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Subseries 2. Teaching Materials, 1938-1988

Scope and Content Notes:

These files are separated into two categories: on-campus lectures dating from 1939 to 1988 and off-campus lectures dating from 1959 to 1976. The on-campus teaching materials illustrate Sellars's teaching style at the University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, Yale University, and the University of Pittsburgh. The files are arranged alphabetically by course topic, and extensive files exist for: Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic, Metaphysics, Central Problems in Philosophy, and Theory of Knowledge. The Miscellaneous files contain items from courses that could not be classified by topic, or were too limited in scope to warrant individual identification. Under each of these course topics, the bulk of the files are categorized as lecture notes. These lecture notes tend to be scripted lectures for the entire semester and appear to have been drafted by Sellars early in his career. The initial lectures often contain many inserted pages and notations, revealing the changing style and theories presented in Sellars's lectures. Furthermore, the lecture notes often contain supplemental items such as bibliographies, handouts, and student enrollment lists. In addition to the lecture notes, this section includes exam files. While the majority of the exams are midterm and final exams, there are also quizzes and other special exams. The remaining files document the required readings assigned by Sellars, and contain either lists of articles or the actual articles placed on reserve at the library for Sellars's students.

The off-campus teaching materials are arranged alphabetically by lecture topic and consist of either a typed or handwritten version of the lectures presented by Sellars at particular institutions. The typed versions often contain notations.

Section: On-Campus

Box 114
Folder 1 17th and 18th century philosophy,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Ancient philosophy

Folder 2 Exams, 1939-1958
Folder 3-4 Lecture notes, 1938-1940s
Folder 5-6 Aristotle,Lecture notes, 1940s-1950s
Folder 7 Aristotle and Plato,Lecture notes, 1941-1942

Section: Ethics and moral philosophy

Folder 8 Exams, 1947-1954
Folder 9 Handouts, 1953-1954

Box 115
Folder 1-3 Lecture notes, 1941-1959

Section: History of philosophy

Folder 4 Exams, 1939-1946
Folder 5 Lecture notes, 1940s-1950

Section: Introduction to philosophy

Folder 6-7 Exams, 1946-1957
Folder 8 Handouts, 1972
Folder 9 Lecture notes, 1957

Box 116
Folder 1-6 Lecture notes, 1940s-1973
Folder 7 Judgment empiricism,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Kant

Folder 8 Exams, 1949-1980
Folder 9 Lecture notes, 1942-1955
Folder 10 Leibnitz,Lecture notes, 1952-1956

Section: Logic

Box 117
Folder 1 Exams, 1946-1955
Folder 2-4 Lecture notes, 1947-1960
Folder 5 MA in philosophy of science,Exams, 1950-1956

Section: Metaphysics

Folder 6 Exams, 1965-1980
Folder 7-10 Lecture notes, 1939-1970s
Folder 11 Required readings, 1979-1980

Section: Miscellaneous

Box 118
Folder 1 Bibliographies of books, undated
Folder 2 Bibliographies of journals,c. 1950
Folder 3 Exams, 1958-1970
Folder 4 Lecture notes, 1941-1983
Folder 5 Required readings, 1958-1984
Folder 6-7 Student evaluations, 1953-1970

Section: Modern philosophy

Folder 8 Exams, 1948-1956
Folder 9 Lecture notes, undated
Folder 10 PhD in philosophy,Exams, 1950-1976
Folder 11 Philosophical analysis,Lecture notes, 1949-1955
Folder 12-13 Philosophy of language,Lecture notes, 1958
Folder 14 Philosophy of man,Lecture notes, 1940-1950

Box 119
Folder 1 Philosophy of mind,Lecture notes, 1959-1960
Folder 2 Plato,Lecture notes, 1952
Folder 3 Plato and ethics,Lecture notes, undated

Section: Problems of philosophy

Folder 4 Exams1938-1959
Folder 5-6 Lecture notes1951-1970
Folder 7-9 Required readings1977
Folder 10 Scientific realismRequired readings1983

Section: Theory of knowledge

Folder 11 Exams, 1958, 1972-1988

Box 120
Folder 1-2 Lecture notes, 1960s
Folder 3 Required readings, 1970s
Folder 4 Theory of meaning,Lecture notes, undated
Folder 5 Ways of knowing,Lecture notes, 1962-1964

Section: Off-Campus Lectures

Folder 6 "Behaviors and Mental Acts", 1974
Folder 7 "Cartesian Element and Hume", 1973
Folder 8-9 "Concepts and Methods of Philosophy", 1964
Folder 10 "Ethics and Philosophy", 1960
Folder 11 "Idealism and Perception", 1973
Folder 12 "Intention", 1976
Folder 13 "Intentional Realism and Perception", 1973
Folder 14 Locke Lectures, 1966
Folder 15 Radio talks on philosophy, 1959
Folder 16 "Realism", undated
Folder 17 "Scientific Image of Man", 1960
Folder 18 "Structure of Knowledge", 1972

Box 121
Folder 1 Iowa, 1930s-1940s
Folder 2 Minnesota, 1949-1959
Folder 3 Yale, 1959-1963
Folder 4-8 Pittsburgh, 1964-1968

Box 122
Folder 1-8 Pittsburgh, 1969-1975

Box 123
Folder 1-10 Pittsburgh, 1976-1987