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Series VII. Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Scope and Content Notes:

The Communist Party U.S.A., successor to the multiple left-wing factions that split off from the Socialist Party U.S.A. at its 1919 convention, did not develop significant influence until the mid-1930s. While they initially commanded at least nominal support of perhaps 70,000 of the SPUSA’s 110,000 members, that support drifted away as the rival Communist factions operated as secret undergrounds and refused to cooperate. The Comintern pressured them to combine into as an open political party, the Workers Party of America, in 1922, but they maintained a dual underground structure for several years thereafter, and continued factional squabbles. Ultimately the Party only achieved working unity between 1927 and 1929 by expelling the significant portions of the leadership who identified with Stalin’s factional rivals in the Soviet Party. The Party, thus, entered the Depression unified but isolated with a membership not much bigger than 10% of the combined membership of the 1919 Communist factions. Their dependence on Soviet intervention to settle disputes shaped the Party’s subsequent political culture. While all Communist Parties had to adhere to Comintern policy as a condition of membership, the CPUSA usually maintained less independence from Soviet direction than many other Communist parties.

American Communists expanded their influence in the 1930s by energetic agitation for the unemployed, industrial unions, civil rights, and antifascism, especially after the shift in Comintern policy from the highly sectarian ultra-revolutionary Third Period (1927-1935) to the antifascist alliance of the Popular Front (1935-39). By 1939 they had about 75,000 members and several hundred thousand fellow travelers. The Hitler-Stalin Pact of 1939 undermined their political credibility, especially among their not insubstantial base among intellectuals and cultural producers. During the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union they regained lost membership but not the level of moral authority they had enjoyed in some circles during the Popular Front. Perhaps that is why they were so quickly politically isolated at the beginning of the Cold War. However, despite the travails of McCarthyism, the Party maintained at least a third of it peak membership until the Khrushchev speech on ”the crimes of the Stalin era” at the 1956 20th Soviet Party Congress. After a brief unsuccessful attempt to reinvent the Party around democratic socialism, veteran members fled leaving an aging vestige of probably less than 5,000 active members (although they claimed more) by the late 1950s.

Throughout the Party’s history, the CPUSA sought to expand its influence by organizing and participating in a broad array of single issue organizations. Some were genuine mass movements with handfuls of Communists amidst tens or even hundreds of thousand of members. Others were Potemkin villages with little more than an office and impressive looking letterhead. Typically Party members filled important leadership slots in such organizations and Party members exercised influence beyond their numbers because of their energy and their policy of acting as a disciplined voting bloc. Both Communists and their critics referred to such organizations as front organizations, although for Communists the usage reflected their notions of “united front’ while for critics the word evoked “false front’ as in a Hollywood movie set. For simplicity, I decided to group many publications by such front organizations in the same section with publications and other ephemera produced by the Party itself. This is not intended as an editorial position on the nature of such front organizations.

Box 2
Folder 130 "Labor Committee Report"
Folder 131 What is the New Deal?, by Earl Browder
Folder 132 Dimensions Volume 1 Number 1, Discussion Journal of the W.E.B. Dubois Clubs
Folder 133 United We Stand for Peace and Socialism, by Gil Green, 1935
Folder 134 Puerto Rico- 'Island Paradise' of U.S. Imperialism, by Patricia Bell, February 1967
Folder 135 The Crime of El Fanguito An Open Letter to President Truman on Puerto Rico, by William Z. Foster, April 1948
Folder 136 Report of the Fifth National Convention of the Young Communist League of U.S.A.
Folder 137 No Jobs Today, A Story of a Young Worker in Pictures, by Phil Bard
Folder 138 Peace or War, The People against the Warmakers!, by Eugene Dennis, May 1946
Folder 139 New Program of the CPUSA, 1966
Folder 140 Reconversion, by George Morris September 1945
Folder 141 The Menace of American Imperialism, by William Z. Foster October 1945
Folder 142 The Crisis of U.S. Capitalism and the Fight-Back, Gus Hall
Folder 143 The Meaning of the 9-Party Communist Conference, by William Z. Foster, November 1947
Folder 144 Horizons of the Future, For a Socialist America, by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, December 1959
Folder 145 The American Way to Jobs, Peace, Equal Rights and Democracy, September 1954
Folder 146 The Communist Party & How it Works, A Hand Book on its Organization & Functioning, March 1976
Folder 147 "Forge Fighting Unity Against the Wall Street Warmakers and the Exploiters of the Southern Masses", by Jim Jackson, 1950
Folder 148 The Constitution and By-Laws of the Communist Party of the United States of America, August 1938
Folder 149 "History Will be Made at the Stadium Sun., Sept. 24th"
Folder 150 "On Certain Aspects of Bourgeois Nationalism" Pamphlet
Folder 151 "An American People's Program to End Poverty and Unemployment in the U.S.", Economic Program of the Communist Party, U.S.A.
