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Subseries 2. Pre-Publication Materials, 1941-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

These files contain Sellars's unpublished manuscript drafts, which were the earlier versions of his published works. These manuscripts are arranged alphabetically by manuscript title. In a few instances, the manuscript drafts are augmented by related correspondence. The vast majority of the revisions and inserts added to the manuscripts were done by Sellars. However, there are a few manuscripts that contain editor notations. In general, the revisions range in content from grammatical changes to extensive modifications of Sellars's philosophical arguments. These revisions reveal Sellars's tendency to cross out entire sections of his argument and insert new pages. The bulk of these files are either typed or mimeographed. A small portion of the files are entirely handwritten and can be rather difficult to decipher. The files vary in length. Some of the files provide only one draft of a particular manuscript, while a larger portion of the files actually contain multiple drafts of the manuscript and document various points in the editorial process. Whenever possible, these multiple drafts are arranged chronologically from the earliest to the most developed version. All of the manuscripts are philosophical in nature and focus on Sellars's interests in the areas of epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, and ontology.

Box 26
Folder 1 "Abstract Entities," 1962
Folder 2 "Actions and Events," 1969
Folder 3-5 "Adverbial Theory of the Objects of Sensation," 1975
Folder 6 "Are There Non-Deductive Logics," 1968
Folder 7 "Aristotelian Philosophies of Mind," 1947
Folder 8 "Aristotle and Emergent Evolution," undated
Folder 9-10 "Aristotle's Metaphysics: An Interpretation", undated

Box 27
Folder 1-2 "Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning," c. 1978
Folder 3 "Being and Being Known," undated
Folder 4 "Belief and the Expression of Belief," 1967-1968
Folder 5-7 "Berkeley and Descartes," undated
Folder 8-10 Carcus Lectures, "Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process," 1978

Box 28
Folder 1-5 Carcus Lectures, "Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process," 1980-1981
Folder 6 "Cincinnati Comments," 1971
Folder 7 "Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," 1963
Folder 8 "Comments on Maxwell's Meaning Postulates in Scientific Theories," undated
Folder 9 "Comments on McMullin's Matter as Principle," undated
Folder 10-11 "Concepts as Involving Laws and Inconceivable Without Them," 1948
Folder 12 "Conceptual Change," 1972
Folder 13 "Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions," 1980

Box 29
Folder 1-2 "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and the Causal Modalities," undated
Folder 3 "Definition and Analysis," undated
Folder 4 "Definitions of Naturalism," undated
Folder 5 "Double Knowledge Approach to the Mind Body Problem," 1970
Folder 6-7 "Empiricism and Abstract Entities", 1954
Folder 8 "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind," undated
Folder 9 "Epistemology and the New Way of Words," undated

Box 30
Folder 1 "Essays in Philosophy," 1973
Folder 2-4 "Fatalism and Determinism," 1964-1968
Folder 5 "Form and Content in Ethical Theory," 1967
Folder 6-7 "Givenness and Explanatory Coherence", 1973
Folder 8 "Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology," 1959
Folder 9 "Hochberg on Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics," 1976

Box 31
Folder 1 "Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 2 "Identity of Linguistic Expressions and the Paradox of Analysis," undated
Folder 3-6 "Imperatives, Intentions, and the Logic of 'Ought'," 1956-1959
Folder 7-9 "Induction as Vindication," 1963-1964

Box 32
Folder 1-2 "Inference and Meaning," c. 1950
Folder 3 "Intentional Realism of Everett Hall," c. 1960
Folder 4 "Intentionality and the Mental," c. 1957
Folder 5 "Intentionality and the Mind-Body Problem," 1952
Folder 6 "Is Critical Realism a Representative Theory of Knowledge?," undated
Folder 7-8 "Is Scientific Realism Tenable?," 1976-1977
Folder 9-10 "Is There a Synthetic A Priori?," 1952

Box 33
Folder 1 "Kant's Transcendental Idealism," 1974
Folder 2-3 "Kant's Transcendental Metaphysics," undated
Folder 4 "Kant's Views on Sensibility and Understanding," undated
Folder 5 "Language as Thought and as Communication," 1968
Folder 6 "Language of Theories," 1959
Oversize "Language of Theories," 1959
Folder 7-8 "Language, Rules, and Behavior," 1949
Folder 9 "Leibnitz Rationalism: Scaffolding for a Reconstruction," undated
Folder 10 "The Logic of Probability," 1941
Folder 11 "Logical Subjects and Physical Objects," undated
Folder 12 "Meaning as Functional Classification," 1973

