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Subseries 1. Handwritten Notes, 1948-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

These materials are subdivided into five categories: calculations, lectures, letters, manuscripts, and miscellaneous. These handwritten materials appear to be the earliest drafts of Sellars's philosophical works, which were later dictated to a secretary. Due to the nature of Sellars's handwriting, this material is rather difficult to decipher. However, these materials could provide researchers with insight into Sellars's thought processes. Most of these notes are written on yellow legal pads and vary in length from a few sheets to an entire tablet's worth of notes. When possible, the files are arranged alphabetically by published title. Sometimes Sellars supplied the title, but more commonly the titles are archivist assigned. More specific descriptions of each of the five categories are listed below.

Section: Calculations

Scope and Content Notes:

The calculations often contain a sequence of philosophical proofs that generally do not contain a narrative explanation. They tend to be less dense than the lectures or manuscripts and usually consist of only a few pages.

Box 14
Folder 1 Logic of Up to 5, 1948-1979
Folder 2 A is B, 1948-1979
Folder 3 Shall any of us do ∞, 1948-1979
Folder 4 Critique of Chisholm, 1948-1979
Folder 5 1948-1979
Folder 6 (∃X)xEK, 1948-1979
Folder 7 Is a PR-in-G, 1948-1979
Folder 9 Chicago is Large, 1948-1979
Folder 8 []= unconditional assertability [in CS], 1948-1979
Folder 10 That P is in C implies that Shall [Pdoing A], 1948-1979
Folder 11 Consider C's Example, 1979
Folder 12 True ('P')=P, 1979
Folder 13 Thus Every Two, 1948-1979
Folder 14 Show 'a' exists x=a, 1948-1979
Folder 15 Rule, 1948-1979
Folder 16 Points to Pick Up, 1948-1979
Folder 17 Note that 'S(A)' is U, 1948-1979
Folder 18 Hector, 1948-1979
Folder 19 a f=q=g (x) ty>qx, 1948-1979
Folder 20 Heterological, 1948-1979
Folder 21 Meaning Not a Relation, 1948-1979
Folder 22 "red"="ruddy", 1948-1979
Folder 23 Towards a..., 1948-1979
Folder 24 Every Property of the Object Must, 1948-1979
Folder 25 The sentence consisting of an INDCON..., 1948-1979
Folder 26 "Philosophical Perspective," 1948-1979
Folder 27 Basic particulars, 1948
Folder 28 Belief is not a..., 1948-1979
Folder 29 Substituting quantification with truth, 1948-1979
Folder 30 "P fa is 'fa' SA if so, why?", 1948-1979
Folder 31 All element concepts of [i, 1948-1979
Folder 32 3/4 A is B, 1948-1979
Folder 33 P can V, 1948-1979
Folder 34 As conceived in manifest image, 1948-1979
Folder 35 If Jones wants x he ought to do A, 1948-1979
Folder 36 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 37 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 38 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 39 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 40 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 41 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 42 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 43 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 44 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 45 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 46 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 47 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 48 Untitled, 1948-1979
Folder 49 Untitled, 1948-1979

Section: Lectures

Scope and Content Notes:

The lecture files contain the early drafts of Sellars remarks at speaking engagements such as lectures, symposiums, meetings, and conferences. The lecture files tend to be the bulkiest of the handwritten notes and it is not uncommon for these lecture notes to also serve as the preliminary drafts for Sellars’s manuscripts.

Box 15
Folder 1 "Basic Representational States for Mental Events Symposium," 1980
Folder 2 "Being and Seeming to Be," 1959
Folder 3 "Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the 'New Way of Ideas' ," 1974
Folder 4 "Conceptual Change," 1971
Folder 5 "Considerations and Reconsiderations about Intentionality," 1965
Folder 6 "Elementary Theory of Reduction," 1980
Folder 7 "Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology," c. 1958
Folder 8 "Ideal Intellectual Institute," undated
Folder 9 "Kant and the Thing-in-Itself," 1965
Folder 10 Leibniz paper for Columbus meeting, undated
Folder 11 "Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person," 1967
Folder 12-15 "The Myth of the Given," 1956
Folder 16 "Naturalism and Ontology," 1974
Folder 17 "Naturalism and Process," undated