Folder 152 Economic Crises
Folder 153 Proceedings (Abridged) of the 16th National Convention of the Communist Party, U.S.A., May 1957
Folder 154 What is Socialism?, by Ernst Fischer
Folder 155 Thesis and Resolutions for the Seventh National Convention of the Communist Party of U.S.A., by Central Committee Plenum
Folder 156 "Congressional Election Platform of the Communist Party"
Folder 157 Acceptance Speeches
Folder 158 "Vote Straight Communist"
Folder 159 "Smash the Bosses Hunger Program", Fight for Unemployment Insurance, Cleveland Communist Election Platform, I.O. Ford for Mayor
Folder 160 How to Make Your Vote Count, The Communist Position on the Issues and Candidates in the 1948 Elections, by George Morris, October 1948
Folder 161 "Southside Election Rally"
Folder 162 "Workers of Hamtrack Vote Communist- Against Hunger and Fascism"

Box 3
Folder 1 "The Platform of the Class Struggle", National Platform of the Workers (Communist) Party, 1928
Folder 2 "Vote for John Makowski", Communist Candidate for Council- Ward 21
Folder 3 Vote Communist Workers of the World United, "Congressional Platform of the Communist Party, 1934
Folder 4 "Support the People's Cause..."
Folder 5 "McCarthyism and the New Jersey Elections"
Folder 6 "1948 Election Platform of the Communist Party", 1948
Folder 7 "1952 Election Platform of the Communist Party", 1952
Folder 8 "The Communist Election Platform 1936", 1936
Folder 9 "What the People of Texas Need", The Communist Program for the Lone Star State
Folder 10 "The 1940 Elections, How the People Can Win", By Earl Browder, May, 1939
Folder 11 "America Needs Earl Browder", By A.B. Magil
Folder 12 "Milestones in the History of the Communist Party", By Alex Bittelman, August, 1937
Folder 13 "How Can We Share the Wealth?", The Communist Way Versus Huey Long, By Alex Bittelman, April, 1935
Folder 14 "An Open Letter to all the Members of the Communist Party"
Folder 15 "Labor and Anti- Semitism", By George Morris, May, 1953
Folder 16 "A Brief History of U.S. Asian Labor", By Karl Yoneda
Folder 17 "The Meaning of the XXth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union", Report to the National Committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A., By Max Weiss, 1956
Folder 18 "Delegate, Special Convention Communist Party, U.S.A., July 4-7, 1968"
Folder 19 "Religion and Communism", By Earl Browder, June, 1935
Folder 20 "Talks to America", By Earl Browder, February, 1937
Folder 21 "Social and National Security", By Earl Browder, December, 1938
Folder 22 "An American People's Program to End Poverty and Unemployment in the U.S.", Economic Program of the Communist Party, U.S.A.
Folder 23 "Passage to Progress", The '64 Election Mandate and the Road Ahead, December, 1964
Folder 24 "A Communist Talks to Students", March, 1964
Folder 25 "Youth Demands Peace", By James Lerner
Folder 26 "The Philosophy of Communism", By James E. Jackson, 1963
Folder 27 "Invitation to Join the Communist Party", By Robert Minor, February, 1943
Folder 28 "In Defense of the Communist Party", Guide for Study and Discussion of William Z. Foster's Pamphlet, August, 1949
Folder 29 "The Truth About Father Coughlin", By A.B. Magil, 1935
Folder 30 "Policy for Victory", By Earl Browder, May, 1943
Folder 31 "Coal Miners and the War", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, August, 1942
Folder 32 "Life in the U.S. Army", By Walter Trumbull
Folder 33 "Youth Serves the Nation", By Max Weiss, February, 1942
Folder 34 "Youth for Victory in 1943", By Max Weiss, February, 1943
Folder 35 "Fight for Your Future Now!", By Max Weiss, November, 1942
Folder 36 "Peace or War, The People against the Warmakers!", By Eugene Dennis, May, 1946
Folder 37 "The Year of Great Decision, 1942", By Robert Minor, May, 1942
Folder 38 "The MacArthur Ouster", By Eugene Dennis
Folder 39 "Intellectuals and the War", By V.J. Jerome "Intellectuals and the War", By V.J. Jerome
Folder 40 "Two Questions on Winning the War", By Roy Hudson, May, 1942
Folder 41 "The Trade Unions and the War", By William Z. Foster, June, 1912
Folder 42 "What's What About the War", Questions and Answers, By William Z. Foster, July, 1940
Folder 43 "Quarantine the War Mongers", By William Z. Foster, November, 1947
Folder 44 "May Day Anti-War Rally" Flyer, 1946
Folder 45 "Make the Democrats Keep Their Promises", June, 1933
Folder 46 "Youth Confronts the Blue Eagle", By Gil Green
Folder 47 Complete Schedule of Classes at the California Labor School
Folder 48 "How to Win Jobs!", By Leonard Sparks
Folder 49 "Labor and the Menace of Goldwaterism", By George Morris, September, 1964
Folder 50 "Industrial Slavery- Roosevelt's 'New Deal'", By I. Amter, July, 1933
Folder 51 "The Trotskyite Fifth Column in the Labor Movement", By George Morris, January, 1945
