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Subseries 1. Research, Writing, and Publication, 1951-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

Butts was active as both an author and editor of publications in the field of scientific philosophy. These functions are also closely related to his role as a researcher and an academic. This subseries consists of a broad variety of materials that document these interrelated professional functions. Of particular note is the extensive correspondence with authors and editors that Butts conducted in his capacity as editor of the Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, published by Reidel and later Kluwer Academic Publishers from 1973-1996, which is arranged chronologically in Section 1 of the subseries. This is distinct from the correspondence in Section 3, which relates to individual works that Butts personally wrote or edited. Also significant is the large number of unpublished drafts of Butts’ academic work found in Section 2.

Section: 1. Publications Edited by Butts, 1973-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

This section contains two groups of material: correspondence and administrative records related to the publications that Butts oversaw, and reviews of those publications. The latter are listed according to the author of the work being reviewed.

Box 8
Folder 1 Western Ontario Series Contract (Reidel), 1973
Folder 2 Western Ontario Series Publishing Agreements (Kluwer and Reidel), 1973-1994
Folder 3 Reidel Royalty Statements, 1973-1988
Folder 4 Kluwer Royalty Statements, 1990-1992
Folder 5 Western Ontario Series Financial Records, 1973-1989
Folder 6 Western Ontario Series General Correspondence, 1974-1994
Folder 7-9 Reidel Correspondence, 1974-1980
Folder 10-12 Reidel Correspondence, 1982-1984

Box 9
Folder 1-4 Reidel Correspondence, 1985-1988
Folder 5-11 Kluwer Correspondence, 1987-1993

Box 10
Folder 1 Kluwer Correspondence, 1994
Folder 2 Kluwer Correspondence, 1996
Folder 3 Philosophy of Science Weekly Reports, 1983
Folder 4 Philosophy of Science General Correspondence, 1978-1986
Folder 5 Review of William Shea's "Basic Issues in the Philosophy of Science," 1976
Folder 6 Review of Fred Wilson's "Empiricism and Darwin's Science," 1991
Folder 7 Review of Henry B. Hollinger and Michael J. Zenzen's "The Nature of Irreversibility," 1985
Folder 8 Review of Michael Ruse's "Is Science Sexist?"
Folder 9 Review of Nicholas Rescher's "Leibniz's Metaphysics of Nature," 1981
Folder 10 Review of I.B. NacNeill and G.J. Umphrey's "Stochastic Hydrology," 1987
Folder 11 Review of C.A. Hooker, ed., Physical Theory as Logico-Operational Structure, 1979
Folder 12 Review of Larry Laudan's "Science and Hypothesis," 1981
Folder 13 Review of Graham Oddie's "Likeness to Truth," 1986
Folder 14 Review of James Robert Brown and Jurgen Mittelstrass, eds., An Intimate Relation, 1989
Folder 15 Review of James Robert Brown's "Scientific Rationality: The Sociological Turn," 1984
Folder 16 Reviews of Jürgen Mittelstrass, ed., Enzyklopadie Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie
Folder 17 Review of Jürgen Mittelstrass' "Zwei Erfahrungsbegriffe"
Folder 18 Review Clippings from Reidel

Section: 2. Unpublished Drafts by Butts, 1965-1996

Folder 19 "The Appraisal of Scientific Theories: A New Use of the Internal/External Distinction" (Abstract)
Folder 19a “Comment on L. Jonathan Cohen, ‘Some Historical Remarks on the Baconian Conception of Probability’,” Author’s Proof
Folder 20 "Experience and Experiment as Regulative Principles in Methodology," 1973
Folder 21 "The Grammar of Reason"
Folder 22 "The Grammar of Reason: Hamann's Challenge to Kant," 1985
Folder 23 "Induction as Unification: Kant, Whewell, and Recent Developments," May 1992
Folder 24 "Kant and the Problem of Locating Souls," November 1985
Folder 25 "Kant on Revolutionary Changes in the Methods of the Sciences," April 1988
Folder 26 "Kant's Alleged Failure to Construct the Concepts of Fundamental Forces," May 1985
Folder 27 "Kant's Dialectic and the Logic of Illusion," May 1995
Folder 28 "Kant's Philosophy of Science: The Transition from Metaphysics to Science," 1984
Folder 29 "Kant's Proof of the Objective Reality of the Categories"
Folder 30 "Kant's Realization of 'Galileo's Program'," June 1974
Folder 31 "Kant's Theory of Musical Sound: An Early Exercise in Cognitive Science"
Folder 32 "Herschel, John Frederick William"

