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Subseries 4. Research and Writing by Others, 1967-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

Butts played an active role as a colleague and friend to other researchers and academics in his field. He was sought after as a reviewer of academic publications and grant proposals as well as a reference for colleagues and students. The material in Section 1, which consists of applications, CVs, and correspondence, documents these functions. Both subgroups in this subseries are arranged by individual’s surname, though Section 2 consists of unpublished drafts rather than administrative materials.

Section: 1. References and Reviews, 1967-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

The items in this section are arranged by individual. Each individual's file may contain a variety of documents pertaining to Butts' role as a mentor and referee for his students and colleagues in their careers and publishing endeavors. This includes reference and referee requests, as well as applications, CVs/resumes, manuscripts, proposals, and any other material that may have been enclosed with Butts' correspondence on the subject. Note that all letters of reference and personally identifiable or confidential information have been removed and restricted.

Folder 11 Arthur, Richard, 1982
Folder 12 Amerik, Karl, 1982
Folder 13 Anderson, Abraham, 1994
Folder 14 Baigrie, Brian, 1982
Folder 15 Bakan, Mildred B., 1990
Folder 16 Brown, James Robert, 1982-1986
Folder 17 Bush, C.M. Anastasia, 1982
Folder 18 Chokr, Nadr N.
Folder 19 Collier, John, 1983
Folder 20 Curtis, R.C., 1983
Folder 21 Denis, Francois-Michel, 1982
Folder 22 DiSalle, Robert, 1995
Folder 23 Donovan, Arthur, 1984
Folder 24 Edwards, Paul, 1967
Folder 25 English, Parker, 1982-1986
Folder 26 Falkenstein, Lorne, 1986
Folder 27 Forster, Paul D., 1994
Folder 28 Foss, Jeffrey E., 1982-1983
Folder 29 Friedman, Michael
Folder 30 Notes on the Work of Michael Friedman, 1984-1989
Folder 31 Gauthier, Yvon, 1981-1982
Folder 32 Good, Gregory Alan, 1983
Folder 33 Hahlweg, Kai, 1980-1986
Folder 34 Hanson, Norwood Russell
Folder 35 Hattiangadi, Jagdish N., 1985
Folder 36 Hudson, Robert G.,
Folder 37 Jobe, Evan K., 1990
Folder 38 Johnstone, Albert A., 1982
Folder 39 Khalidi, Muhammed Ali, 1996
Folder 40 Kitcher, Patricia, 1990
Folder 41 Laudan, Larry, 1982
Folder 42 Lauxterman, P.F.H.

Box 19
Folder 1 Lennon, Thomas M., 1983
Folder 2 Levy, Edwin, 1982
Folder 3 Lugg, Andrew
Folder 4 Malik, Muhammed Abdul, 1988
Folder 5 Manukian, Edward, 1983
Folder 6 Meerbote, Ralf, 1979
Folder 7 Mukherjee, Ramkrishna
Folder 8 Nickles, Thomas, 1982
Folder 9 Niiniluoto, Ilkka
Folder 10 Po-Keeing, 1986
Folder 11 Rescher, Nicholas, 1991-1997
Folder 12 Rothbart, David, 1984
Folder 13 Ruse, Michael
Folder 14 Sassen, Brigitte, 1993
Folder 15 Savage, Wade, 1984
Folder 16 Shea, William, 1986-1987
Folder 17 Stevens, Wesley M., 1988
Folder 18 Wilson, David B., 1983
Folder 19 Unidentified Research Proposals
Folder 20 Miscellaneous Referee Requests, Work or Author Not Specified
Folder 21 Administrative Materials and Correspondence re: Refereeing

Section: 2. Unpublished Drafts by Others, 1968-1996

Folder 22 Agassi, Joseph, "Science is Real and Ideal: Popper and the Dogmatic Scientist"
Folder 23 Alavoutunki, Jouni, "An Introduction to the Study of History of Science at the University of Konstanz," 1976
Folder 24 Arthur, Richard, "Pacidius to Philalethes: First Philosophy of Motion, by G.W. Leibniz" (translation)
Folder 25 Barnes, Barry and Bloor, David, "Relativism, Rationalism, and the Sociology of Knowledge," 1980
Folder 26 Beck, Lewis White, "Kant on the Uniformity of Nature"
Folder 27 Belsey, Andrew, "Whewell on Induction," 1971
Folder 28 Bencivenga, Ermanno, "Knowledge as a Relation and Knowledge as an Experience in the Critique of Reason"
Folder 29 "Berkeley's Master Argument: Appearance and Reality," author unknown
Folder 30 Bohme, Gernot, "Kants Begriff der Materie in Seiner Schrift 'Metaphysische Anfangsgrunde der Naturwissenschaft'"
Folder 31 Bohme, Gernot, "Kant's Epistemology as a Theory of Alienated Knowledge" (2 drafts)

