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Collection Inventory

Series I. Biographical Information, 1949-1973

Scope and Content Notes:

Includes Elmer Kenyon’s autobiographical notes written for the Theatre Guild and obituaries of Elmer Kenyon and T. Thomas Kenyon.

Box 1
Folder 1 Elmer Kenyon autobiography furnished for the Theatre Guild - carbon typescript
Folder 2 Elmer Kenyon - obituaries and Harvard records clippings, 1949
Folder 3 Titus Thomas Kenyon - obituaries, March 1973

Series II. Correspondence, 1893-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

Primarily, this series is personal correspondence, with some business correspondence included, both to and from the Kenyons. It is broken into five subseries. Included are typed letters signed, autograph letters, and carbon copies of letters. Signed letters (some TLS, but most ALS) are from Maurice Evans, Minnie Maddern Fiske, the Sotherns, Helen Hayes, Lucille Laverne, and others, many of the theatre celebrities also represented in the photograph series. One group of letters, from William Moore Patch, relates to his trial in Philadelphia. Another group refers to T. Thomas Kenyon’s gift of Elmer Kenyon’s Papers to the New York Public Library. Business correspondence includes one folder of lectures to and from Warren Munsell, Business Manager of the Theatre Guild, and another folder contains correspondence with the Shuberts.

Subseries 1. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 4 Thomas Kenyon, Sr. - to Mrs. Kenyon, 1893-1913

Subseries 2. Elmer Kenyon

Folder 5 Elmer Kenyon - New Year’s greetings to his parents, 1895-1896
Folder 6 Elmer Kenyon - World War I post cards to his mother, 1918-1919
Folder 7 Elmer Kenyon - excerpts from World War I correspondence to his mother prepared by Titus Thomas for distribution to friends after Elmer’s death, 1950
Folder 8 Elmer Kenyon - from Maurice Evans, 1947
Folder 9 Elmer Kenyon - from Minnie Maddern Fiske, 1924-1930
Folder 10 Elmer Kenyon - Dorothy Jean Minnemeyer Van Wissink, 1949
Folder 11 Elmer Kenyon - from E.H. Sothern and Julia Marlow, 1921
Folder 12 Elmer Kenyon - miscellaneous, 1929-1948

Subseries 3. Elmer Kenyon and T. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 13 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - Harold V. Cohen, Jerone Volk, Karl Krug, Kaspar Monahan, 1932-1958
Folder 14 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Helen Hayes, 1933-1949
Folder 15 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Ray Henderson, 1932-1937
Folder 16 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - Florence Fisher Parry, 1937-1949
Folder 17 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Aug. Rottenbach, 1908-1911
Folder 18 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - correspondence to newspapers, 1932-1964
Folder 19 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - miscellaneous correspondence, 1910-1943

Subseries 4. T. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 20 Titus Thomas Kenyon - to his mother, 1909
Folder 21 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Judith Anderson
Folder 22 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Brooks Atkinson, 1954
Folder 23 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Katharine Cornell, 1937
Folder 24 Titus Thomas Kenyon - John K Daly, 1955
Folder 25 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Anne Ford, 1949-1951
Folder 26 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Sara Greenspan, 1937-1943
Folder 27 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Ann Harding, 1932
Folder 28 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Bill K., 1938-1968
Folder 29 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Lucille Lacey, 1949
Folder 30 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Lucille LaVerne, 1924-1928
Folder 31 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Joan Marion, 1927-1949
Folder 32-33 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Dorothy Jean Minnemeyer Van Wissink, 1950-1961
Folder 34 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Warren P. Munsell business manager of the Theatre Guild, 1934-1939
Folder 35 Titus Thomas Kenyon - New York Public Library, 1949-1961
Folder 36 Titus Thomas Kenyon - William Moore Patch, 1923-1930
Folder 37 Titus Thomas Kenyon - J.J. Shubert and Lee Schubert, 1924-1928
Folder 38 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Cepha (Sisk?), 1934-1957
Folder 39 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Leo, 1964
Folder 40 Titus Thomas Kenyon - miscellaneous letters received, 1910-1972

