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Subseries 1. Joe Negri Recordings

Box 27
Record 1905 "Bluesville"

45 rpm disc. Audio disc.

Record 1895 "Caprice Vienouse Singing Strings"

KDKA on-air recording on Audiodisc.

Box 28
Reel 1880 Christmas Music

1 Reel to Reel

Original Inscription Christmas Is (Long Version Instr) Christmas Is (Short version Instr) - Standard not original Christmas Waltz Happy Long Ago - Original Holidays & Children - (2:40) Original Marvelous Toy -Pause- Pretty Girl (Pgh Show) 71/2 IPS Full Track

Reel 1883 WTAE Christmas Show

1 reel. Original Inscription: J. Negri - WTAE Xmas Show 1964 1883.1 Inside Container

Reel 1882 "Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts Show"

1 reel.

Original inscription: Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts Show

Reel 1881 "Summer Sounds"

1 reel.

Original Inscription. Summer Sounds - (July 66) Sound track -

Reel 1884 WTAE Easter Seals Music

1 reel.

Original Inscription.

Film Title - "The Boy Who was Half Past Three" Produced for the Easter Seals Society by (WTAE-TV) Music Composed by Joe Negri - Arranged by Kloman Schmit Classical Guitar Joe Negri Cello Allan Sher* Flute & Piccolo Ethan Stang*

Main Title Theme - Sub Title Theme - (Minor mode Em) Waltz Theme -

*Mr. Stang & Mr. Sher were members of the Pgh Symphony

Reel 1744 [Untitled Reel to Reel for WTAE-TV]

1 reel Original inscription Cut 1-30 sec. Cut 2 2-60 sec. Ch. 4 Hello Pgh

Box 27
Record 1904 "Flying Home"

Recording on Wilcox-Gay Recordio disc.

Record 1908 "The Girl Next Door"
Record 1907 "Guitar with Love"

Commercially released album Containing:

Side 1 1. Lazy Day 2. The Boy (Girl) Next Door 3. spring in Manhattan 4. Harlequin 5. Django 6. A Felicidade

Side 2 1. The Tiny Whistle 2. A Time for Love 3. Serenata 4. 'Round Midnight 5. Watch What Happens 6. After Today

Record 1899 "Hamps Boggie/If I Had You," September 21, 1945

45 rpm disc on "Presto" brand record.

Record 1892 "How High the Moon"

Recorded by Joe Negro Trio. Audio Disc recording. Reverse side has:

Pennies from Heaven marvelous for Words Penthouse Serenade

Record 1891 "Jazz Quintet"

Wayne Recording company disc. 33 1/3.

Side one: All God's Children Got Rhythm Autumn Leaves Flight of the Bumble Bee

Side two: Cherokee Jolly-Joe

Record 1889 "Joe Negri Trio"

Audiodisc blank record. Both sides marked Joe Negri Trio, early '50s.

Record 1903 "Lisa"

Audio disc blank record. 2nd side marked "stage fright".

Record 1890 "Ma Leguena"

KQV Air check on Soundcraft 33 1/3 disc.

Record 1901 "Minute Waltz," October 21, 1948

War Recording Service.

Guitarist Joe Negri KDKA "Singing Strings" Program, Aircheck.

Record 1896 "Porto Bay"

Joe Negri Trio on 45 rpm Audiodisc blank recording.

Record 1900 "Sunny Side of Street," September 21, 1945

Duodisc recording, 78 rpm. Joe & Bob Negri.

Record 1893 "They'll Never Be Another You/Summertime"

Fremont 1-7800 Audio-Video Company, Wilkinsburg. 78 rpm disc.

Record 1897 "This is No Ordinary Girl"

Telaword Records, 78 rpm disc. Recorded by Lennie Martin at Carlton House, Pittsburgh.

Record 1898 "Tico, Tico/ Nancy with the Laughing Face," September 21, 1945

Performance by Joe and his brother Bob on September 21, 1945. Presto record.

Item 1894 "Trimacki in Concert," 1940s

Joe Negri Trio. Audiodisc recording disc.

Record 1888 "Woman of Stone"

Also includes "I Like the Girls." Music by Joe Negri, Lyrics by Bob McCully from Beck's Summer Shows. 33 rpm disc.

Record 1902 "Yesterdays"

Guitar solo by Joe Negri. Audio disc recording blank. 2nd Side "Stagefright" solo by Joe Negri.

Record 1908 "The Girl Next Door"

Bell Sound Stereo, New York. 33 1/3.

Side I:

1. The Girl Next Door 2. Spring in Manhattan 3. Lazy Day 4. Harlequin 5. Django 6. Felicidad

Side 2: 1. After Today 2. A Time for Love 3. Tin-Whistle 4. Round About Midnight 5. Watch What Happens 6. Serenata