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Series III. Professional Talks, 1970-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the outlines of lectures, the manuscripts of lectures, and the typescripts of lectures and talks given to professional audiences at institutions other than Salmon's home university. The lectures were given at professional conferences and at other universities and colleges.

Box 46
Folder 1 1972-1973 Lectures 1972-1973
Folder 2 "Aims of Science": Physics Department, 1981
Folder 3 "Alternative Models of Scientific Explanation": Grasshopper, 1977
Folder 4 "Appraisal of Theories": PSA Symposium, 1990
Folder 5 "Are Explanations Arguments?" Minnesota Center, 1974
Folder 6 "Avogadro's Number": Analytical Chemistry Forum, 1982
Folder 7 "Carnap Paper": APA Eastern, 1967
Folder 8 "Carnap Paper": APA Eastern, 1967
Folder 9 "Causal Concepts in Various Sciences": UBC, 1980
Folder 10 "Causal Explanation in Archaeology": Theoretical Archaeology Conference, 1980
Folder 11 "Causal Propensities": Pittsburgh and Mt. St. Marys, 1990
Folder 12 "Causal Structure of the World": UCLA, 2001
Folder 13 "Causal versus Noncausal Explanation": University of Coruna, 2001
Folder 14 "Causation in Scientific Explanation": USC, 1977
Folder 15 "Causation in Scientific Explanation": Oberlin Colloquium, 1977
Folder 16 "Causation: A Realistic Approach": Indiana University, 2000
Folder 17 "Causality": Universidad Nacional de Catamarca, 1994
Folder 18 "La Causalita": Center Fiorentino, 1993
Folder 19 "La Causalita": University of Genova, 1998
Folder 20 "Causality and Explanation": University of Minnesota Workshop, 1985-1986
Folder 20 B "Causality and Explanation": University of Minnesota Workshop, 1985-1986
Folder 21 "Causality, Geometry, and Quasars": University of Trieste, 1993
Folder 22 "Causality and Medicine": DLMPS Congress, 1995
Folder 23 "Causality and Naturalism": NEH Summer Institute on Naturalism, 1993

Box 47
Folder 1 "Causality, Probability, and Indeterminism": Fetzer NEH Institute, 1988
Folder 2 "Causality: Production and Propagation": University of British Columbia, 1979
Folder 3 "Causality: Production and Propagation": PSA Symposium, 1980
Folder 4 "Causality Without Counterfactuals": University of Virginia and University of Pittsburgh, 1994
Folder 5 "Clocks and Simultaneity": DePauw University and Indiana University, 1972
Folder 6 "Clocks and Simultaneity in Special Relativity": Ohio State University, 1973
Folder 7 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams: Some Reflections on Scientific Explanation": University of New Hampshire, 1975
Folder 7 B "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams: Some Reflections on Scientific Explanation": University of New Hampshire, 1975
Folder 8 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams": Hope College, 1979
Folder 9 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams": University of Notre Dame, 1981
Folder 10 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams": Lafayette College, 1982
Folder 11 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams": University of Alabama in Birmingham, 1982
Folder 12 "Comets, Pollen, and Dreams": University of Miami, 1982
Folder 13 "Commentary: Leaves from an HPS Songbook": HPS 25th Anniversary Celebration, 1985
Folder 14 "Comment on Bas Van Fraasssen's 'What are the Laws of Nature'": Scientific Realism Workshop, 1985
Folder 15 "Comment on Byerly's 'Placebo Effect'," 1973-1974
Folder 16 "Comment on Glymour's 'Explanations, Tests, Unity, and Necessity'": APA Western Division Conference, 1980
Folder 17 "Comment on Glymour's 'Theory and Evidence'": Conference on Confirmation, 1980
Folder 18 "Comment on Hertzberg," 1973
Folder 19 "Comment on J. Plato's 'Probabilistic Causality from A Dynamic Point of View'": Center Conference, 1989
Folder 20 "Comment on Madden": Harvard, 1957
Folder 21 "Comment on Martin": APA Western Division Conference, 1968
Folder 22 "Comment on Maxwell": Russell Conference, 1972

