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Subseries 3. Pittsburgh

Box 20
Folder 37 "1968: a Year in Revolt" University of Pittsburgh, April 2008
Folder 38 "Pennsylvania is Going Green" Pamphlet
Folder 39 Celebration of the Lives of Dennis Brutus and Howard Zinn. University of Pittsburgh, April 2010
Folder 40 "Marx in Soho" University of Pittsburgh, (2 Copies), February 2010
Folder 41 Stop McCarthyism at Pitt!
Folder 42 "After Chavez: Where is the Venezuelan Revolution Going?"
Folder 43 Budget Cuts Rally Flyer, University of Pittsburgh, October 2011
Folder 44 "Your Major Might Not Be Here Next Year" University of Pittsburgh, April 2011
Folder 45 Mark Rudd Today. University of Pittsburgh, March 2010
Folder 46 Indonesian Garment Workers Speak Out. University of Pittsburgh, February 2013
Folder 47 Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center: Small Anti-Iraq War card and donation letter
Folder 48 "All Power to the General Assemblies of Workers, Students, and Unemployed." Occupy
Folder 49 "What Happened on Friday Night?" University of Pittsburgh, September 2009
Folder 50 The Peoples' March to the G-20, September 2009
Folder 51 "Help Stop Coca-Cola's Worldwide Abuses!"
Folder 52 HELP: Stop Organ Harvesting in China
Folder 53 Pittsburgh Against Torture Postcard, September 2009
Folder 54 ACLU: Know Your Rights, 2009
Folder 55 Voice of Revolution. (2 Copies), September 2009
Folder 56 Spartacist, Spring 2009
Folder 57 Why We March and Occupy! Flyer, 2011
Folder 58 "We Are One: Respect Our Rights" Flyer (2 Copies), April 2011
Folder 59 Rally to Stop the Bus Cuts! Leaflet
Folder 60 "From Wall Street to Pittsburgh: We Need a Labor Party!", October 2011
Folder 61 An Introduction to Socialism- Flyer (2 Copies)
Folder 62 "What is Marxism?" University of Pittsburgh
Folder 63 ICH Presents: Creative Justice
Folder 64 Nordenberg Sweatshop Flyer, University of Pittsburgh

Box 29
Folder 1 Occupy Pittsburgh Now no.7 (2 Copies), September 2012
Folder 2 Newspapers Collected from Pittsburgh G-20 Protests, 2009
Folder 3 The New People Magazine: Pittsburgh Thomas Merton Center. 3 issues, 1990-2012