Box 34
Folder 1 "Meditations Leibnitziennes," 1965
Folder 2 "Mental Events," 1980
Folder 3 "Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person," 1967
Folder 4 "Mind, Meaning, and Behavior," 1952
Folder 5 Miscellaneous Unidentified Manuscripts, 1947-1980
Folder 6 "More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence," 1979
Folder 7 "Naming and Saying," 1961
Folder 8-9 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1979-1980

Box 35
Folder 1-2 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1979-1980
Folder 3 "Notes on Anselm's Ontological Argument," undated
Folder 4 "A Note on Awareness As," 1978
Folder 5 "Notes on Intentionality," 1964
Folder 6 "A Note on Popper's Argument for Dualism," c. 1953
Folder 7 "A Note on the Form 'Pr(a)'," 1946-1947
Folder 8 "On Accepting First Principles," 1965
Folder 9 "On the Introduction of Abstract Entities," 1973
Folder 10 "On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse," 1969

Box 36
Folder 1 "On the Logic of Complex Particulars," 1948
Folder 2-5 "On Reasoning About Values," 1978-1979
Folder 6 "Ontology, the A Priori, and Kant," 1967
Folder 7 "Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell," 1972
Folder 8 "'Ought' and Moral Principles," 1966

Box 37
Folder 1 "Outlines of a Philosophy of Language," 1950
Folder 2 "The Paradox of Analysis Resolved," 1963
Folder 3 "Particulars," 1950s
Folder 4 "Phenomenalism," 1959
Folder 5 "Philosophical Perspectives," 1965-1966
Oversize "Philosophical Perspectives," undated
Folder 6 "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man," 1960
Folder 7 "Physical Realism," 1950s
Folder 8 "Positivism and Consciousness," undated
Folder 9 "Presupposing," 1954
Folder 10 "Provincialism in Philosophy," undated
Folder 11 "Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology," 1947
Folder 12 "Quotation Marks, Sentences, and Propositions," undated
Folder 13 "Raw Materials, Subjects, and Substrata," c. 1958

Box 38
Folder 1-5 "Realism and the New Way of Words," c. 1946
Folder 6 "Reason and the Art of Living in Plato," 1968-1969
Folder 7 "Reasons, Commands, and Moral Principles," c. 1955

Box 39
Folder 1-3 "Reflections on Contrary-to-Duty Imperatives," 1965
Folder 4 "Reply to Aune," undated
Folder 5-6 "Reply to Donagan," 1971
Folder 7 "Reply to Marras," 1972
Folder 8 "Reply to Quine," 1972
Folder 9 Review of "A History of Western Philosophy," 1934
Folder 10 "Rice on Definitions in Value Theory," 1946
Folder 11 "The Role of Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience," 1978
Folder 12-13 "Science and Ethics," 1959-1963

Box 40
Folder 1-8 "Science and Metaphysics: Variations on Kantian Themes," 1976
Folder 9 "Science, Perception, and Reality," undated

Box 41
Folder 1 "Science, Sense Impressions, a Sensa: A Reply to Cornman," 1970
Folder 2 "Scientific Realism or Irenic Instrumentalism," 1964-1965
Folder 3 "Seeing, Seeming, Sensing," 1971
Folder 4-5 "A Semantical Solution of the Mind-Body Problem," 1952
Folder 6-7 "Sensa or Sensings: Reflections on the Ontology of Perception," 1976, 1981
Folder 8 "Some Problems About Belief," 1967-1968
Folder 9 "Some Reflections on Language Games," 1954
Folder 10 "Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness," 1975

Box 42
Folder 1 "Some Reflections on Thoughts and Things," undated
Folder 2 "Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience," 1967
Oversize "Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience", 1967
Folder 3 "The Soul as Craftsman," 1965
Folder 4-6 "The Structure of Knowledge," 1969-1971
Folder 7 "A Study in Leibnitz," undated
Folder 8-9 "Substance and Form in Aristotle: An Exploration," 1957
Folder 10 "Theoretical Explanation," 1963
Folder 11 "this i or he or it (the thing) which thinks," 1970

Box 43
Folder 1-3 "Thought and Action," 1964
Folder 4 "Thought as Inner Speech," undated
Folder 5-10 "Time and the World Order," 1957-1959

Box 44
Folder 1-3 "Towards a Theory of Predication," 1982-1983
Folder 4 "Towards a Theory of the Categories," 1968-1969
Folder 5 "Truth and Correspondence," 1961
Folder 6 "Vlastos and 'The Third Man," 1954
Folder 7-8 "Vlastos and 'The Third Man': A Rejoinder", 1955
Folder 9 "Volitions Re-Affirmed", 1975