Box 48
Folder 1 "Comment on Parrini and Muhlholzer": Pittsburgh-Konstanz Colloquium, 1991
Folder 2 "Comment on Paul Fitzgerald's 'Time out of Mind'": APA Western Division Conference, 1982
Folder 3 "Comment on Scheibe's 'A Synthetic Theory of Reduction in Physics'": Grunbaum Colloquium, 1990
Folder 4 "Comment on Schlesinger and Grunbaum": AAAS, 1963
Folder 5 "Comment on Sober's 'The Principle of the Common Cause'": Chapel Hill Colloquium in Philosophy, 1987
Folder 6 "Comment on Vincent Smith's 'What Instances Instantiate'": APA Eastern Division Conference, 1968
Folder 7 "Commit It Then to the Flames": Florence, 1999
Folder 8 "Concept of Inductive Evidence": Rochester, undated
Folder 9 "Confirmation and Relevance": Boston Colloquium, 1972
Folder 10 "Conflicting Conceptions of Scientific Explanation": APA Eastern Conference, 1985
Folder 11 "Connections Among Events": University of Trieste, 1996
Folder 12 "Constructive Empiricism": Method and the Exchange of Knowledge in Science Conference, 1990
Folder 13 "Contemporary Look at Zeno's Paradoxes," undated
Folder 14 "Creation and Science": ACLU Deposition, 1982
Folder 15 "Design Argument": Hume Bicentennial Conference, 1976
Folder 16 "Determinism and Explanation": Rice University, undated
Folder 17 "Discussion": Conference on Absolute and Relational Theories of Space and Space Time, 1974
Folder 18 "Discussion on Philosophical Lessons from Quantum Theory": University of Notre Dame, 1987
Folder 19 "Discussion: Scientific Explanation": Experience Reality and Scientific Explanation Workshop, 1996
Folder 20 "Doubting Thomas and Cross Bearing": University of Alabama ay Birmingham, 1997
Folder 21 "Dreams of a Famous Physicist": Western Kentucky University and Castiglioncello Conference, 1996
Folder 22 "Dreams of a Famous Physicist": University of Pittsburgh Physics Club, 1998
Folder 23 "Empiricism; The Key Question": Arizona State University and University of Pittsburgh, 1983
Folder 24 "Encounter with David Hume": Richard Gale's Class, 1981
Folder 25 "Explaining Remarkable Coincidences": University of California Irvine, 1982
Folder 26 "Explaining Remarkable Coincidences": University of Virginia, 1982
Folder 27 "Explanation in Archaeology: An Update": Archaeological Theory and Method Symposium, 1988

Box 49
Folder 1 "Fingarette Introduction": APA Pacific Division, 1977
Folder 2 "Flight of Time": Montana State University and University of California Santa Cruz, 1983
Folder 3 "Formulation of Why Questions": Society of American Archaeologists Annual Meeting, 1983
Folder 4 "Foundational Studies of Science," undated
Folder 5 "Four Decades of Scientific Explanation": University of Bologna, 1988
Folder 6 "Four Decades of Scientific Explanation": University of Bologna, 1988
Folder 7 "Galileo Galilei," 1990
Folder 8 "Hempel, Carnap, and Reichenbach on Scientific Realism": Carnap-Reichenbach Centennial, 1991
Folder 9 "Hempel on the Rationality of Science": APA Eastern Division Conference, 1983
Folder 10 "History of Statistical Explanation": Minnesota Center Seminar, undated
Folder 10 B "History of Statistical Explanation": Minnesota Center Seminar, undated
Folder 11 "Humanities Education in a Technological Age": Academic Leadership Conference, 1985
Folder 12 "Inference to the Best Explanation": Leipzig Workshop, 1996
Folder 13 "Inference to the Best Explanation": Haifa Conference and Bologna Seminar, 1998
Folder 14 "Importance of Scientific Understanding": Amherst College, 1988
Folder 15 "Informal Analytic Approaches": PSA Research Problems Conference, 1977
Folder 16 "Induction: A Defense," undated
Folder 17 "Induction/Probability and Causation/Explanation": University of Pittsburgh, 2000
Folder 18 "Inductive Explanation," undated
Folder 19 "Inductive Inference in Science": Pittsburgh Lectures, 1964
Folder 20 "Inductive Inference and Statistical Explanation": DLMPS International Conference, 1975
Folder 21 "Intellectual Autobiography," undated
Folder 22 "Intuitions-Good and Not-so-Good": National Science Foundation Conference on Probability and Causation, 1985
Folder 23 "Italian Round Table," 1999
Folder 24 "Jose Alberto Coffa": Coffa Memorial, 1985
Folder 25 Keynote Lecture: Air Force Science Seminar, 1968
Folder 26 Lectures: Australia, 1978
Folder 27 "Lecture on Quasar System and Statistical Hypothesis": Conference on Applications of Inductive Logic, 1978
Folder 28 "Looking at Causality in a Different Way": University of British Columbia, University of Colorado, and University of Arizona, 1979-1980