Box 16
Folder 1 "Ontology for Wittgenstein's Tractatus," undated
Folder 2 "'Ought' and Moral Principles", undated
Folder 3-7 "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man," c. 1962
Folder 8 "Practical Reasoning," 1963
Folder 9 "Problems of Realism: Conceptual Realism," 1965
Folder 10 "Problems of Realism: Scientific Realism," 1967
Folder 11 "Soul as a Craftsman," 1962
Folder 12-15 "The Structure of Knowledge," c. 1971
Folder 16-17 "This I or he or it (the thing) which thinks," c. 1970
Folder 18 "Value and Action," 1968
Folder 19 Lecture on philosophical logic at the University of Western Ontario, 1967
Folder 20 Seminar in contemporary problems presented at Illinois, 1971
Folder 21 Symposium on action at the University of Chicago, 1967
Folder 22 Symposium on induction, undated
Folder 23 Unidentified lecture notes, undated

Section: Letters

Scope and Content Notes:

The letter files contain the early drafts of letters Sellars wrote to various individuals. The letters range in length from a single sheet to almost twenty pages. They vary in content from recommendations to philosophical commentary. Where possible, they are arranged alphabetically by recipient.

Box 17
Folder 1 Dear Annette, undated
Folder 2 Dear Ausanio, undated
Folder 3 Dear Bradie, undated
Folder 4 Dear Bruce, undated
Folder 5 Dear Bynum, undated
Folder 6 Dear Castaneda, 1961
Folder 7 Dear Donald, undated
Folder 8 Dear Dorothy, undated
Folder 9 Dear Fred, undated
Folder 10 Dear Mr. Ignabowsky, undated
Folder 11 Dear Jack, undated
Folder 12 Dear Jay, undated
Folder 13 Dear Mike, undated
Folder 14 Dear Professor, undated
Folder 15 Dear Rosenthal, undated
Folder 16 Dear University of Arizona Philosophy Department, undated
Folder 17 Dear Vlastos, undated
Folder 18 Dear Unidentified, undated
Folder 19 RE: Kurt Baier, undated
Folder 20 RE: Van Fraassen, undated

Section: Manuscripts

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscript files contain the early drafts of manuscripts, many of which went on to become published works by Sellars. Therefore, these files are very closely tied to the prepublication materials located in the next subseries. The handwritten files often contain fragments of articles, rather than the complete work. Where possible, they are arranged alphabetically by published title, rather than the working titles.

Folder 21 "A. B. C. Weighs 3 Pounds," undated
Folder 22-23 "Abstract Entities," 1962
Folder 24 "Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," 1962
Folder 25 "Acquaintance and Description Again," undated
Folder 26 "Acquaintance and the Subject," undated
Folder 27-28 "Actions and Events," undated
Folder 29 "Actions are events - what are events?," undated
Folder 30 "Adverbial," undated
Folder 31 "Appearance and Belief," undated
Folder 32 "Are There Abstract Objects?," undated
Folder 33 "Are There Non-Deductive Logics?," undated
Folder 34-37 "Aristotle's Metaphysics: An Interpretation," 1958-1961
Folder 38 "Autobiographical Reflections," 1973

Box 18
Folder 1 "Behavior and Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 2 "Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning," undated
Folder 3-4 "Being and Being Known," undated
Folder 5 "Belief and the Expression of Belief," undated
Folder 6 "Categorical Assertability," undated
Folder 7 "Categorical Saying and Showing," undated
Folder 8 "Change of Concept is Change of Belief," undated
Folder 9 "Chisholm Etc.," undated
Folder 10 "Classes as Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox," undated
Folder 11 "Clues on C to D," undated
Folder 12 "Comments on 'Justification of Limit Interpretation," undated
Folder 13 "Comments on May Brodbeck's 'Mental and Physical," c. 1965
Folder 14 "Conceptual Change," undated
Folder 15 "Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions," undated
Folder 16-17 "Ad Cornman", undated
Folder 18 "Could (and Should) We be Bound to Use the Language of Physical Theory as our Perception Language," undated
Folder 19 "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and the Causal Modalities," undated
Folder 20 "Dewey's Experience and the Manifest Image," undated
Folder 21 "Descartes/Berkeley III," undated
Folder 22 "Distinguish IPMs, Reflections, Judgment about IPMs," undated
Folder 23 "Donagan, Ad Alan's Paper," undated
Folder 24-25 "The Double Knowledge Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 26 "'($f) ($x) fx' implies '($x) XEL," undated
Folder 27 "Empiricism and Abstract Entities," undated

