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Series II. Ernest C. Miller Correspondence and Research

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains correspondence, handwritten transcripts, Photostats, and items relating to research of Harmonia, much of which are typewritten copies, particularly the excerpts from books and articles.

Folder 54 Typewritten notes and a Photostat of a newspaper clipping about Kiantone, undated
Folder 55 Resume of writings of John Murray Spear, leader of Harmonia, undated
Folder 56 Typewritten copy of "The Kiantone Movement," by Oliver F. Chase
Folder 57 Clipping of article by Ray Finch titled "Fabled Harmonia Lingers in Spirit", September 1, 1949
Folder 58 Article from Time about the North American Phalanx, May 16, 1949
Folder 59 The Kiantone Valley and the Association of Beneficents, unpublished speech by William S. Bailey, June 27, 1924
Folder 60 Hand-drawn map of Kiantone Harmonia, undated
Folder 61 Correspondence between Ernest C. Miller and T. D. Seymour Bassett, December 10, 16, and 19, 1947
Folder 62 Handwritten notes about Harmonia, undated
Folder 63 Handwritten copy of Thaddeus S. Sheldon's diary entries from May 17, 1849 to February 24, 1866, undated
Folder 64 Correspondence between Ernest C. Miller and Josephine G. Myers, July 1947-February 1949
Folder 65 Photostat of September 26, 1933 report of water analysis of Spiritual Springs water
Folder 66 Ernest C. Miller correspondence, February 1947-June 1948
Folder 67 Library references and correspondence, August 1946-March 1950
Folder 68 Correspondence between Ernest C. Miller and Arthur E. Bestor, Jr., May 1948-March 1950
Folder 69 Typewritten excerpts from Interior Causes of the War: The Nation Demonized, and Its President a Spirit-Rapper, by David Quinn, undated
Folder 70 Typewritten information about Dr. O. W. Wellington, undated
Folder 71 Notes compiled by Ernest C. Miller about the history of the Kiantone Valley Spiritualist Community, November 1941
Folder 72 Clipping from Life about octagonal houses
Folder 73 Typewritten transcript of an interview with John M. Cushman, January 21, 1949
Folder 74 Photostat of article from Cleveland newspaper titled "Utopia-The Lost Dream City (The City of Spiritual Springs),"by E. George Lindstrom, April 17, 1938
Folder 75 Correspondence between Ernest C. Miller and Margaret M. Fish (Thaddeus Sheldon's granddaughter), April 1951 and April-May 1957
Folder 76 Broadside for The Educator, 1857
Folder 77 Photostat of The New Era: Or Heaven Opened to Man, June 28, 1854
Folder 78 Typewritten transcript of an January 13, 1949 interview with Gerald G. Staples and correspondence, May 1948-June 1949
Folder 79 Ernest C. Miller correspondence with the New York Public Library, February 1949