Box 20
Folder 1 Bradie, Michael, "Models and Metaphors in Science: The Metaphorical Turn"
Folder 2 Brittan, Gordon, "Kant's Two Grand Hypotheses"
Folder 3 Brittan, Gordon, "The Kantian Foundations of Modern Science"
Folder 4 Brown, James Robert, "Einstein's Principle Theorems," 1995
Folder 5 Brown, James Robert, "Theories of Method and Historical Evidence," 1979
Folder 6 Brown, James Robert, "Rescher's Evolutionary Epistemology," 1982
Folder 7 Brown, James Robert, "Thought Experiments Since the Scientific Revolution," 1986
Folder 8 Brown, Jim, "Comments on the Occasion of the Presentation of An Intimate Relation to Robert E. Butts"
Folder 9 Buchdahl, Gerd, "Kant's 'Special Metaphysics' and the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science" (3 drafts)
Folder 10 Buchdahl, Gerd, "A Logical Articulation of Kant's Transcendental Structure"
Folder 11 Buchdahl, Gerd, "A Key to the Problem of Affection"
Folder 12 Buroker, Jill Vance, Reviews of Her Space and Incongruence: The Origin of Kant's Idealism
Folder 13 Carrier, Martin, "What is Wrong With the Miracle Argument?," 1990
Folder 14 Carrier, Martin, "Kants Theorie der Materie und ihre Wirkung auf die zeitgenössische Chemie"
Folder 15 Copp, David and Levy, Edwin, "Value Neutrality in the Techniques of Policy Analysis: Risk and Uncertainty," 1982
Folder 16 Dickens, Charles, "Old Lamps For New Ones" (typescript)
Folder 17 Doering, Michael, "Consilience as a Mark of True Theories"
Folder 18 Dryer, D.P., "On Two Arguments for the Principle of Causality Said to be Found in Kant"
Folder 19 Duncan, Howard, "Kant, Buroker, and the Problem of Incongruent Counterparts"
Folder 20 Duncan, Howard, "Kant's Methodology: Progress Beyond Newton?" (2 drafts), 1985
Folder 21 Duncan, Howard, "Constructions and Their Discovery," 1984

Box 21
Folder 1 Eells, Ellery, "Bayesian Epistemology: Probabilistic Confirmation and Rational Decision"
Folder 2 Essler, Wilhelm K., "Truth and Knowledge: Some Considerations Concerning the Task of Philosophy of Science"
Folder 3 Falkenstein, Lorne, "Kant's Argument for the Non-Spatiotemporality of Things in Themselves"
Folder 4 Fisette, David, ed., Consciousness and Intentionality: Models and Modalities of Attribution
Folder 5 Forster, Malcolm R., "Whewell's Consilience of Inductions and the Reality of Component Causes," 1986
Folder 6 Forster, Paul D., "Kant, Boole, and the Origins of Peirce's Early Metaphysics"
Folder 7 Forster, Paul D., "The Unity of Peirce's Theories of Truth"
Folder 8 Foss, Jeffrey E., "The Logical and Sociological Structure of Science"
Folder 9 Falkenstein, Lorne, ed., Logic and the Workings of the Mind
Folder 10 "Faculty Psychology in Early Modern Philosophy," author unknown
Folder 11 Forster, Eckhart, "Is There a 'Gap' in Kant's Critical System?," 1985
Folder 12 Friedman, Michael, "The Metaphysical Foundations of Newtonian Science" (3 drafts)
Folder 13 Friedman, Michael, "Preface" (translation), 1986
Folder 14 Friedman, Michael, "Scientific Objectivity in Historical Perspective"
Folder 15 Friedman, Michael, "Kant on the Foundations of newtonian Science," 1984
Folder 16 Friedman, Michael, "Kant's Theory of Geometry," 1984
Folder 17 Friedman, Michael, "On the Transition from the Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science to Physics," 1989
Folder 18 Friedman, Michael, "Poincare's Conventionalism and the Logical Positivists"
Folder 19 Friedman, Michael, "Kant on Concepts and Intuitions in the Mathematical Sciences," 1987
Folder 20 Giere, Ronald N., "On the Metaphilosophy of Science"