Box 50
Folder 1 "Meaning of Probability," undated
Folder 2 "Modern Conceptions of Space," undated
Folder 3 "New Look at Causality": Konstanz, Munich, and Heidelberg, undated
Folder 4 "New Look at Causality": University of Notre Dame, 1981
Folder 5 "New Model of Statistical Explanation in Science," undated
Folder 6 "New Models of Scientific Explanation": Society for American Archaeology, 1977
Folder 7 "Objective Probabilities: Propensities vs. Frequencies": University of Michigan and Indiana University, 1979
Folder 8 "Ornithology in a Cubical World: Reichenbach on Scientific Realism": Boston Colloquium and UCLA, 1991
Folder 9 "Perspective": Honors Convocation, 1973
Folder 10 "Philosophy of Bertrand Russell": Pittsburgh British Festival, 1981
Folder 11 "Philosophy of Geometry": Math and Everything Else Series, 1970-1971
Folder 12 "Philosophy of Physics: Problems and Approaches," undated
Folder 13 "Plato and Mathematics," undated
Folder 14 "Plausibility Arguments in Science": University of Montana, 1968
Folder 15 "Plausibility Arguments in Science": Museum of Northern Arizona, 1976
Folder 16 "Plausibility vs. Inexorable Laws": Scientific Controversies International Conference, 1993
Folder 17 "Priori Knowledge": Pittsburgh, 1965
Folder 18 "Probabilistic Causality": Indiana University, 1980
Folder 19 "Probabilistic Explanation": PSA Conference, 1982
Folder 20 "Probabilistic vs. Indeterministic Causality": University of Iowa, 1986
Folder 21 "Probability and Induction": Pittsburgh Lectures, 1963
Folder 22 "Probability of Scientific Theory," undated
Folder 23 "Problem of Induction": London Symposium, 1965
Folder 24 "Problem of Statistical Explanation": AAAS Meeting, 1967
Folder 25 "Puzzles About Confirmation": Kentucky University, 1972
Folder 26 "Quasars, Causality, and Rhetoric": Centro Fiorentino, 1993