Folder 52 "Company Unions Today", By Robert W. Dunn, 1935
Folder 53 "Labor and the Marshall Plan", By William Z. Foster, March, 1948
Folder 54 "Reaction Beats Its War Drums", By William Z. Foster, May, 1946
Folder 55 "Smash Hitler's Spring Offensive Now!", By William Z. Foster, March, 1942
Folder 56 "Why Work for Nothing?", By Herman Schendel, 1946
Folder 57 "The People and the Congress", William Z. Foster, February, 1943
Folder 58 "Should Americans Back the Marshall Plan?", Joseph Starobin, February, 1948
Folder 59 "The Farmer's Way Out", Life Under a Worker's and Farmer's Government, By John Barnett June, 1935
Folder 60 "Work for all or Unemployment"
Folder 61 "Illinois Needs a Farmer- Labor Party", By Morris H. Childs
Folder 62 "Industrial Insurance: A Snare for Workers", By Mort and E.A. Gilbert, 1936
Folder 63 "How to Fight High Prices", By Louise Mitchell, November, 1947
Folder 64 "Where to Begin?", How to Build a Mass Young Communist League, By F. Fuerenberg
Folder 65 "Americans of Foreign Birth in the War Program for Victory", By Hon. Earl G. Harrison
Folder 66 "Reconversion", Security or Crisis, By Allan Ross
Folder 67 "World-Wide Unemployment", 20,000,000 Unemployed
Folder 68 San Francisco Conference Pamphlet
Folder 69 Clarity, Notes on the National Question, September, 1944
Folder 70 "Schools and the Crisis", By Rex David, 1934
Folder 71 "Poverty 'Midst Riches, Why We Demand Unemployment Insurance"
Folder 72 "The History of May Day", By Alexander Trachtenberg (3), 1935, 1937, 1947
Folder 73 "May Day", 1886: 8 Hour Work Day, 1959:6 Hour Work Day, 1959
Folder 74 "Appalachia U.S.A.", A Study in Poverty, By George Meyers
Folder 75 "How's Your Health?", The Fight for a National Health Program, By Robert Friedman, February, 1947
Folder 76 "Broaden the Fight for Peace and Democracy!", By Joseph Rockman, September, 1952
Folder 77 "Fight! Don't Starve!", Demands for Unemployment Insurance Made Upon the United States Congress
Folder 78 "On the Struggle Against Revisionism", January, 1946
Folder 79 "I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Solider-for Wall Street", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, February, 1940
Folder 80 "Unemployment Insurance", The Burning Issue of the Day, By Earl Browder, April, 1935
Folder 81 "20th Century Methods!" Pamphlet
Folder 82 "A Democratic Way Out of the Crisis in Education", A Program for Resolving the Crisis in the New York City Public School System
Folder 83 Educational Bulletin, March, 1956
Folder 84 "Your Questions Answered", On Politics, Peace, Economics, Fascism, Anti-Semitism, Race Prejudice, Religion, Trade Unionism, Americanism, Democracy, Socialism, Communism, By William Z. Foster, 1939
Folder 85 "Heroines", By Sasha Small
Folder 86 "Everybody Can Be Rich- and Still Be Honest!", The Bread-And-Butter Facts of Life, By Jim West
Folder 87 "What Price Profits?", By Max Weiss, April, 1947
Folder 88 "March for Peace May 1st 1952", United Labor and People's Committee for May Day, 1952
Folder 89 "The Real Father Coughlin", By A.B. Magil, May, 1939
Folder 90 "More Agitation, More Propaganda!, By E. Fisher
Folder 91 "Smash Michigan's Fifth Column!", August, 1942
Folder 92 "White Guard Terrorists in the U.S.A.", By Leon Dennen
Folder 93 "The Black Legion Rides", By George Morris, August, 1936
Folder 94 "Texas Survey" Pamphlet
Folder 95 "Here's to Health!" 1938-1939
Folder 96 "Hold That Rent Ceiling", By Louise Mitchell, January, 1947
Folder 97 "America's Housing Crisis", By Louise Mitchell, May, 1946
Folder 98 "The Fascist Revival...the Inside Story of the John Birch Society...Who is in it? Who is Behind it? Who Directs and Finances it?", By Mike Newberry, June, 1961
Folder 99 "How Mellon Got Rich", By Harvey O'Connor, 1933
Folder 100 "The Truth About the MTA", By Daniel B. Schirmer
Folder 101 Sales, Tax is Robbery!, Mass Action Will Force Its Repeal
Folder 102 "The Elections and the Outlook for National Unity", By Eugene Dennis, December, 1944
Folder 103 "Where Do We Go From Here?", By "Americus", November 6, 1948
Folder 104 "The Watson-Parker Law", The Latest Scheme to Hamstring Railroad Unionism, By William Z. Foster, 1927
Folder 105 "This is Treason!", By Sol Vail
Folder 106 "Housecleaning by Labor, Not Housewrecking by Congress"
Folder 107 "The American Way to Jobs, Peace, Democracy", May, 1954
Folder 108 "Democracy in Danger", By Mary Collins, September, 1938
Folder 109 "The Case Against David Dubinsky", By William Weinstone, June, 1946
Folder 110 "Freedom Begins at Home", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, July, 1961
Folder 111 "The Menace of Opportunism", By Max Bedacht
Folder 112 "The Rankin Witch Hunt", By William Z. Foster, December, 1945
Folder 113 "Science and Life", By J.G. Crowther, 1938
Folder 114 "Is Anybody Pushing You Around?"
