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Subseries 1. Manuscripts by Anderson, 1992-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscripts here are specialized articles principally concerning topics in philosophy of science and history of science. There are manuscripts dealing with investigations into Faraday's electrical concepts, on Boole's thought and other historical examinations of 19th century British physics and mathematics.

Box 2
Folder 1 Some Historical and Foundational Issues Pertaining to the Role of Quaternions in Physics, 1992
Folder 2 Referee's Report on Faraday's Electromagnetic Induction Report of 1831, undated
Folder 3 Role of Synchronisation in Special Relativity, 1993
Folder 4 Ghost States and interpreting the significance of gauge invariance in Quantum Field Theories, undated
Folder 5 Conventionality of synchronisation, gauge dependence and test theories of relativity, 1996
Folder 6 Exploring the Mathematical Strategies of Maxwell's "Treatise", 1999
Folder 7 Mathematics, Logic, and Language: tracing influences of interpreting symbolic structures and the study of language on theoretical practices in 19th century British electromagnetism, 2002
Folder 8 S tudying Physics and Jesuit Life: Worldliness and Life as an Immigrant, undated
Folder 9 DeMorgan's inaugural lecture Introductory Lecture delivered to the opening of the Mathematical Classes in the University of London (by Augustus deMorgan), 2006
Folder 10 Interpreting Mathematics in Physics: Charting the Applications of SU(2) in 20th Century Physics, 2006

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Faraday's Concept of the electrotonic state The Constraint of Nature: The Electro-Tonic State and Magnetic Action in Faraday's Physics, undated
Folder 3 Interpreting Mathematics: physical significance of potentials in nineteenth century British electromagnetism, undated
Folder 4 Mathematics and Interpretation: The Role of the Vector Potential in Maxwell's Electromagnetism, undated
Folder 5 Notes on Boole's An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, undated
Folder 6 Notes on Structural Realism, undated
Folder 7 On Constructing the Manuscript, undated
Folder 8 Whewell-Faraday correspondence on electromagnetism; An Anticipation of the Application of Dynamic Categories to the Magnetic Field: A Note on the Whewell Faraday Correspondence of September 1835, undated