Box 22
Folder 1 Good, Gregory, "Method, Science, and the Historical Approach: Were John Herschel's Optical Researches Guided by His Ideas on Method?," 1983
Folder 2 Grier, Michelle Gilmore, "The Role of Transcendental Illusion in Kant's Account of Systematicity," 1993
Folder 3 Grimes, Thomas R., "Scientific Realism and the Problem of Underdetermination"
Folder 4 Gruender, David, "Values and the Philosophy of Science" in Developments in the Theory of Science, ed. Gerhard Preyer and Alexander Ulfia
Folder 5 Hanson, Norwood Russell, "An Anatomy of Discovery"
Folder 6 Hanson, Norwood Russell, "Logical Positivism and the Interpretation of Scientific Theories"
Folder 7 Harper, William, "Isaac Newton on Empirical Success and Scientific Method"
Folder 8 Harper, William, "Newton's Phenomena," 1996
Folder 9 Harper, William, "Newton, Isaac"
Folder 10 Harper, William et al., "Unification and Support: Harmonic Law Ratios Measure the Mass of the Sun" (2 drafts)
Folder 11 Harper, William, "Kant's Empirical Realism and the Second Analogy of Experience" (2 drafts + Butts' comments), 1980
Folder 12 Harper, William, "Kant on the A Priori and Material Necessity"
Folder 13 Harper, William, "Kant on Incongruent Counterparts," 1987
Folder 14 Harriot, Howard H., "R.A. Fisher and the Interpretation of Probability"
Folder 15 Heimann, P.M., "Force and Inertia: Euler and Kant's Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Science"
Folder 16 Hintikka, Jaakko, "Wittgenstein's Semantical Kantianism"
Folder 17 Hughes, R.J.G., "Laws of Physics, Laws of Nature, and the Representational Account of Theories"

Box 23
Folder 1 "Inaugural Dissertation," author unknown
Folder 2 Jacquette, Dale, "Intentionality and the Myth of Pure Syntax"
Folder 3 Jobe, Evan, "Explanation, Causality, and Counterfactuals"
Folder 4 Juhl, Cory and Kelly, Kevin T., "Transcendental Deductions and Universal Architectures for Inductive Inference"
Folder 5 Kambartel, Friedrich, "Versuch uber das Verstehen"
Folder 6 Kitcher, Patricia, "Apperception and Epistemic Responsibility"
Folder 7 Kitcher, Phillip, "Projecting the Order of Nature" (3 drafts)
Folder 8 Kuehn, Manfred, "Kant's Conception of 'Hume's Problem'"
Folder 9 Kuhn, Thomas, "What are Scientific Revolutions" and "Commensurability, Comparability, Communicability"
Folder 10 Landry, Vicki Frappollo, "The Unconstituted Constitutor and the Essence of Poker"
Folder 11 Lariviere, D. Anthony, "On the Alleged Cartesianism of the Port-Royal Logic"
Folder 12 Laudan, Larry, "The Pseudoscience of Science?"
Folder 13 Laudan, Larry et al., "Testing Methodologies Against History," 1985
Folder 14 Laudan, Larry, "Science at the Bar: Causes for Concern"
Folder 15 "Locke and the Received View of Dreams," author unknown
Folder 16 Lugg, Andrew, "Resolving Disagreement in Science"
Folder 17 Lugg, Andrew, "Stuff and Nonsense: Pseudoscience as Madness"
Folder 18 Lugg, Andrew, Review of "My Philosophical Development" by Bertrand Russell
Folder 19 Majer, Ulrich, "Simplicity and Distinctness: The Limits of Referential Semantics," 1988
Folder 20 Matheson, Carl, "Observational Adequacy as Distinct from the Truth About Observables"
Folder 21 McMullin, Ernan, "The Rational and the Social in the History of Science"