Folder 115 "The American Holiday, May Day 1939", By Jane Filley, April, 1939
Folder 116 "William Z. Foster, An Appreciation", By Joseph North, 1955
Folder 117 "I Challenge the Un-Americans", By Eugene Dennis, May, 1947
Folder 118 "My Side of the Story", The Statement the Newspapers Refused to Print, By Gerhart Eisler, March, 1947
Folder 119 "DEBS and DENNIS, Fighters for Peace", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, October, 1950
Folder 120 "Stool-Pigeon", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, July, 1949
Folder 121 "Food Prices and Rationing", By Louise Mitchell, January, 1943
Folder 122 "Jews and the National Question", By Hyman Levy, 1958
Folder 123 "Jews in Action"
Folder 124 "The Jewish People and the War", By Earl Browder, May, 1940
Folder 125 "The C.I.O. Today", By George Morris, March, 1950
Folder 126 "World Capitalism and World Socialism", By William Z. Foster, March, 1941
Folder 127 "The 'Foreign Agent' Hoax Exposed", April 4, 1947
Folder 128 "Hamtrack Municipal Election of 1934" Pamphlet, 1934
Folder 129 "In the Dungeons of Mussolini", By Carlo Rossi, March, 1936
Folder 130 Peoples Educational Center Directory (Spring), 1945
Folder 131 "Facts About Gerald L. K. Smith", June 26, 1944
Folder 132 "Resolution on the Path to Native American Indian Liberation, December, 1979
Folder 133 "The Working Class and the Nation" and "Changes in Bourgeois Nationalism", By Peter Weiden, 1938, 1939
Folder 134 "It's You They're After!"
Folder 135 "The Foreign Born in the United States", By Dwight C. Morgan 1936
Folder 136 YCL Pacesetter, August, 1939
Folder 137 "In Flanders Field...", By Mac Weiss, May, 1935
Folder 138 "Nazis Preferred", The Renazification of Western Germany, By Moses Miller, June, 1950
Folder 139 "Pattern for American Fascism", By John L. Spivak, September, 1947
Folder 140 "Post-War Jobs for Veterans, Negroes, and Women", By Roy Hudson, November, 1944
Folder 141 Pamphlet About Reuben W. Borough
Folder 142 "The U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R., War Allies and Friends", By William Z. Foster, October, 1942
Folder 143 "The Fight Against Hitlerism", By William Z. Foster and Robert Minor, July, 1941
Folder 144 "The Menace of a New World War", By William Z. Foster, March, 1946
Folder 145 "The 'Free' Press", Portrait of a Monopoly, By George Marion, June, 1946
Folder 146 "New Program of the Communist Party USA", The People versus Corporate Power, January, 1982
Folder 147 A Pamphlet for the Communist Party Presidential Candidate Gus Hall and Jarvis Tyner for Vice President
Folder 148 A Flyer for the American Youth Congress Citizenship Institute in Washington, D.C.
Folder 149 "Programme of the Young Communist International"
Folder 150 "Program of the Communist International", December, 1929
Folder 151 The Communist, June 12, 1920
Folder 152 "The Truth About the American Youth Congress", By Arthur Clifford, 1935
Folder 153 "15th National Student Congress, August 19- August 30, 1962"
Folder 154 "Our Generation Will Not Be Silent!", September, 1953
Folder 155 "You've Got a Right", Defending Democracy, By Sasha Small, 1938
Folder 156 "American Youth Acts", The Story of the American Youth Congress, By William W. Hinckley
Folder 157 "How Fare Youth?", By Tom Dennison
Box 158 "Towards An American Student Union"

Box 4
Folder 1 "Students Take A Stand", An Account of Student Conferences in Washington During Christmas Week, 1933
Folder 2 "Building a Militant Student Movement", Program of the National Student League
Folder 3 "The American Youth Congress", What It Is, How It Works
Folder 4 "For a New Youth Organization Dedicated to Education in the Spirit of Socialism!", by Leon Wofsy
Folder 5 "Our Generation is in Danger"
Folder 6 "Youth Fights for Peace, Jobs, Civil Rights"
Folder 7 "Youth Demands a Peaceful World", Report of the Second World Youth Congress
Folder 8 "Children Under Capitalism", By Grace Hutchins, 1933
Folder 9 "Dust Off Your Dreams", The Story of American Youth for Democracy
Folder 10 "Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States of America", July, 1975
Folder 11 "Class Unity, All-People's Unity- The Only Way", By Gus Hall, August, 1987
Folder 12 "Program For Victory" NY State Communist Party Election Platform, 1942
Folder 13 Sedition! To Protest and Organize against War Hunger and Unemployment, By J. Louis Engdahl, 1930
Folder 14 The Kodak Worker, V.1, N. 6, July 1928
Folder 15 The Kodak Worker, V.1, N. 8, September 1928
Folder 16 The Kodak Worker, V.1, N.11, January-February 1929
Folder 17 "The Crisis in the Socialist Party", By William Z. Foster, November, 1936
Folder 18 "The Path to Peace, Progress and Prosperity"
Folder 19 "Take a Stand for Peace, Jobs & Equality", June, 1982
Folder 20 "The Reds in Dixie", Who Are the Communists and What Do They Fight For in the South?, By Tom Johnson, March, 1935
Folder 21 "The Challenge to Labor", March, 1960
Folder 22 "New Program of the Communist Party U.S.A.", Ma, 1970
Folder 23 "Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States of America", April, 1957
Folder 24 "On the Road to Bolshevization", 1929
Folder 25 "AFL Upsurge Challenges Policies of Old Guard", By Leon Kaplan, April 18-19, 1947
Folder 26 "Security with FDR", By Vito Marcantonio, September, 1944
Folder 27 "The Real Huey P. Long", By Sender Garlin, May, 1935
Folder 28 "The Big Tax Swindle and How to Stop It", An Analysis and Program for Action, May, 1969
Folder 29 "Who are the Americans?", By Earl Browder, July, 1936