Subseries 5. Letters of Condolence

Folder 41 Letters and telegrams of condolence on the deaths of Elmer Kenyon and Mrs. Thomas Kenyon, 1949-1951

Series III. Notes and School Papers

Scope and Content Notes:

Contained in this series are a set of notebooks of Elmer Kenyon's dating back to when he was a student. It is unclear whether or not they date back to his time at Harvard. There is also one folder of miscellany that related to Elmer's time as a teacher at St. Viator College, Schenley High School, and Carnegie Tech. Note that none of the material in this series is dated.

Box 2
Folder 1 Miscellaneous notes
Volume 1-2 English notebooks
Volume 3 History notebook
Volume 4 German notebook
Volume 5 Literature notebook

Series IV. Scrapbooks

Scope and Content Notes:

There are four scrapbooks that are contained in this series. Scrapbooks two and three are of particular interest for personal clippings and memorabilia, 1913-31. The second scrapbook with newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, etc., from St. Viator college, Bourbonnais, Ill.; Schenley High School, Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh Drama League; etc. Includes clippings regarding Elmer Kenyon’s lectures, several articles by him, programs from women’s clubs at which he lectures in 1929, and various issues of Pittsburgh Drama League Review. This oversized scrapbook has been disbound and placed into folders. The fourth scrapbook, containing Elmer Kenyon's lecture programs to local women’s clubs, 1929-36, has been dismantled and divided into four file folders.

Box 3
Folder 1 Scrapbook 1 - Mounted clippings regarding literature, 1913–1915?
Folder 2 Scrapbook 2 - Elmer Kenyon, 1913-1939
Folder 3 Scrapbook 3 - Mounted clippings most regarding Elmer Kenyon, 1929-1931
Folder 4-7 Scrapbook 4 - Elmer Kenyon’s lecture programs, 1929-1936

Series V. Theatre Guild Press Releases

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains press releases written by Elmer Kenyon, while working for the Theatre Guild. It includes materials on Hamlet, Macbeth, Twelfth night, Amphitryon 38, The cherry orchard, Harriet, The Philadelphia story, The skin or our teeth, and Wine of choice, Maurice Evans, Judith Anderson, Helen Hayes, the Lunts, Katharine Hepburn, Katharine Cornell, and Miriam Hopkins. These press releases are not typical publicity, but well written scholarly pieces.

Box 4
Folder 1 the Cherry Orchard
Folder 2-6 Hamlet - with Maurice Evans
Folder 7 Harriet - with Helen Hayes
Folder 8 the Lonely Way
Folder 9 Amphitryon 38 and Idiot’s Delight - with the Lunts
Folder 10-14 Macbeth - with Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson
Folder 15 the Philadelphia Story - with Katharine Hepburn
Folder 16 the Skin of Our Teeth
Folder 17-18 the Three Sisters - with Katharine Cornell
Folder 19 Twelfth Night - with Helen Hayes and Maurice Evans
Folder 20 Wine of Choice - with Miriam Hopkins

Series VI. Lectures and Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes journal articles, letters to the editor, and typescripts of Elmer Kenyon's. In addition to the theatre materials there is one lecture of Cardinal Newman, dated 1945.

Box 5
Folder 1 Typescripts
Folder 2 Published articles
Folder 3 Pittsburgh Drama League miscellany

Series VII. Newspaper Clippings, 1901-1969

Scope and Content Notes:

The newspaper clippings in this series contain mostly personal information on Elmer and T. Thomas Kenyon, the theatres, Elmer Kenyon’s press releases, various newspaper columns, letters to the editor by the Kenyons, and clippings on various aspects of the theatre, including Pittsburgh’s theatre history.

