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Collection Inventory

Series I. Sarah Bernhardt

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains materials pertaining to Sarah Bernhardt that Row either produced or compiled throughout his years of working with her. Folders 1-7 contain Bernhardt typescripts (ca. 1913-1921). The typescripts represent a selection of Row's articles about Sarah Bernhardt and many contain marginalia with author notes and corrections that range from his account of his first meeting with Bernhardt to articles written while he was in her employ, and later reminisences of the actress. Folders 8-19 include press releases(c.1913)comprised of proofs of human-interest articles on a variety of topics written by Sarah Berhnhardt for syndication to U.S. newspapers during her American tour of 1913. Lastly, folders 20-23 contains newspaper clippings, a photograph of Bernhardt, a program for the 1916-17 tour, and a note handwritten by Bernhardt on her stationary.

Box 1
Folder 1-7 Biographical Material, ca. 1913-1921
Folder 8-19 June-July 1913
Folder 20 Program, American Tour, 1916-1917
Folder 21 Photograph (Bernhardt with great-grandchildren), 1916
Folder 22 Clippings, ca. 1910
Folder 23 Letter from Bernhardt to Madame Rejane, not dated

Series II. Arthur Row

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II consists of all material not directly related to Bernhardt. The first group of materials in Series II comprises Arthur Row's collection of photographs (some of which are autographed) featuring various people related to the theatre including Herbert Beerbohm Tree, the Barrymores, etc. Folders 1-35 contains coorrespondence(c.1913-1922)to Row from various individuals, including Eva La Gallienne, Ethel Barrymore, etc. Some authors are unknown. Finally, Folders 36-45 includes miscellaneous items such as typescripts of other writings by Row, playscripts, programs, theatre-related clippings, and a 1931 issue of Livingston's International Casting Directory, featuring Row and other actors, film studio personnel, etc..

Folder 24 Barrymores
Folder 25 Braley, Burton (S)
Folder 26 Collier, Constance
Folder 27 Gauthier, Eva (S)
Folder 28 Harcourt, Cyril
Folder 29 Richardson, Constance Stewart (S)
Folder 30 Row, Arthur [3]
Folder 31 Tree, Herbert Beerbohm [2] (S)
Folder 32 Van Dresser, Marcia (S)
Folder 33 Watson, Leona (S)
Folder 34 unidentified [5]

Box 2
Folder 1 n.a., 1913
Folder 2 n.a., 1/22/1915
Folder 3 Aldridge, Lewis, 6/9/1915
Folder 4 Rives, Amelie (aka Princess Amelie Troubetzkoy), 5/2/1916
Folder 5 n.a., 1/1917
Folder 6 n.a., 1/10/1917
Folder 7 Hull, Josephine, 4/6/1918
Folder 8 2nd Church of Christ, Scientist. New York, NY, 12/4/1918
Folder 9 n.a., 3/2/1919
Folder 10 Barrymore, Ethel, 3/25/19
Folder 11 Edjett, Edwin F., 11/6/1919
Folder 12 Matthison, Edith, 2/23/1920
Folder 13 n.a., 6/3/1920
Folder 14 Carmichael, Leonard, 5/12/1921
Folder 15 Comstock, Elinor, 7/2/1921
Folder 16 Row, Arthur (to Leonard Carmichael), 7/8/1921
Folder 17 Le Gallienne, Eva, 11/1921
Folder 18 Brown, Charles, 11/22/1921
Folder 19-20 n.a., 11/22/1921
Folder 21 Comstock, Elinor, 11/23/1921
Folder 22 Gillmore, Frank. Actor's Equity, 11/25/1921
Folder 23 Riggs, Francis Behn. Riggs School Inc., 12/16/1921
Folder 24 n.a., 1/1/1922
Folder 25 Arthur, Helen, 1/4/1922
Folder 26 Potter, Grace, 1/9/1922
Folder 27 Brown, Chamberlain
Folder 28 Comstock, Elinor (2)
Folder 29 Hull, Josephine
Folder 30 Ivan, Rosalind
Folder 31 Kamm, Philip Schuyler
Folder 32 Richardson, Constance Stewart
Folder 33 Theta Delta Chi fraternity
Folder 34 Trader, Gertrude
Folder 35 18 Unidentified Letters
Folder 36 Program: Milestones, with A. Row, 1914
Folder 37 Clippings, ca. 1914-1921
Folder 38 Playscript: Aglavaine Selysette by Maurice Maeterlinck, with notes by Row. 49pp.
Folder 39 Playscript (partial): Therese Raquin by Emile Zola, with notes by Row. 21pp.
Folder 40 Publications of the National Musical League of America/National Opera Companies. (2)
Folder 41 41 Typescript (partial): How a Folk Play is Produced, article by Row. 1p.
Folder 42 Typescript: The Red Lights or the White Life, article by Row. 7pp.
Folder 43 Typescript: Under Orders, play review by Row. 2pp.
Folder 44 Typescript: Home - As the Root of All Evil article by Row. 4pp.
Folder 45 Livingston's International Casting Directory, 144pp. Oct., 1931.

Series III. Scrapbooks

Scope and Content Notes:

These three scrapbooks, compiled by Row, contain both general theatre material and Bernhardt material in the form of clippings, programs, and correspondence from Bernhardt's manager, William Connor, and others.

Volume 1-2 Chiefly Bernhardt, ca. 1910-1917
Volume 3 General Theatre Material, ca. 1896-1905