Folder 30 "Unite for Peace, Negro Freedom, Labor's Advance, Socialism", Resolutions of the 18th National Convention of the Communist Party, U.S.A., 1967
Folder 31 "Shall the Communist Party Change Its Name?", February, 1944
Folder 32 "Teheran and America", By Earl Browder, January, 1944
Folder 33 "Teheran, Our Path in War and Peace", By Earl Browder, 1944
Folder 34 "Draft Resolution for the 16th National Convention of the Communist Party, U.S.A.", Adopted Sept. 13, 1956 September, 1956
Folder 35 "The United States in Crisis- The Communist Solution", September, 1969
Folder 36 "Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States of America", October, 1948
Folder 37 "Constitution of the Communist Political Association"
Folder 38 "Draft Main Political Resolution", An Assessment and a Production, January, 1969
Folder 39 "What New York State Needs", By The Communist Political Association of New York State
Folder 40 "Let's Pull Together for Jobs, Security, Democracy, and Peace", By Carl Ross, September, 1938
Folder 41 "The American Way to Jobs, Peace, and Democracy", Draft Program of the Communist Party, March, 1954
Folder 42 "What America Faces", The New War Danger and the Struggle for Peace, Democracy and Economic Security, By Eugene Dennis, March, 1946
Folder 43 "America at the Crossroads: Postwar Problems and Communist Policy", By Eugene Dennis, December, 1945
Folder 44 "The Struggle for Detente", By Gus Hall
Folder 45 "What America Needs", A Communist View , By Eugene Dennis and John Gates, March, 1956
Folder 46 "1977 The Year of the Press", By Mike Zagarell, January, 1977
Folder 47 "Make Your Dreams Come True", By Gil Green, June, 1937
Folder 48 "The Youth and the Russian Revolution"
Folder 49 "The People Against the Trusts", Build a Democratic Front to Defeat Reaction Now and Win a People's Victory in 1948, By Eugene Dennis, December, 1946
Folder 50 The Communist International, Vol. XIV, No. 12, December, 1937
Folder 51 "World Voices on the Moscow Trials", A Compilation from the Labor and Liberal Press of the World, October 22, 1936
Folder 52 "Regional Autonomy for the Southwest", 1974
Folder 53 The Party Review
Folder 54 "The Constitution of the Communist Party of the United States of America"
Folder 55 "Main Political Resolution adopted by the 16th National Convention of the Communist Party, U.S.A.", February 9-12, 1957, April, 1957
Folder 56 "Fundamentals of Communism"
Folder 57 "Call to 16th National Convention Communist Party, U.S.A.", February 9-12, 1957
Folder 58 "The Communists Take a New Look", Report to the National Committee of the Communist Party, U.S.A., By Eugene Dennis, May, 1956
Folder 59 "The Heritage of the Communist Political Association", By Robert Minor, August, 1944
Folder 60 "The Carter Administration's African Policy", By Henry Winston
Folder 61 "The Communist Party- 'The mind, the will and the honor of the working class!'", By James E. Jackson
Folder 62 "21 Questions About War and Peace", By Eugene Dennis, August, 1950
Folder 63 A Letter from the Communist Party of Los Angeles County, May, 1954
Folder 64 "The Communist Party", Vanguard Fighter for Peace, Democracy, Security, and Socialism, By Pettis Perry, April, 1953
Folder 65 "Communists and the People", Summation Speech to the Jury in the Second Foley Square Smith Act Trial of Thirteen Communist Leaders, By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, May, 1953
Folder 66 "Pattern for American Fascism", By John L. Spivak, September, 1947
Folder 67 "The Fascist Danger and How to Combat it", By Eugene Dennis, August, 1948
Folder 68 "Theory and Practice of the Communist Party", November, 1947
Folder 69 "The Red Baiting Racket and How it Works", By George Morris, October, 1947
Folder 70 "Is Communism Un-American?", 9 Questions About the Communist Party Answered, By Eugene Dennis, March, 1947
Folder 71 "Let the People Know", The Truth About the Communists Which the Un-American Committee Tried to Suppress, By Eugene Dennis, April, 1947
Folder 72 "The Red-Baiters Menace America", By Eugene Dennis, October, 1946
Folder 73 "Meet the Communists", By Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, March, 1946
Folder 74 "Communists and the Trade Unions", By Roy Hudson, October, 1943
Folder 75 "Communism Versus Fascism", By William Z. Foster, June, 1941
Folder 76 Young Communist Review, November, 1938
Folder 77 "Party Organizer" (5), October 1937, April-June, 1938 and August, 1938
Folder 78 "Hague over Jersey"
Folder 79 "Who are the Reds?", By Roy Hudson, June, 1937
Folder 80 "Beat the Steel Crisis! Save Every Job!", By Gus Hall
Folder 81 "The Trotsky Opposition", Its Significance for American Workers, By Bertram D. Wolfe, 1928
Folder 82 Socialism, What's In It For You, By A.B. Magil April, 1946
Folder 83 "The Little Red Diary" No.1, Trade Unions in America, By W.Z. Foster, J.P. Cannon, and E.R. Browder, 1925
Folder 84 "The Russian Constitution", Adopted July 10, 1918, January 4, 1919
Folder 85 "Why Communism?", Plain Talks on Vital Problems, By M.J. Olgin, 1935
Folder 86 "The Truth About Communism!", 1930
Folder 87 Frontiers, October 1931
Folder 88 Frontiers, January 1932
Folder 89 Frontiers, April 1932
Folder 90 Frontiers, June 1932
Folder 91 Frontiers, November 1932
Folder 92 "Who Are the Young Pioneers" Martha Campion, October 1943
Folder 93 "Meet the Communists", 1943
Folder 94 "The People's Demands" Pamphlet
Folder 95 "A Guide to the Club, Its Role in Building the United Front in 1950", A Handbook for Community Club Officers, Prepared By Carl Dorfman
Folder 96 "Unity or Else..."
