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Record HAMM FLK 0024 The Greatest Songs of Woody Guthrie, 1972

This album includes This land is your land (Woody Guthrie) -- Do re mi (Cisco Houston) -- So long - it's been good to know yuh (Weavers) -- Pastures of plenty (Odetta) -- Roll on Columbia (Country Joe McDonald) -- Hard, ain't it hard (Woody Guthrie and Cisco Houston) -- Deportee (Plane wreck at Los Gatos) (Cisco Houston) -- A group of children's songs: Pick it up (Babysitters) ; (Take me) Riding in the car (Woody Guthrie) ; Why oh why (Babysitters) ; Ship in the sky (Cisco Houston) ; Grassey grass grass (Woody Guthrie) -- Old lone wolf (Cisco Houston) -- Woody's rag ; 900 miles (Weavers) -- 900 miles (Cisco Houston) -- Jackhammer John (Weavers) -- Tom Joad (Country Joe McDonald) -- I ain't got no home (Cisco Houston) -- The sinking of the Reuben James (Weavers) -- Dirty overhalls (Woody Guthrie) -- The great historical bum (Odetta) -- Talking fishing blues (Jack Elliott) -- Ladies auxiliary (Cisco Houston) -- Blowing down that old dusty road (Country Joe McDonald) -- Buffalo skinners (Jim Kweskin) -- Curly headed baby (Cisco Houston) -- 1913 massacre (Jack Elliott) -- Jesus Christ (Cisco Houston) -- Rambling round your city (Odetta) -- When the curfew blows (Country Joe McDonald) -- Pretty Boy Floyd (Joan Baez) -- Hard travelin' (Woody Guthrie) -- This land is your land (Weavers).