Box 19
Folder 1-5 "Empiricism and Philosophy of Mind 'Another Language," 1956
Folder 6 "Essays in Philosophy and its History," undated
Folder 7 "Events," undated
Folder 8 "Fatalism and Determinism," undated
Folder 9 "Form and Content in Ethical Theory," undated
Folder 10 "General Structure of Argument," undated
Folder 11 "Givenness and Explanatory Coherence," undated
Folder 12 "History of Materialism," undated
Folder 13 "Idea and Object," undated
Folder 14 "The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem," undated
Folder 15 "If 'P' implies 'Q' then 'Shall [P]' imply 'Shall [Q]," undated
Folder 16-19 "Imperatives, Intentions, and the Logic of 'Ought'," undated
Folder 20-21 "In Praise of Something," undated

Box 20
Folder 1-4 "Induction as Vindication," undated
Folder 5 "Inference and Causation," undated
Folder 6 "The Intentional Realism of Everett Hall," undated
Folder 7 "Intentionality (Berkeley)," undated
Folder 8 "Introduction to Philosophical Thinking," undated
Folder 9 "Is Consciousness Physical?," undated
Folder 10 "Is There a Sense of "Red" in which a 'Crimson' can be a 'Red'," undated
Folder 11 "Issue of Emergence," undated
Folder 12 "John or Jones Came," undated
Folder 13 "Kant," undated
Folder 14 "Kant's Transcendental Idealism," undated
Folder 15 "Language...and Truth," undated
Folder 16-17 "The Language of Theories," undated
Folder 18 "Leibnitz," undated
Folder 19 "Leibnitz on Space as a Phenomenon," undated
Folder 20 "Leibnitz's Rationalism: Scaffolding for a Reconstruction," undated
Folder 21 "The Lion," undated
Folder 22 "Logic and Practical Reasoning," undated
Folder 23 "Logical Empiricism," undated
Folder 24-25 "Logical Subjects and Physical Objects," undated
Folder 26 "Macbeth Thinks that is a Dollar," undated
Folder 27 "Materialism," undated
Folder 28 "Materialism and Emergence," undated
Folder 29-30 "Meditations Leibnitziennes," 1958
Folder 31 "Mental Causes," undated
Folder 32-33 "Mental Events," undated

Box 21
Folder 1-3 "Mind, Meaning, and Behavior," 1952
Folder 4 "Moral Reasoning," undated
Folder 5 "More on Picturing," undated
Folder 6 "More on 'Shall [p]," undated
Folder 7 "Nagel and Feyerabend on Theories," undated
Folder 8 "On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse," 1969
Folder 9 "On the Introduction of Abstract Entities," undated
Folder 10-12 "Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell," undated
Folder 13 "Ontology, the A Priori, and Kant," undated
Folder 14 "Orange is the Color of A," undated
Folder 15 "PAD," undated
Folder 16 "Pain," undated
Folder 17 "The Paradox of Analysis: A Neo-Fregean Approach," undated
Folder 18 "Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 19 "Practical Reasoning," undated
Folder 20 "Practical Truth," undated
Folder 21 "Pragmatic Perspectives," undated
Folder 22 "Preliminary - Leibnoza," undated
Folder 23 "Prichard" (critique of Prichard's book), undated
Folder 24 "Putting Man into the Scientific Image," undated
Folder 25 "Q because P," undated
Folder 26 "Realism and the New Way of Words," undated
Folder 27-28 "Reason and the Art of Living in Plato," undated
Folder 29 "Reasoning about Values," undated
Folder 30 "Reasons and Commands," undated

Box 22
Folder 1 "Reflections on the Theory of Meaning," undated
Folder 2 "Reply to Frank Johnson and Michael Tye," undated
Folder 3 "Reply to Marras," undated
Folder 4 "Reply to Quine," undated
Folder 5-8 Reviews, undated
Folder 9-14 "Science and Metaphysics," undated
Folder 15 "Scientific Realism or Irenic Instrumentalism," undated
Folder 16 "Scientific Realism Revisited," undated
Folder 17 "Second Analogy," undated
Folder 18-19 "Sensa or Sensings," 1976
Folder 20 "Sense Impressions," undated
Folder 21 "Sensings or Sensa," undated
Folder 22 "Sensings, Sensation," undated
Folder 23 "Shall We," undated
Folder 24 "Sicha," undated
Folder 25 "Some Problems about Belief," undated
Folder 26 "Some Problems about Volition," undated
Folder 27 "Some Reflections on Language Games," undated
Folder 28 "Some Reflections on Method in Philosophy," undated
Folder 29 "Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness," undated
Folder 30 "Sortal Predication Versus Adjective (or Verbal) Predication," undated
Folder 31 "Studies in Naturalism," undated
Folder 32 "A Study in Substance", undated
Folder 33 "Substance and Form in Aristotle", undated
Folder 34 "Symmetry of Explanation and Predication", undated