Folder 97 The Student Advocate, February 1936
Folder 98 The Student Advocate, March 1936
Folder 99 The Student Advocate, May 1936
Folder 100 The Student Advocate, October-November 1936
Folder 101 Student Review, December 1933
Folder 102 Student Review, 1934
Folder 103 Student Review, April 1935
Folder 104 Student Review, October 1935
Folder 105 General View of the 1st Annual National Communist Veterans Encampment at Turner's Arena, May 8, 1947
Folder 106 "Motion Picture Workers: Keep Your Eye on the Ball The Eight Ball You Are Behind It!" Pamphlet, 1947
Folder 107 New Foundations, V. VI, N. 4, June 1953
Folder 108 Equal Justice, Fall 1941
Folder 109 "Economic Questions, Commentary" 1952
Folder 110 "The Soviet Union", Your Questions Answered, By Margaret Cowl, 1934
Folder 111 "Agents of Peace" Pamphlet, 1951
Folder 112 The Gil Green League Building Bulletin
Folder 113 California's Brown Book, 1934
Folder 114 "The Mexican People of the Southwest", August 3 1948
Folder 115 "Men in Overalls, The Danger is Real- the Danger is Now!, You Can Make Truman Veto the Un-American Anti-Labor...Taft-Hartley Slave Bill!, You Can Also Force Blakney, Vandenberg, and Ferguson to Support a Veto"
Folder 116 15 Years of the Communist Party, By Alex Bittelman, August, 1934
Folder 117 City College and War, Why were Twenty-one Students Expelled?, October, 1933
Folder 118 Beware of the War Danger!, Stop, Look, and Listen!, By William Z. Foster, April, 1948
Folder 119 "Everything for Unity and Victory", By William Schneiderman
Folder 120 The Kefauver Committee and the Pete Panto Murder, By Michael Singer, May, 1951
Folder 121 Youth Unity for Peace Against Militarization
Folder 122 A Statement to the President, the Congress, and the People of the United States from the American Congress for Peace and Democracy, 1939
Folder 123 "They Shall Not Pass!"
Folder 124 The Workers Monthly, January, 1925
Folder 125 "How Wall Street Picks Your Pocket", By George Morris, October, 1946
Folder 126 "Defend Dissent! Defeat the Racists and Warmakers! Support Dubois! Stop SACB Hearings!"
Folder 127 Photograph of Communists and Unemployed, Carrying Huge Placards Calling for Work or Wages
Folder 128 Photograph of Youth Demonstrators Staging a Sit-Down Squatting in the Driveway of the White House. They Wanted to Present a Petition on Behalf of the Lundeen Bill. February 20, 1937
Folder 129 Photograph of the entrance of the Communist office headquarters in America, August 25, 1938
Folder 130 Photograph of an Exhibit of Soviet Literature Shown Before the DIES Committee, August 19, 1938
Folder 131 A Photograph of Communists Picketing in front of the Japanese Consulate, July 31, 1937
Folder 132 A Photograph of Communists, March 20, 1937
Folder 133 Photograph of a Page from the July Issue of the Communist International, September 25, 1936
Folder 134 Photograph of a Vehicle Emblazoned with Communist Pledges, April 26, 1936
Folder 135 A Photograph of a Mass Police Demonstration in Union Square to Celebrate the Anniversary of the Founding of the Soviet Union, August 5, 1929
Folder 136 A Photograph of Police Dispersing Communist Agitators in Front of New Bedford Mill, January 22, 1930
Folder 137 A Photograph of the New York Police Dispersing Several Hundred Communists Who Gathered in the City Hall Park, January 28, 1930
Folder 138 A Photograph of Los Angeles Communist Riots, February 28, 1930
Folder 139 A Photograph of A Female Communist Demonstrator, March 4, 1930
Folder 140 A Photograph of a Communist Demonstrator Being Arrested, March 7, 1930
Folder 141 A Photograph of Communists, March 7, 1930
Folder 142 A Photograph of Police Arresting a Communist Parader, March 7, 1930
Folder 143 A Photograph of One of the Sacco-Vanzetti Demonstrations on "Red Thursday", March 8, 1930
Folder 144 A Photograph of a Demonstration at Union Square on "Red Thursday" Being Broken Up, March 10, 1930
Folder 145 A Photograph of Communist Rioters in Cleveland, Ohio, October 3, 1930
Folder 146 A Photograph of a Communist Cheering for Released Prisoners at Madison Square Garden, October 25, 1930
Folder 147 A Photograph of a Communist Demonstration in Front of the Capital Building, December 8, 1930
Folder 148 A Photograph of a Communist Dropped Over a Car's Fender, February 11, 1931