Box 24
Folder 1 Melmer, Arthur, "Space Time and Thought in Kant"
Folder 2 Metcalfe, John, Critical Notice on Menachem Fisch's "William Whewell: Philosopher of Science," 1992
Folder 3 Meyer, Michel, "Why Did Kant Write Two Versions of the Transcendental Deduction?"
Folder 4 Mittelstrass, Jurgen, "Scientific Rationality and Its Reconstruction"
Folder 5 Montesano, Aldo, "Rationality in Economics: A General Framework"
Folder 6 Morrison, Margaret, "Whewell on the Ultimate Problem of Philosophy," 1996
Folder 7 Moulines, C. Ulises, "Structuralism vs. Operationalism"
Folder 8 Nickels, Thomas, "What Is a Problem that We May Solve It?," 1980
Folder 9 Niiniluoto, Ilkka, "Ernst Mach as a Philosopher of Science"
Folder 10 Okruhlik, Kathleen, "Kant on Realism and Methodology" (2 drafts)
Folder 11 Palter, Robert, "Kant's Idea of Absolute Space"
Folder 12 Peterson, Philip, "Theory and Meaning," 1968
Folder 13 Preyer, Gerhard, "The Received View, Incommensurability, and the Comparison of Theories - Beliefs as the Basis of Theorizing"
Folder 14 Preyer, Gerhard and Ulfig, Alexander, "Semantic of Theoretical Language, Meaningful Measurement, and the Concept of Physical Law"
Folder 15 Rescher, Nicholas, "Leibniz Finds a Niche (Settling in at the Court of Hanover: 1676-1677)," 1991
Folder 16 Rescher, Nicholas, "Meaningless Numbers," 1995
Folder 17 Resnik, David, "Scientific Rationality and Epistemic Goals"
Folder 18 Rosenfield, Arthur H. and Trower, W. Peter, "Selected Works of Luis W. Alvarez With Commentary"
Folder 19 Rothbart, Daniel, "The Semantics of Metaphor and the Structure of Science," 1984
Folder 20 Rothbart, Daniel, "Metaphor and the Growth of Scientific Knowledge"
Folder 21 Ruse, Michael, "A Philosopher's Day in Court: The Scopes Monkey Trial Revisited"
Folder 22 Schlesinger, Georg N., "Degrees of Characterization"
Folder 23 Schwartz, Robert, "Reflections on Projection"

Box 25
Folder 1 Shea, William, "Filled With Wonder: Kant's Cosmological Essay, the Universal Natural History and Theory of the Heavens" (3 drafts)
Folder 2 Skyrms, Brian, "Evolution of Anomaly"
Folder 3 Stafleau, Marinus Dirk, "Theories Incorporated"
Folder 4 Tang, Paul C.L., "On Paul Churchband's Treatment of the Argument from Introspection and Scientific Realism"
Folder 5 Tang, Paul C.L. and Hildebrand, Erik A., "The Scientist Qua Scientist Must Be an Anti-Realist"
Folder 6 Thagard, Paul and Holyoak, Keith, "Discovering the Wave Theory of Sound: Inductive Inference in the Context of Problem Solving," 1985
Folder 7 Tuschling, Burkhard, "Apperception and Ether: On the Idea of a Transcendental Deduction of Matter in Kant's Opus Postumum"
Folder 8 Unattributed Commentary on Butts' Work
Folder 9 Unidentified Typescript on Mach and Relativity
Folder 10 Van Kirk, Carol A., "Kant's Reply to Putnam"
Folder 11 Van Kirk, Carol A., "Kant and the Problem of Other Minds"
Folder 12 Van Cleve, James, "Reflections on Kant's Second Antimony," 1980
Folder 13 Wheeler, Harvey, "The Invention of Modern Empiricism: The Juridicial Foundation of Francis Bacon's Philosophy of Science," 1983
Folder 14 Will, F.L., "The Problem of Induction," 1968
Folder 15 Wilson, David B., "A Physicist's Alternative to Materialism: The Religious Thought of George Gabriel Stokes"
Folder 16 Wilson, Fred, "Mill on the Operation of Discovering and Proving General Propositions"
Folder 17 Wilson, Fred, "Explanation, Causation, and Deduction"
Folder 18 Wilson, Fred, "Scottish Reason from Hume and Reid to Brown and Chalmers"
Folder 19 Wimsatt, William, "Von Baer's Law of Development, Entrenchment, and Scientific Change"
Folder 20 Wolters, Gereon, "Visionary Positivism: Ernst Mach's Philosophy of Science"
Folder 21 Reviews of Gereon Wolters' Mach I, Mach II, Einstein und die Relativitatstheorie
Folder 22 Wray, K. Brad, "Rational Communities"
Folder 23 Wray, K. Brad, "The Role of Solidarity in a Pragmatic Epistemology"
Folder 24 Wylie, Allison, "Philosophy of Archaeology"
Folder 25 Unidentified Manuscripts