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Series IV. Inventories and Notes, Bulk, 1902-1977 1820-1977

Scope and Content Notes:

Series contains notes and inventories related to a variety of subjects and in a variety of formats, including typed and handwritten reading notes, bound journals listing books read, notes and register pages related to Leuba exhibits, and thematic groups of index cards or notecards (e.g. grouped by Leuba by author or artist, lists of first names, and other topics.) Names or subject terms are provided from the first and last pages of binders and noteboxes, where available. Binder pages have been left in the order in which they were bindered, boxed, or fastened (some fastenings have been removed for preservation purposes). Bulk of material is undated, dates are listed where available. Oversize materials have been separated for storage purposes and are listed at the end of this Series.

Box 31
Folder 1 Miscellaneous bibliographic records and lists
Folder 2 Catalog list - “Autograph Letters, Etc. – Miscellaneous”
Folder 3 Catalog of artists, presses, and publishers, binder 1: Ackermann to Copeland & Day
Folder 4 Catalog of artists, presses, and publishers, binder 2: Curwen Press to Hanson
Folder 5 Catalog of artists, presses, and publishers, binder 3: Harbor Press to Ness
Folder 6 Catalog of artists, presses, and publishers, binder 4: Nordquist to Seymour
Folder 7 Catalog of artists, presses, and publishers, binder 5: Shephard to Zingg
Folder 8-9 Catalog of bibliographic records

Folder contents include “Calligraphy & The Alphabet,” “Printers & Printing,” artist names, author names.

Box 32
Volume 1 Prints catalog: Binder 1 (of 3) [Abbe, Elfriede – Gross, Anthony]
Volume 2 Prints catalog: Binder 2 (of 3) [Hainard, Robert – Othon-Friesz, E.]
Volume 3 Prints catalog: Binder 3 (of 3) [Parker, Agnes Miller – Zortea, F]
Volume 4 Catalog of Japanese Prints
Volume 5 Catalog of artists and presses
Volume 6-7 Notes and Citations on Saintsbury and others: Binders 1 and 2
Folder 1 Prices recorded by W.L. for the press books in case L-2, 1977

Box 33
Volume 1-2 Subject Terms/ Names Catalog Binders
Volume 3 Catalog Binder "[Gar]nett, [Gre]enhood, [?]ng, [Le]uba"
Volume 4 Catalog Binder [Jackson, Holbrook - Merimee, Prosper ]
Volume 5 Catalog Binder “George Saintsbury (1)”
Volume 6 Catalog Binder “George Saintsbury (2)”

Box 34
Volume 1 Catalog Binder "Flowers, etc." [Adrian, M/Ferguson - Hylander, C/Johnston, E.F]
Volume 2 Catalog Binder "Bach, Carlyle, Greece, Rome"
Volume 3 Catalog Binder "Eliot, Guiney, Pound, Smith"
Volume 4 Catalog Binder [Cimino, H]
Carton 1 Notebox of Catalog Pages [Adams, A - Shakespeare]
Carton 2 Notebox of Catalog Pages [Authors]
Carton 3 Notebox of Catalog Pages [A-B / Abbot - Basile]

Box 35
Other 1 Catalog Notepages [G - P]
Other 2 Catalog Notepages [Bennet, Richard - Darwin, Bernard]
Other 3 Catalog Notepages [Benham, W. - Clarendon Press]
Other 4 Catalog Notepages [Anderson, Edgar - Jones, P]
Other 5 Catalog Notepages [Darwin, Bernard - g, RMY]
Other 6-9 Loose Catalog Notepages
Other 10 Loose Catalog Notepages - List of Poems by WL/PS
Box 36 Alphabetically Ordered Index Cards
Box 37 Alphabetically Ordered Index Cards
Box 38 Loose Index Cards

Box 39
Folder 1 Notebooks - Miscellaneous Presses
Folder 2 Notebooks - Porter Garnett, Curwen Press / Helen Gentry, Oxford, Misc Sets, and Untitled
Folder 3 Memobooks
Folder 4 Notecards
Folder 5 Leuba Print Exhibit Guide and Guest Register
Folder 6 Leuba Exhibit Notes
Folder 7 Notes on Woodblock and Wood Engraving Print Techniques, Catalog of Print Collection

Box 40
Volume 1 Catalog Binder Be-By [Beaumont, Francis – Byron, Lord]
Volume 2 Catalog Binder C [Cabell, James Branch – Curwen, Henry]
Volume 3 Catalog Binder D [Daiches, David – Dyer, John]
Other 1 Catalog Binder E-F [Earle, John – Fung Yu-Lan]
Volume 4 Catalog Binder G [Gale, Zona – Gwynn, Frederick L.]
Other 2 Binder H [Haberly, Loyd – Hyde, Walter Woodburn]
Volume 5 Binder I-K [Ibn Jubayr – Kyd, Thomas]

Box 41
Other 1 Binder L [La Fontaine – Lynd, Robert]
Volume 1 Binder M [Mabie, Hamilton Wright - Musee]
Volume 2 Binder N-R [Nabokov, Vladimir – Putz, Alfred]
Volume 3 Binder [Quaife, Milo Milton – Ryder, Arthur William]
Volume 4 Binder S-Sha [Sackville-West, V. – Seymour, Ralph Fletcher]
Volume 5 Binder Shand [Shand, P. Morton – Synge, John M.]
Volume 6 Binder T-Z [Tabb, John Banister – Vulliamy, C.E.]
Volume 7 Binder W [Waddell, Helen – Zweig, Stefan]

Box 42
Folder 1 Misc. notes and clippings, circa 1943
Folder 2-3 Reading-Reference Notes I
Folder 4-6 Reading-Reference Notes II
Folder 7 Women's names

Box 43
Other 1-10 Index cards: first names
Folder 1 First name notes and clippings

Folder contents includes poem by Wilder Bentley, 1972.

Box 43
Folder 1-3 Reading notes and index cards
Folder 4 Books Read: 1931, circa 1931
Folder 5 Memo book - reading notes
Folder 6 Notebook - reading notes, 1946-1947
Folder 7 Notes and spiral-bound notebook
Folder 8 Notes, clippings, correspondence, 1917-1976
Folder 9 Clippings and Notes, 1968-1977
Folder 10 Reading notes, ephemera
Folder 11 Reading Notes, Correspondence, Ephemera, circa 1929

Box 45
Folder 1 Notes
Folder 2 Notes, 1949-1957
Folder 3 Notes - The Tempest excerpts
Folder 4 Notes - Quotes and Prayers
Folder 5 Notes, Transcriptions, Bibliographies
Folder 6 Notes and Clippings
Folder 7 Notes, Diary Pages, Correspondence, 1936-1974
Folder 8-9 Literary Magazine Clippings
Folder 10 Notes, Correspondence, Autographs, and Clippings, 1820, 1917, 1933-1970
Folder 11 Notes, clippings, correspondence, diary, 1926-1971
Folder 12 Clippings from Times Literary Supplement, 1951-1965
Folder 13 Miscellaneous Related Material, 1902-1965

Box 46
Folder 1 Case File Notes, circa 1937-1947
Folder 2 Case File Notes, Transcriptions, and Correspondence, 1935-1948
Folder 3 Case File Transcriptions

Box 63
Folder 4 Profile of Helen Clay Frick, 1939

Box 64
Folder 1 Oversize prints, sketches, clippings, notes, Bach score