Box 23
Folder 1 "Theory, Qualities, Sensa, Laws," undated
Folder 2 "Theory of Categories," undated
Folder 3-5 "Thought and Action," undated
Folder 6-8 "Time and the World Order," undated
Folder 9 "Tom and Dick Fought," undated
Folder 10 "Tom, Dick and Mary are Friends," undated
Folder 11 "Topics in Aune," undated
Folder 12 "Towards a Theory of Predication," undated
Folder 13-14 "Towards a Theory of the Categories," undated
Folder 15 "Truth," undated
Folder 16 "Truth and Correspondence," undated
Folder 17 "Truth: Some Classical Problems Revisited," undated
Folder 18 "Two Accounts of Self-Presentingness," undated
Folder 19 "Varieties of Phenomenalism," undated
Folder 20 "Vlastos and the Third Man," undated
Folder 21 "Vlastos and the Third Man: A Rejoinder," undated
Folder 22 "Volitions Reaffirmed," undated
Folder 23 "W[ittgenstein]'s T[ractatus] as a Theory of Representational Systems," undated

Box 24
Folder 1 An explanation of something being white is not..., undated
Folder 2 And thus ordinary sense..., undated
Folder 3 Assert that a is..., undated
Folder 4 Being is abstract..., undated
Folder 5 C's depiction of materialism..., undated
Folder 6 Consider the..., undated
Folder 7 Could one have done otherwise?, undated
Folder 8 Curiously enough, in order to escape..., undated
Folder 9 Explain idea that the present is..., undated
Folder 10 For even if, as I do, one finds a reference to..., undated
Folder 11 For Kant the reproduction imagination works by..., undated
Folder 12 For scientific objects and their properties..., undated
Folder 13 The fundamental danger of the form..., undated
Folder 14 The heading of this section is not..., undated
Folder 15 How do all my recent notes relate to..., undated
Folder 16 The idea of a certain state..., undated
Folder 17 Identity of mind..., undated
Folder 18 If we look more closely at..., undated
Folder 19 In section VII..., undated
Folder 20 In what sense does W, being square consist in.., undated
Folder 21 It is important to note the when Berkeley..., undated
Folder 22 Jones believes Wp, undated
Folder 23 LL is Probable, undated
Folder 24 Miscellaneous, undated
Folder 25 Now the above account of meaning statements..., undated
Folder 26 Pad B, part two, undated
Folder 27 Pain as a confused..., undated
Folder 28 Realism, 1a. Cornman's realism, undated
Folder 29 Redness being (having) the color of fire engines, undated
Folder 30 Reference to..., undated
Folder 31 Resemblance is a logical..., undated
Folder 32 Review Kant on..., undated
Folder 33 The simplest answer would be to deny..., undated
Folder 34 The structure of the answer is given by the..., undated
Folder 35 ...themes of likener, undated
Folder 36 There is no possible world in which..., undated
Folder 37 We must now face the question..., undated
Folder 38 Whitehead: manifest..., undated
Folder 39-42 Unidentifiable, undated

Section: Miscellaneous

Scope and Content Notes:

The miscellaneous files contain documents that were either too difficult to decipher and assign to a category, or contained a combination of several types of documents. The most notable of these items are the two "dated philosophical journals." These journals cover the period from 1949 to 1956, a period which is generally undocumented by the other handwritten notes. These notebooks have regular dated entries and appear to be a professional diary. The first notebook summarizes his philosophical activities such as attendance at lectures, progress on his manuscripts, and what he plans to do next. It also contains philosophical musings. These journals feature large left-hand margins, which Sellars sometimes utilized for critiquing his earlier thoughts. The second journal is much like the first, but speaks less to his overall activities and focuses predominately on the development of philosophical arguments. These philosophical writings appear to be the key arguments from his papers, lectures, and letters and often feature large excerpted sections.

Box 25
Folder 1-2 Dated philosophical journals, 1949-1956
Folder 3-4 Mixture of seemingly unrelated items, undated
Folder 5-6 Teaching-related materials, undated
Folder 7 Works in progress, undated