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Subseries 3. Stock Charts and Lead Sheets

Scope and Content Notes:

Note that Sy Johnson did the charts. Approximately ¾ appear to be original, and the rest are photocopies. Some have annotations.

Box 15
Folder 5 Lyrics and Lyricists,
Folder 6 Martha Glaser's notes on sheet music
Folder 7 A Groovy Day
Folder 8 Afinidad
Folder 9 Afternoon of an Elf
Folder 10 All My Loves Are You
Folder 11 All Yours
Folder 12 Bounce with Me
Folder 13 Blue Brown and Beige
Folder 14 Blues Garni
Folder 15 Blues I Can’t Forget
Folder 16 By Chance
Folder 17 Cherchez La Femme
Folder 18 Cote D’Azure
Folder 19 Dark Pool
Folder 20 Don’t Talk No Holes in my Clothes
Folder 21 Dreamstreet
Folder 22 Dreamy
Folder 23 Duke for Dinner
Folder 24 Edna May
Folder 25 Eldorado
Folder 26 El Papa Grande
Folder 27 Erroll’s a Garner
Folder 28 Erroll’s Bounce
Folder 29 Erroll’s Blues
Folder 30 Erroll’s Concerto
Folder 31 Erroll’s Peril
Folder 32 Erroll’s Theme
Folder 33 Fashion Show Theme
Folder 34 Feeling Is Believing, Lyric by Linton
Folder 35 Floating on a Cloud
Folder 36 Fighting Cocks
Folder 37 French Doll
Folder 38 Garner's Escape
Folder 39 Gaslight
Folder 40 Gemini
Folder 41 In the Beginning
Folder 42 It Gets Better Every Time
Folder 43 Just Blues
Folder 44 La Petite Mambo
Folder 45 Left Bank Swing
Folder 46 Lick and a Promise
Folder 47 Like Home
Folder 48 Like It Is
Folder 49 Loose Nuts
Folder 50 Loot to Boot
Folder 51 Lotus Blues
Folder 52 Love is Strangest
Folder 53 Making Waves
Folder 54 Mambo 207
Folder 55 Mambo Carmel
Folder 56 Mambo Erroll
Folder 57 Mambo Garner
Folder 58 Minor with the Trio
Folder 59 Misty, foreign language versions
Folder 60-61 Misty, piano lead sheets
Folder 62 Mood Island
Folder 63 Moment’s Delight
Folder 64 Moroccan Mambo
Folder 65 Movin’ Around
Folder 66 Movin’ Blues
Folder 67 Mucho Gusto
Folder 68 My Old Kentucky Home, Arrangement of this song by Erroll
Folder 69 Nervous Waltz
Folder 70 Night Wind
Folder 71 No More Shadows

Box 16
Folder 1 No More Time
Folder 2 One Good Turn
Folder 3 Other Voices
Folder 4 Paisley Eyes
Folder 5 Paris Blues
Folder 6 Paris Bounce
Folder 7 Paris Midnight
Folder 8 Paris Theme
Folder 9 Part Time Blues
Folder 10 Passing Through
Folder 11 Pavanne, Arrangement of this classical piece by Garner
Folder 12 Relaxin’ at Sugar Rays
Folder 13 Reverie by Debussy, Arrangement of this classical piece by Garner
Folder 14 Samantha
Folder 15 Shadows
Folder 16 Shake It but Don’t Break It
Folder 17 Six PM
Folder 18 Soliloquy
Folder 19 Solitaire
Folder 20 Something Happens
Folder 21 Steve’s Theme
Folder 22 That’s My Baby
Folder 23 That’s My Kick
Folder 24 The Erroll Garner Blues
Folder 25 Garner Jump
Folder 26 The Happy Apple
Folder 27 The I’m Not Supposed to be Blues
Folder 28 The Way Back Blues
Folder 29 The Quaker
Folder 30 Theme from A New Kind of Love
Folder 31 This Time It’s Real
Folder 32 Tippin’ Out with Erroll
Folder 33 Trio
Folder 34 Up In Erroll’s Room
Folder 35 Untitled Song
Folder 36 When Paris Cries
Folder 37 You Just Think You’ve Been in Love
Folder 38 You Turn Me Around
Folder 39 7-11 Jump