Box 11
Folder 1 "Leibniz on Empirical Methodology," 1983
Folder 2 "Leibniz on Choosing Between Rival Scientific Hypotheses," September 1990
Folder 3 "Leibniz on the Side of Angels," Spring 1982
Folder 4 "Metaphysical Mirages and Kant's Logic of Illusion," March 1994
Folder 5 "Metaphysics, Methodology, and the Pragmatic Unity of the Science," June 1990
Folder 6 "The Methodological Structure of Kant's Metaphysics of Science," 1984
Folder 7 "Methodological Structure of Metaphysics of Science"
Folder 8 "'Le Mouvement...n'est pas une chose entierement reele': Leibniz, Discours de Metaphysique"
Folder 9 "Necessary Truth in Whewell's Theory of Science," July 1965
Folder 10 "Orthodoxy in Philosophy of Science, 1930-1962: How Did It Come About?," January 1987
Folder 11 "Philosophers as Professional Relativists"
Folder 12 "Philosophy of Science in the Nineteenth Century"
Folder 13 "Pragmatism in Theories of Induction in the Victorian Era: Herschel, Whewell, Mach, and Mill," January 1984
Folder 14 "Proceeding Case by Case: Saving the Methodological Appearances," March-April 1984
Folder 15 "Proceeding Case by Case: Saving the Methodological Appearances" (Appendix)
Folder 16 "'A Purely Scientific Temper': Victorian Expressions of the Ideal of an Autonomous Science," April 5, 1983
Folder 17 "The Reception of German Scientific Philosophy in North America: 1930-1962," March 1996
Folder 18 "The Role of Arational Factors in Interpretive History: The Case of Kant and ESP," January 1983
Folder 19 "Rules, Examples, and Constructions: Kant's Theory of Mathematics" (2 Proofs)
Folder 20 "Science and the Humanities: A Historical and Analytical Comparison," November 1991-December 1992
Folder 21 "Spencer, Herbert"
Folder 22 "Testability"
Folder 23 "Two Stories About Evil: Christianity and the Creation of Witches," 1992
Folder 24 Untitled, Coauthored by James R. Brown
Folder 25 William Whewell's Theory of Scientific Method (Proposal and Outline)
Folder 26 "Whewell on Newton's Rules of Philosophizing," Winter 1965
Folder 27 "Whewell's Inductive Tables" (2 Copies)
Folder 28 "Whewell, William"

Section: 3. Works Authored and Edited by Butts: Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1970-1986

Scope and Content Notes:

This section contains mainly correspondence concerning the specific publication projects and related administrative documents, not the drafts of the publications themselves.

