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Subseries 3. UMatic ca. 1960s-1985

Scope and Content Notes:

Subjects include: Outdoor Wood, Koppers, The Social Security Administration, Motocross, American Express, and The Joel Martin Show.

Box 63
Videotape 1 Outdoor Wood: Wolmanized Pressure Treated Lumber, Huck, ca. 1970s
Videotape 2 Kopper: Samples, ca. 1970s
Videotape 3, 7 Social Security Administration: "Our Man in your Hometown," ca. 1960s
Videotape 4 Koppers: Washington D.C. Interview, Nila, Communications, 1976
Videotape 5 Nila Vehar, Washington D.C., National Planning, 1976
Videotape 6 Motocross Championship, 1977
Videotape 8 American Express: "Intern Program," and "Credit Card Program," ca. 1970s
Videotape 9 American Express: On Location, Fourth Edition, April 1980
Videotape 10 American Express: "Pilot Program," Time Coded Original Material, 1978-1979
Videotape 11 American Express: "On Location," Fourth Edition, 1980
Videotape 12 Koppers: History and Employees Benefits Overview, February 1, 1985
Videotape 13 American Express: Time Coded Original Material, Reel 1, ca. 1970s

Box 64
Videotape 14 American Express: "On Location," New Orleans and Phoenix, ca. 1970s
Videotape 15 American Express: On Location, Third Edition, January 1980
Videotape 16 American Express: "Awards," Edit Master, ca. 1970s
Videotape 17 American Express: " Program Pilot," Time Coded Original Material, 1978
Videotape 18 American Express: Time Coded Original Material, ca. 1970s
Videotape 19 ICP Promo, 1990
Videotape 20 Bud Harris Sample: Social Security Administration Story, ca. 1960s-1970s
Videotape 21 Koppers: "All Weather Wood Foundation," ca. 1970s-1980s
Videotape 22 Koppers: "All Weather Wood Foundation Show," ca. 1970s-1980s
Videotape 23 Koppers: "Serve" Program, ca. 1970s-1980s
Videotape 24 Koppers: "KMM" and "Dycon Concrete," ca. 1970s-1980s