Box 51
Folder 1 "Ragionamento Informale e Regole Formali": Rome, 1991
Folder 2 "Ragionamento Informale e Regole Formali": Pisa, 1991
Folder 3 "Ragionamento Informale e Regole Formali": University of Catania, 1992
Folder 4 "Rationality and Objectivity in Science": Philosophy of Science Center and Western Canada Philosophy Association 1986-1987
Folder 5 "Rationality and Objectivity in Science," 1989
Folder 6 "Rationality in Science": Carleton College and University of Minnesota, 1985
Folder 7 "Rational Prediction": Popper Symposium, 1980
Folder 8 "Realism and Scientific Explanation": USC, March 3rd, 1980
Folder 9 "Realistic Account of Causation": Genoa Conference, November 1999
Folder 10 "Relative Utility of Deductive and Inductive Logic": Conference on Logic and Liberal Learning, 1979
Folder 11 "Russell on Scientific Method": Russell Conference, March 1972
Folder 12 "Russell's Philosophical Accomplishment": Russell Memorial, 1970
Folder 13 "Science: Rational or Irrational": University of California Santa Cruz, 1988
Folder 14 "Scientific Evidence and the Existence of God" : Pittsburgh Lectures, 1969
Folder 15 "Scientific Explanation": Southern Methodist University, 1975 1975
Folder 16 "Scientific Explanation: Causation and Implication": Mexico City Conference, 1990
Folder 17 "Scientific Explanation: Causation and Unification": University of Nebraska, 1989
Folder 18 "Scientific Explanation": Consensus or Progress?": AAAS Symposium, 1986
Folder 19 "Scientific Knowledge vs Scientific Understanding": Sigma Xi, 1980
Folder 20 "Scientific Realism: Logic, Physics, Metaphysics": International Conference Logic and Metaphysics, 2001
Folder 21 "Scientific Understanding and Human Values": International Conference on Ethical Research and the Sciences, 1993
Folder 22 "Scientific Understanding in the Twentieth Century": Oregon State University and Einstein Forum, 1994-1995
Folder 23 "Scientific Understanding in the Twentieth Century," 1997
Folder 24 "Scientific Understanding in an Indeterministic World": Mt. Saint Mary's and Centro Fiorentino, 1990
Folder 25 "Scientific Understanding in the Twentieth Century": Vienna Institute, May 1999
Folder 26 "Significance of One Way Speed of Light": Melbourne, 1978
Folder 27 "Simultaneity Now," undated

Box 52
Folder 1 "Spirit of Logical Empiricism": Center, 1998
Folder 2 "Statistical and Causal Relevance in Scientific": Pittsburgh Workshop, 1980
Folder 3 "Statistical Relevance Explanation": Rockefeller Seminar, 1974
Folder 4 "Structure of Causal Explanation": University of Coruna, 2001
Folder 5 "Theoretical Explanation": Bristol Philosophy Conference, 1973
Folder 6 "Theoretical Explanation": APA Pacific Division Symposium, 1974
Folder 7 "Theoretical Explanation": University of Notre Dame, 1981
Folder 8 "Third Dogma of Empiricism": University of Pittsburgh, 1975
Folder 9 "Third Dogma of Empiricism":Montana University, 1976
Folder 10 "Three Conceptions of Explanation": Simon Fraser University, 1979
Folder 11 "Universe," 1995
Folder 12 Untitled Lecture: Athens, 1992
Folder 13 Untitled Lecture: Clemson College, 1997
Folder 14 Untitled Lecture: Hamilton College, 1986
Folder 15 Untitled Lecture: International Conference of Philosophy of Science, 1988
Folder 16 Untitled Lecture: International Wittgenstein Symposium, undated
Folder 17 Untitled Lecture: Minnesota Conference on Induction, 1968
Folder 18 Untitled Lecture: NEH Seminar, 1991
Folder 19 Untitled Lecture: Princeton University, 1987
Folder 20 Untitled Lecture: Second International Conference on History and Philosophy of Science, 1978
Folder 21 Untitled Lecture: Temple University, 1975
Folder 22 Untitled Lecture: UCLA Colloquium, 1974
Folder 23 Untitled Lecture: USC, 1980
Folder 24 Untitled Lecture: Virginia Tech, 1988
Folder 25 "Values in Science": Ideal or Illusion Conference, 2001
Folder 26 "What is Scientific Explanation?": University of Wyoming, 1974
Folder 27 "What Makes Scientific Understanding Special": Hampen-Syndey College, Cal-State, and University of Washington, 1991-1993
Folder 28 "What's next Dammit, David Hume?": Oberlin Conference, 1966
Folder 29 "Why Ask Why": APA Presidential Address, 1978
Folder 30 "Why Do Physicists Believe What They Believe?": University of Arizona, 1974
Folder 31 "Wisdom and Science": Northwestern University, 1955