Folder 4 Newspaper articles and letters to the editor by Elmer Kenyon, 1911-1945
Folder 5 Elmer Kenyon as Head of the Drama Department at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1931-1936
Folder 6 Elmer Kenyon miscellaneous, 1932-1964
Folder 7 Titus Thomas Kenyon, 1930-1962
Folder 8 Kenyon Theatre - Northside, 1901-1961
Folder 9 Kenyon Theatre and Kenyon Opera House - labor problems, 1913
Folder 10 Pitt Theatre, 1912-1963
Folder 11 Pittsburgh theatre history, 1934-1959
Folder 12 Charles M. Bregg columns
Folder 13 Charles M. Bregg columns on Henry Miller and letter from Elmer Kenyon
Folder 14 Jackson D. Hogg columns
Folder 15 William Moore Patch columns
Folder 16 William M. Rimmel’s columns on the Northside, 1958-1969
Folder 17 Frank Patterson columns
Folder 18 Miscellaneous letters to the editor. (Includes group by P.J. McCormick – pseud. for E.K? or marked for his attention?), 1941-1957
Folder 19 Maurice Evans, 1926-1941
Folder 20 Maurice Evans and Judith Anderson in Macbeth, 1942
Folder 21 Helen Hays, 1941-1944
Folder 22 Ray Henderson’s death - Katharine Cornell’s press agent
Folder 23 Katharine Hepburn, 1939-1941
Folder 24 Henry Irving
Folder 25 Richard Mansfield
Folder 26 Russian theatre: Moscow Art Theatre, Chekhov and others, 1920-1953
Folder 27 George Bernard Shaw, 1952-1956
Folder 28 Theatre Guild and American Theatre Society, 1934-1945

Box 6
Folder 1 Theatre - miscellaneous, 1920-1963
Folder 2 Miscellaneous, 1914-1953

Series VIII. Miscellany, 1910-1935

Scope and Content Notes:

This small series includes some personal effects of the Kenyons. Of note are several Jack and W.B. Yeats prints, a notebook with poetry by Titus Thomas, and a lock of Elmer Kenyon's hair (presumably from when he was a child).

Folder 3 Elmer Kenyon - Harvard diploma, 1913
Folder 4 Elmer Kenyon - miscellaneous memorabilia, 1910-1930
Folder 5-6 Titus Thomas Kenyon - miscellaneous memorabilia, 1914-1935
Folder 7 A history of Pittsburgh theatre by Miriam T. Malakoff, 1931
Folder 8 Art prints
Folder 9 Poetry, 1931-1935
Folder 10 Sheet music

Series IX. Theatre Records, 1909-1940

Scope and Content Notes:

The Kenyon Theatre records are fairly complete, including programs, ledgers, and booking receipts, all 1909-1919. Of particular interest is T. Thomas Kenyon’s small holograph notebook index of vaudeville companies with his personal evaluation of each. For the Pitt Theatre, there is Mr. Kenyon’s “Obit,” and a small notebook containing the financial record during the years under his management.

Folder 11 Kenyon Theatre Northside - programs, 1909-1914
Folder 12 Kenyon Theatre Northside - programs, 1915-1916
Folder 13 Kenyon Theatre Northside - programs, 1917
Folder 14 Kenyon Theatre Northside - programs, 1918-1919
Folder 15 Vaudeville acts - Titus Thomas Kenyon's evaluations, 1919

Box 7
Volume 1-2 Kenyon Theatre Northside - ledgers, 1910-1919
Folder 1 Kenyon Theatre Northside - Vaudeville bookings receipts Polack Vaudeville Circuit, 1909-1912
Folder 2 Kenyon Theatre Northside - Liberty Vaudeville Contracting Co., 1915-1919
Folder 3 Kenyon Theatre Northside - miscellaneous, 1912-1915
Folder 4 Pitt Theatre “Obit,” by Thomas Titus Kenyon
Folder 5 Pitt Theatre - 1st Program as Kenyon Opera House, 1912
Folder 6 Pitt Theatre - Financial records, 1920-1929
Folder 7 Miscellaneous theatre records, 1913-1940

Series X. Photographs, 1921-1941

Scope and Content Notes:

The Kenyons amassed a very impressive photograph collection of theatrical notables. Many of these photographs are signed. Family photographs include several of the elder Kenyons and of the brothers as both children and adults. The photographs are in alphabetical order.