Box 12
Folder 1 The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, ed. Audi, Cambridge University Press
Folder 2 The Canadian Encyclopedia, New Canadian Encyclopedia Publishing
Folder 3 A Companion to Metaphysics, ed. Sosa and Kim, Blackwell
Folder 4 A Companion to the Philosophy of Science, ed. Newton-Smith, Blackwell
Folder 5 Constructivism and Science: Essays in Recent German Philosophy, ed. Butts and Brown, Kluwer
Folder 6 Dictionary of Scientific Biography, ed. Gillespie, Scribner
Folder 7 The Epistemological Assumptions of Four Great Physicists, ed. John T. Blackmore
Folder 8 "The Grammar of Reason: Hamann's Challenge to Kant" in Synthese
Folder 9 The International Who's Who of Intellectuals, International Biography Center
Folder 10 Kant and the Double Government Methodology, Italian Translation by Mary Fornai
Folder 11 "Kant's Theory of Musical Sound: An Early Exercise in Cognitive Science" in Dialogue
Folder 12 Logic and the Workings of the Mind, ed. Falkenstein
Folder 13 Metaphysische Anfangsgründe der Naturwissenschaft, trans. Butts and Friedman
Folder 14 The Methodological Heritage of Newton, ed. Butts and Davis, University of Toronto Press
Folder 15 "On Buchdahl's and Palter's Papers" in Synthese 23, 1971
Folder 16 Philosophia
Folder 17 "Philosophy of Science in Canada" in Ruch Filozoficzny Kwartalnik
Folder 18 Project Pragmatik Published by Felix Meiner Verlag, 1982-1986
Folder 19 Reader to Nicholas Rescher's "System of Pragmatic Idealism"
Folder 20 Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ed. Craig, Routledge
Folder 21 Science, Decision, and Value, ed. Butts, Leach, and Pearce, Reidel
Folder 22 "Sciences and Pseudosciences: An Attempt at a New Form of Demarcation" in Earman et al., ed., University of Pittsburgh Press
Folder 23 "Scientific Progress: The Laudan Manifesto" in Philosophy of Social Science
Folder 24 The Scientific Revolution: An Encyclopedia, ed. Applebaum
Folder 25 "Teleology and Scientific Method in Kant's Critique of Judgement" in NOUS
Folder 26 William Whewell's Theory of Scientific Method, ed. Butts, University of Pittsburgh Press/Hackett
Folder 27 General Correspondence re: Publishing
Folder 28 Unidentified Correspondence re: Possibility of Butts Anthology
Folder 29 Reviews of William Whewell's Theory of Scientific Method, 1969
Folder 30 Reviews of New Perspectives on Galileo, 1978
Folder 31 Reviews of Proceedings of the 5th International Congress of Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy of Science, 1977
Folder 32 Reviews of The Methodological Heritage of Newton, 1970
Folder 33 Review of Kant's Philosophy of Physical Science, 1986

Section: 4. Kant and the Double Government Methodology: Supersensibility and Method in Kant's Philosophy of Science: Drafts, Correspondence, and Reviews, 1982-1990

Scope and Content Notes:

This section contains drafts for Butts' published work Kant and the Double Government Methodology, as well as related documents such as reviews, correspondence, and permission to publish requests.

Box 12a
Folder 1 Preface I: "An Ordinary Preface," Typescript
Folder 2 "Preface II: Points of Reference," Typescript
Folder 3 "Preface I and II," Typescript with Handwritten Corrections
Folder 4 "Introduction," Typescript
Folder 5 Chapter I: "Metaphysical Explanation in Leibniz: The Monads," Typescript
Folder 6 Chapter II: "Leibniz On the Side of Angels," Typescript
Folder 7 Chapter III: "Kant, ESP, and the Inaugural Disseration"
Folder 8 Chapter IV: "Soemmering and Euler: Space and the Soul"
Folder 9 Chapter V: "Kant: Space and the Soul"
Folder 10 Chapter VI: "Rules, Images and Constructions: Kan'ts Constructive Idealism"
Folder 11 Chapter VII: "Two Fundamental Principles of Methodology"
Folder 12 Chapter VIII: "Hypotheses in Science"
Folder 13 Chapter IX: "The Restauration of Teleology"

Box 12b
Folder 1 "Central Nervous System: Philosophers as Dieticians of the Mind"
Folder 2 Table of Contents, Preface and Excerpts
Folder 3 Chapter Fragments
Folder 4 "Seeing Ghosts: Immanuel Kant's Investigation of Mental Disorders and the Paranormal," 1982
Folder 5 Bibliography: References to Works of Kant
Folder 6 Indexes and Bibliographies for KDGM
Folder 7 Notes and Articles on Kant by Butts and Others
Folder 8 Anonymous Review of KDGM
Folder 9 Publication Guidelines by the University of Toronto Press
Folder 10 Permission Requests for KDGM, 1983-1984
Folder 11 Reviews of and Responses to KGDM, 1984-1990

