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Subseries 18. Notes and Drafts, 1911-1973

Box 44
Folder 1 Hans, Biography and Photo, 1917-1977
Folder 2 H.R. Handwritten Notes, 1915, 1951
Folder 3a H.R. Handwritten Notes (with Letter from Maria Reichenbach), 1915-1918, 1975
Folder 3b H.R. Handwritten Notes
Folder 3c H.R. Handwritten Notes
Folder 4 H.R. Theory of Series and Gödels Theorem
Folder 5 Letters (with Family Tree), 1918-1971
Folder 6 H.R. Unpublished Manuscripts (and Letters from Maria Reichenbach) 1915-1927, 1973-1974
Folder 7 Abraham Kaplan: In Memoriam
Folder 8 H.R. Letters to Bertrand Russell and Original Manuscript 1940-1971
Folder 9 De Broglie Paper: The Philosophical Significance of the Duality of Waves and Corpuscles - Original in English, 1953