Subseries 1. Personal Photographs

Box 8
Folder 1 Anne Ford
Folder 2 Kenyon Theatre, Northside
Folder 3 Elmer Kenyon
Folder 4 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon,
Folder 5 E.K. and T.T.K. that were owned by Dorothy Jean Minnemeyer Van Wissink,
Folder 6 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kenyon
Folder 7 Titus Thomas Kenyon
Folder 8 Father Maguire
Folder 9 Mrs. Robeson
Folder 10 Mr. and Mrs. Rottenbach
Folder 11 Unidentified

Subseries 2. Theatre Photographs, 1921-1941

Folder 12 Judith Anderson as Lavinia Mannon in Mourning becomes Electra - signed
Folder 13 Margaret Anglin - signed
Folder 14 Brooks Atkinson
Folder 15 Tallulah Bankhead - signed
Folder 16 Marjorie Barrett
Folder 17 Rosemary Casey?
Folder 18 Olga Chekhova and Ivan Moskvin - signed
Folder 19 Katharine Cornell - signed
Folder 20 Henrietta Corssman - signed
Folder 21 Jane Cowl
Folder 22 Maurice Evans - signed, 1940-41
Folder 23 Ann Harding
Folder 24 Helen Hayes - signed, 1925-1941
Folder 25 Suzanne Keener as Peg in Peg O’ My Dreams - signed
Folder 26 Lucille La Verne as Widow Cagle in Sun-Up - signed
Folder 27 Francie Larimore - signed
Folder 28 Joan Marion
Folder 29 Nazimova - signed
Folder 30 Eugene O’Neill
Folder 31 Catherine Dale Owen
Folder 32 Marga Schenk - signed
Folder 33 George Bernard Shaw
Folder 34 E.H. Sothern as Hamlet - signed, 1921
Folder 35 Constantin Stanislavski - signed, 1924
Folder 36 Sophie Stewart as Olivia - signed
Folder 37 John Van Druten - signed
Folder 38 Elizabeth Hester Ward
Folder 39 Unidentified

Series XI. Phonorecords

Box 9
Folder 1-2 Elmer Kenyon interviewing Charles Hopkins - director of No More Ladies at the Pittsburgh Playhouse, 1935
Folder 3 Maurice Evans in the “England” speeches from Richard II and Henry V - the British War Relief Society Inc.

Series XII. Oversize Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

The majority of this series contains oversized photographs, many of which are autographed. Also of note is a phrenological chart of Elmer Kenyon from when he was only eight years old.

Box 10
Folder 1 Judith Anderson and Florence Reed in Morning Becomes Elektra - signed oversized photograph
Folder 2 Laine Blair - signed oversize photograph
Folder 3 Ann Harding - oversized photograph
Folder 4 Katherine Cornell - signed oversized photograph
Folder 5 Helen Hayes as Portia in the Merchant of Venice - signed oversize photograph, 1939
Folder 6 Helen Hayes - charcoal portrait by William Robert Shulgold, 1927
Folder 7 Elmer Kenyon - oversized photograph
Folder 8 Titus Thomas Kenyon - oversized photograph
Folder 9 Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne - signed oversized photograph
Folder 10 Katherine MacDonald - signed oversized print
Folder 11 Joan Marion in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - signed oversized photograph
Folder 12 Julia Marlowe - signed oversized photograph, 1921
Folder 13 Eleanor Painter? - signed oversized photograph
Folder 14 Phrenological chart of Elmer Kenyon, October 27, 1894
Folder 15 E.H. Southern - signed oversized photograph, 1917