Section: 5. Research, 1951-1992

Box 13
Folder 1 CVs
Folder 2 Lists of Publications and Presentations, 1984-1994
Folder 3 Material Related to CVs and Publication Lists
Folder 4 Unidentified Bibliographies and Indices
Folder 5 A Selective Bibliography on Kant by Ralph C.S. Walker, 2nd Edition, 1978
Folder 6 Bibliography of Kant Literature for 1987, Part II and for 1988, Part I
Folder 7 Bibliography of Kant Literature for 1989, Part IV
Folder 8 Bibliography of Kant Literature for 1991, Part IV and for 1992, Part II
Folder 9 A Bibliography of William Whewell, 1814-1900
Folder 10 Charts and Tables
Folder 11 Correspondence and Forms re: Research Grants, 1980-1982
Folder 12 Edward C. Pickering and the Transformation of American Astronomy, 1840-1920 (Project Description)
Folder 13 Philosophical Views of Scientific Change: The History of the Ice Age Hypothesis, 1830-1880 (Book Proposal)
Folder 14 Mechanisms of Value-Change in Science (Draft Prospectus)
Folder 15 Miscellaneous/Unidentified Notes
Folder 16 The Criterion of Cognitive (Empirical) Significance to the Verificationist Principle (Notes)
Folder 17 Mill's Argument for the Triviality of Prediction, Logic bk. III, ch. XIV, 6 (Notes)
Folder 18 Inserts 1-5 on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and the History of Modern Natural Science (Notes)
Folder 19 A Suggested Reconstruction of the Argument of the 2nd Analogy (Notes)
Folder 20 Kant: The Four Moments of a Judgement of Taste (des Geschmacksurteils) (Notes)
Folder 21 Physics III (Notes)
Folder 22 Epistemology in the Aufbau (Notes on a Talk by M. Friedman)
Folder 23 Methodological Components of Scientific Theory (A Kantian Formulation) (Notes)
Folder 24 Notes on Similarity and Equality, 1982
Folder 25 Notes on Specification, 1983
Folder 26 Introductory Remarks on Critique of Judgement (Notes)
Folder 27 Kant, Hamann, Schelling, and Jung: The Rhetoric and Psychology of Symbolism (Notes)
Folder 28 Van Fraassen and Realism/Anti-Realism (Notes)
Folder 29 Bas's Constructive Empiricism (Notes)
Folder 30 Socialism (Notes)
Folder 31 Analysis of Meanings of Two Terms Prominent in Social and Political Thinking (Dr. Ward) (Notes)
Folder 32 Bentham (Notes), September 29, 1951
Folder 33 J.S. Mill - Essays on Nature, Utility of Religion (1859), and Theism (1870) (Notes)
Folder 34 The Perennial Social Tension: 'I' and/or 'We': An Examination Into the Pertinence of J.S. Mills' Essay on Liberty (Notes)
Folder 35 Herbert Spencer, First Principles (1864) (Notes)
Folder 36 Herbert Spencer, Transcendental Philosophy (1857) (Notes)
Folder 37 J.S. Mill - System of Logic ("The Canons of Induction" - bk. III, ch. VIII) (Notes)
Folder 38 J.S. Mill, On Liberty (Outline of Contents)
Folder 39 J.S. Mill - On the Logic of the Moral Sciences (Book VI, Logic) (Notes)
Folder 40 Mechanics - Newton, Mach, Kant (Notes)
Folder 41 Leibniz Cohesion (Notes)
Folder 42 The Conceptual Framework of Kant's Philosophy of Science (Notes)
Folder 43 Letter to Qualiton Imports, Ltd. re: Glass Harmonica Recordings, 1995
Folder 44 Introduction for David Savan: "Postmodernist Philosophy and Nietzsche" - University of Western Ontario, March 1987
Folder 45 Comments on L.L. Laudan, "William Whewell on the Consilience of Inductions"
Folder 46 Critique of Pure Reason 1781-1981, Faculty of Arts, March 10, 1981
Folder 47 The Worlds of Kant - Leibniz Conference, November 1982
Folder 48 Comments on Gregory Good, "Method, Science, and the Historical Approach" - History of Science Society, Norwalk, CT, October 1983
Folder 49 Comment: Glenn Hartz, "Kant's Mature Metaphysic of Matter" - American Philosophical Association, St. Louis, MO, May 1986
Folder 50 Comments on Michael Ruse, "William Whewell and the Argument from Design" - Canadian Philosophical Association, June 1974
Folder 51 Comments on David Wilson "A Physicist's Alternative to Materialism" - History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Norwalk, CT, October 1983
Folder 52 Comments on Paul Theerman "Maxwell and Method" - History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Norwalk, CT, October 1983

Box 13a
Folder 1 Research Notes on Whewell: Notebook I
Folder 2 Research Notes on Whewell: Notebook II
Folder 3 Research Notes on Whewell: Notebook III
Folder 4 Research Notes on Whewell: Notebook IV
Folder 5 Research Notes on Whewell: Notebook V