70 General Informational Sheet for a March in Harrisburg
Folder 71 "Use Nuclear Electric Power and Reduce Oil Dependency" Flyer
Folder 72 "Era Walk '80" Flyer, October 18, 1980
Folder 73 Flyer for "Boycott GE Products Until General Electric Gets Out of the Nuclear Business"
Folder 74 "What's Wrong With Big Rock? Plenty!!" Flyer
Folder 75 Flyer Calling for Support of Haitian Refugees
Folder 76 "Let There be a World", By Felix Greene, 1963
Folder 77 "Watts Uprising '65"
Folder 78 "The Making of a Pollution-Industrial Complex", By Martin Gellen, 1970
Folder 79 "The Real Cuba as Three Candidates Saw it", June, 1964
Folder 80 "N.A.C.L.A. Research Methodology Guide"
Folder 81 "A New Look at Cuba", The Challenge to Kennedy, By Jesse Gordon and Gen. Hugh B. Hester
Folder 82 Flyer for a Rally for McCarthy
Folder 83 Pamphlet about the SLATE Organization
Folder 84 "Aid Victims of Southern Africa's Rule of Terror" Pamphlet
Folder 85 "Strike" Pamphlet
Folder 86 Program for "The Snow Fairy", 1912
Folder 87 "WorkForce Resource Guide: Organizing" Newspaper
Folder 88 Assorted Anti-Nixon Memorabilia
Folder 89 "I Support Consumers Education and Protective Association" card
Folder 90 "Boycott the Elections!" Marxist-Lenist Party Red Women's Detachment
Folder 91-118 The People's Tribune - Vol. 9 No. 8-Vol. 10 No. 10, April 12, 1982-May 10, 1983
Folder 119 Underground - Vol. 1 No. 2, March 1971
Folder 120-164 National Guardian, April 12, 1954- April 6, 1968 ()

Box 9
Folder 1-195 National Guardian, April 13, 1968- October 17, 1970

Box 14
Folder 38 The Progressive, Hidden History of the United States Calendar, 1982
Folder 39 Students Picket Churchill at Columbia
Folder 40 "Five Years of Hitler"
Folder 41 "America of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich"
Folder 42 "A Blueprint for America", Peoples' Party of the United States
Folder 43 "Prospects of American Radicalism", American Socialist Publications
Folder 44 "Where Are We Going?", Hugh Hardyman
Folder 45 "Free Our Political Prisoners" Pamphlet, ca. 1919

Box 24
Folder 27 The $60 at 60 Pension Plan. Workers Allegiance of America, ca. 1930's
Folder 28 Beehive Collective: 6 items. Maine, ca. 2000s
Folder 29 JPL Universe, November 1989
Folder 30 Revolution Newspaper Flyer, Chicago
Folder 31 New Day Films, 2010-2011
Folder 32 "Earl Robinson's 80th Birthday Celebration Concert" Program, June 1990
Folder 33 "Southwest Economy and Society: Strike for Liberty!", Fall 1979
Folder 34 "Southern Exposure", Fall 1981
Folder 35 "Dissent", Summer 1993
Folder 36 "A Quarter Century of Un-Americana" Marzani and Muzeil, 1963
Folder 37 Bicentennial pamphlet and flyers on Robert Ingersoll, 1976
Folder 38 "The Progressive", July 1982
Folder 39 Pittsburgh Peace Institute catalogue, Winter 1989
Folder 40 CMA News vol. 2 no. 2, March 1980
Folder 41 Monthly Review Press Supplement: "Review 1", 1965
Folder 42 "The A B C of Socialism" Leo Huberman and Sybil H. May, 1958
Folder 43 "Making Patients Pay More" Sam Baker, 1985
Folder 44 "Resolution and Petition of the Impeachment of Richard Nixon" ACLU Michigan, October 1973
Folder 45 "A United Front Against Fascism", March 1933
Folder 46 "People United for Environmental Justice Grassroots Convention Songbook" Citizens' Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste, 1989
Folder 47 "Report on the Community Defense project on Organized Neo-fascists in Portland, Oregon" Coalition for Human Dignity, 1990
Folder 48 "Your Career and Nuclear Weapons" Santa Barbara Peace Group, 1985
Folder 49 Progressive World vol. 37 no. 3 May- June 1980
Folder 50 "Shutdown Strategies Citizen Efforts to Close Nuclear Powerplants" Joseph Kreisburg, 1986

Box 32
Folder 9 ACLU New Member's Kit, 1986
Folder 10 The Roots and Prospects of McCarthyism
Folder 11 The Daily Compass vol. 1 no.1, May 1949
Folder 12 Free Economy vol. VIII no. 10, November 1938
Folder 13 The Nation vol. CXVIII no. 3073, May 1924
Folder 14 Free University Press, University of Pittsburgh (4 issues), 1989
Folder 15 "Thousands of Children are Hungry" (2 Copies) Illustrated Flyer, 1940
Folder 16a La Follette's Magazine Vol. XVII No. 1, January 1925
Folder 16b La Follette's Magazine Vol. XVII No. 2, February 1925
Folder 17 The Forty Niner vol. XXI no. 49, California State College Student Newspaper, December 1969
Folder 18 Epic News vol. 1 no. 45, April 1935

Box 34
Folder 9 Rally No Nukes, 1979
Folder 10 "March for Peace and Justice" Poster, 1982
Folder 11 McGovern-Shriver Campaign Poster, 1972

Box 37
Folder 165 American Working Class History Project Pamphlet
Folder 166 Science & Society Mail Order, 2004
Folder 167 "Unknown Secrets: Art and the Rosenberg Era" Mail Order
Folder 168 "Indroducing Color Adjusment" Mail Order, 1991-1992
Folder 169 "Crisis Bargaining" Mail Order
Folder 170 "With Babies and Banners: Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade" Mail Order, 1978
Folder 171 Icarus Films Mailing, September 1980
Folder 172 Bread and Roses Mail Order
Folder 173 Labor Film Library Flyer
Folder 174 Icarus Films Labor Film Library Papers

Box 38
Folder 1 Bread and Roses Order Form
Folder 2 Monthly Review Press, Spring 1998
Folder 3 Monthly Review Press, Winter 2000

Section: Lovestonites

Scope and Content Notes:

In 1929 the CPUSA expelled former Party General Secretary Jay Lovestone and a substantial group of followers including Benjamin Gitlow, the CP’S 1924 and 1928 VP candidate. The Lovestone group supported the Soviet faction aligned with Nicholai Bukharin and opposed Comintern Third Period polices which they considered (correctly) sectarian and impractical. Initially the Lovestone group considered itself a loyal opposition to the officially recognized leadership of the CPUSA, but gradually developed a separate organizational identity. Although the group’s membership never exceeded a few hundred, it had more influence than might be expected both because officials in several unions respected the advice of prominent Lovestoneites and because the group included several important public intellectuals. Lovestone went on to a career as an activist against Communist influence in the labor movement, both domestic and foreign, and an advisor to portions of the U.S. national security apparatus concerned about that issue.

Box 10
Folder 1 "Marx and America" by Bertram Wolfe, 1934
Folder 2 "The Crisis in the Communist Party, U.S.A", Statement of the Principles of the Communist Party (Majority Group), February, 1930
Folder 3 "Pro-War Communism", By Veritas, 1937