Folder 149 A Photograph of a Communist Rioter Getting Chased by a Police Officer, February 11, 1931
Folder 150 A Photograph of Radical Communists Rioting in Chicago, May 7, 1932
Folder 151 A Photograph of Radical Communists Rioting in Chicago, May 7, 1932
Folder 152 A Photograph of an Anti-Hitler Demonstration Before the Consulate, December 19, 1933
Folder 153 A Photograph of Police Dispersing Communist Demonstrators in Sacramento, CA., April 24, 1934
Folder 154 A Photograph of a Map from the Library of D.A.R. which Shows the Headquarters of Communists in the U.S., April 24, 1934
Folder 155 A Photograph of a Inter-Protest Fighting in Front of City Hall, April 5, 1934
Folder 156 A Photograph of a Communist Procession from Battery Park, May 1, 1934
Folder 157 A Photograph of a Mass Picketing Demonstration Before the P.L. Bergoff Offices, July 19, 1934
Folder 158 A Photograph of the East Bay Raid. In the Photograph, Civilians Demolish the Hall Used for Meetings By Communists, July 21, 1934
Folder 159 Photograph of the Red May Day Parade, May 6, 1935
Folder 160 Photograph of the Front Cover of the Magazine Communist International, September 25, 1936
Folder 161 Photograph of a Radical Communism Propaganda Center Located in Georgia, February 16, 1936
Folder 162 Photograph of a Radical Propaganda Center, February 23, 1936
Folder 163 Photograph of a "Comrade" During the Arizona Disorders, April 18, 1936
Folder 164 Photograph of a Scene in Phoenix When Naff was Leader of Movement, April 25, 1936
Folder 165 Three Men Pictures at the 1st Annual National Communist Veterans Encampment at Turner's Arena, Washington, D.C., May 8, 1947
Folder 166 Photograph of a Demonstration to "Free Tom Mooney", May 1, 1936
Folder 167 Photograph of a Man Observing a Guarded Wall of Leftist Leaflets
Folder 168 Photograph of Some of the Eleven Communists Who Surrendered at Old Bailey and Were on Trial for Conspiracy, December 1, 1925
Folder 169 Photograph of a Protest Against Winston Churchill in front of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel N.Y.C and Additional Information, March 15, 1946

Box 13
Folder 44 Assorted Documents Which Discuss Leftist Movements in the U.S.A. and Overseas
Folder 45 The New Sport and Play, January and February, 1934
Folder 46 "Second Southern California District Convention, By Dorothy Healey, January 29, 1960
Folder 47 Letter/Flyer from the Young Communist League, July 24, 1939
Folder 48 Assorted Newspapers (3), 1932-1934
Folder 49 People's World, October 24, 1939
Folder 50 Review, July 21, 1941
Folder 51 "Of the People for the People, Pictorial Highlights of Fifty Years of the Communist Party, USA, 1919-1969", May, 1970
Folder 52 The Communist International (2) March, 1936 and February, 1937
Folder 53 New World Review (3), August-October, 1952
Folder 54 Party Organizer (4), July, 1937, November-December, 1937, March, 1938
Folder 55 Numerous Copies of Soviet Russia, Official Organ of the Russian Soviet Government Bureau
Folder 56 Leaflets for Student Strike at Franklin High School
Folder 57 The Struggle Against White Chauvinism, September 1949
Folder 58 The American Foreign-Born Workers, ca. 1923
Folder 59 May Day, 1938
Folder 60 "The Program of Class Struggle Co-operation" Pamphlet, 1931
Folder 61 "Join the Big Youth Parade May 30" Flyer, ca. May 30 1931
Folder 62 Tenement Children Protest, New York City, February 26 1934
Folder 63 "Resolution of the Free Tom Mooney Congress"
Folder 64 High Time, January, 1939
Folder 65 High Time, March 1939
Folder 66 High Time, May, 1939
Folder 67 Red Pen, May, 1937
Folder 68 The Class Mark, November, 1935
Folder 69 Hunger March on Salem, OR, January 13 1933
Folder 70 The Workers Monthly, December 1925
Boxes 15-16 The Communist - Vol. VI No. 4-Vol. XXIII No. 12, June 1927-December 1944
Box 16 Masses & Mainstream - Vol. 1 No.1-Vol. 16 No. 8, March 1948-August 1963
Box 17 New York Daily Worker - Vol. 22 No.1-Vol. 22 No. 52, January 1945-February 1945
Box 17 New York Daily Worker - Vol. 22 No. 104-Vol.22 No. 156, May 1945-June 1945
Box 17 Voice of Action - Volume 1 - Complete, 1933-1934

Box 21
Folder 17 Workers Daily Press Association TLS, June 1921
Folder 18 "The American Standard of Living" Elizabeth Lawson, 1948
Folder 19 Herbert Aptheker Pamphlets 3, 1949-1961
