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Section: Other Gospel Songwriter's Printed Music 1933-1951

Scope and Content Notes:

This section contains music from ten different songwriters. Most likely this collection also includes published works by other gospel songwriters because the Old Ship of Zion Music Company served as a distributing house for such works and/or bought out other publishing companies.

45. Professor E.C. Davis, Let Your Hearts Catch on Fire, 36 Copies of Page 2, 1934
46. Thomas A. Dorsey, I Got Heaven in My View, 1 Copy of Page 2, 1933
47. Thomas A. Dorsey, Lead Me to the Rock That’s Higher than I, 1951, 1 Copy of Page 2, 1951
48. Thomas A. Dorsey, When I Can Read My Title Clear, 3 Copies
49. Thomas A. Dorsey, Wings Over Jordan!, 1 Copy, 1939
50. Thomas A. and Thomas M. Dorsey, I Got Jesus in My Soul, 1 Copy, 1945
51. Anne C. Graham, Don’t Wonder About Him, 2 Copies, 1944
52. Chas. H. Hansen Music Company, Standin’ In the Need of Prayer; Heav’n, Heav’n, 1 Copy, 1946
53. Emma L. Jackson, Have You Decided Which Way Your Soul Will Go? 1 Copy, 1943
54. Roberta Martin, The Angles Are Hovering ‘Round, 1 Copy, 1944
55. Roberta Martin, It is Well, It is Well with My Soul, 1 Copy, 1944
56. Roberta Martin, My Lord is Writing all the Time, 1 Copy, 1942
57. Kenneth Morris, I am Walking With My Jesus, 6 Copies, 1943
58. Kenneth Morris, I’m Trying to Make Heaven My Home, 1 Copy of Page 2, 1943
59. Kenneth Morris, Till We Meet Again, 1944, 3 Copies, 1944
60. Lillian Morrow, I’ve had a Hard Time Seeking for My Lord, 3 Copies of Page 2, 1944
61. Mary Thames, You Just Keep in Touch with the Lord, 9 Copies, 1944
62. A. B. Windom, There’s Rest for the Weary, 14 Copies, 1945