Folder 20 "Soviet Space Research", 1975
Folder 21 "Soviet Russia and the Post-War World" Corliss Lamont
Folder 22 "The Case Against David Dubinsky" William Weinstone, 1946
Folder 23 "The Toilers Against War" Clara Zetkin, 1934
Folder 24 "The Little Citizen of a Big Country" M. Ilin, 1939
Folder 25 "Science, Technology, and Economics under Capitalism and in the Soviet Union" M. Rubenstein, 1932
Folder 26 "The Twilight of World Capitalism" William Z Foster, 1949
Folder 27 "Women in the Soviet Union" F. Nurina, 1934
Folder 28 "Vengeance on the Young: The Story of the Smith Act Children" Albert E. Kahn, 1952
Folder 29 "Daughters of America: Ella Reeve Bloor and Anita Whitney" Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1942
Folder 30 "The Anatomy of McCarthyism" Mark Logan and Sam Douglas, 1953
Folder 31 "McCarthy: the Man and the Ism" Joseph Morton, 1953
Folder 32 "Peace Versus War: the Communist Position" P. Long, 1936
Folder 33 "What Price Free Speech?" California Emergency Defense Committee
Folder 34 Reports on Un-American Activities in California, 1948
Folder 35 Reports on Un-American Activities in California, 1951
Folder 36 Reports on Un-American Activities in California, 1961
Folder 37 Reports on Un-American Activities in California, 1966
Folder 38 Reports on Un-American Activities in California, 1967
Folder 39 "What are we Doing in the Congo?" Dr. Hyman Lumer, 1965
Folder 40 "Communists and National Unity" Earl Browder Interview pamphlet, 1944
Folder 41 "The Fascist Danger and How to Combat it" Eugene Dennis, 1948
Folder 42 "Democracy & Nazism" G. George Fox, 1934
Folder 43 "Who Are the Aryans?" Margaret Schlauch, 1935
Folder 44 "The People Against the Trusts" Eugene Dennis Pamphlet, 1946
Folder 45 International Publishers (2) Vol. XXXV and XXVII, 2002-2005
Folder 46 "The Treatment of Defeated Germany" VJ Jerome, May 1945
Folder 47 "23 Questions about the Communist Party", 1948
Folder 48 "Marxism and Poetry" George Thompson, 1946
Folder 49 "Contempt of Congress: the Trial of Earl Browder", 1950
Folder 50 "The American Way to Jobs, Peace, Democracy: Draft Program of the Communist Party, 1954

Box 22
Folder 1 "Veterans on the March" Jack Douglas, 1934
Folder 2 "Des Moines May Day Flyers"-3, 1934
Folder 3 "Vote Communist Election Flyer", 1936
Folder 4 "What Rearming Germany Means" Pamphlet Jessica Smith, 1955
Folder 5 "A Warning to the American People" Flyer, 1936
Folder 6 "The Communist" Vol. 1 No.1 (2 Copies), June 1920
Folder 7 "American-Soviet Friendship Bulletin", 1945
Folder 8 "Investigate Martin Dies!", August 1942
Folder 9 "How Much Profit?" Philip Garden, August 1948
Folder 10 "Peace Through Big Three Unity" Flyer, 1946
Folder 11 "The Challenge of the '56 Elections", 1956
Folder 12 "Listening to Charges"- AP Wire Photo, 1951
Folder 13 "TLS from Portland YCL Chapter" envelope and letter, August 1936
Folder 14 "Demonstrate for Jobs, Security, Democracy. Peace May Day." Flyer, 1938
Folder 15 "Men and Women Wanted" leaflet, ca. 1938
Folder 16 "Earl Browder Talk to the Senators on the Real Meaning of the Voorhis 'Blacklist' Bill", 1940
Folder 17 "Eugene Dennis Communist Pamphlets"- 2, 1945-1946
Folder 18 "Support Dubois Stop SACB Hearings" Sticker, ca. 1960
Folder 19 "The Meaning of the Twentieth Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union" Pamphlet, 1956
Folder 20 International Pamphlets, 1932
Folder 21 International Pamphlets, 1930
Folder 22 U.S. Government anticommunist publications-3, 1953-1959
Folder 23 "If this be Treason" Richard O. Boyer, 1948
Folder 24 "Russia's Fighting Forces" Capt. Sergei Kournakoff, 1942
Folder 25 CPUSA Application for Membership, ca. 1920s
Folder 26 "Why Every Worker Should Join the Communist Party", 1929
Folder 27 "The Revolutionary Movement in the Colonies", 1928
Folder 28 "Japan: A War Base. Document of a Dangerous Situation", 1961
Folder 29 Los Angeles May Day Demonstration Photos- 3, 1933
Folder 30 Detroit Communist Demonstration Photos- 3 photos, 1930-1933

Box 29
Folder 7 "Vote Communist!" Newspaper, 1968
Folder 8 "Every Party Member a Fighter for Peace", 1949
Folder 9 New Masses, August 1927
Folder 10 "Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China", 1971

Box 34
Folder 1 "Vote Communist" Candidate Poster, 1934