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Series I. Material relating to Arthur J. Benson, 1938-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains Benson’s handwritten and typed notes of classes and seminars attended as a student at California University, Columbia, and Harvard. Some of his term papers submitted during this time, as well as later professional papers, are included. Several of the student papers include comments by his teachers, many of whom are renowned individuals in the field of philosophy of science, such as Ernest Nagel, Bertrand Russell, C.I. Lewis, and Rudolf Carnap.

The series is divided into three subseries: Class notes, Student papers, and Professional papers.

Subseries 1. Class Notes, 1938-1947

Scope and Content Notes:

Benson organized the class notes into four volumes, in non-chronological order. This original order has been preserved.

Box 1
Folder 1 Vol. 1: Introduction to Philosophy, Loewenberg, University of California, 1946-1947
Folder 2 Vol. 1: Methodology, Montague, Columbia, 1938-1939
Folder 3 Vol. 1: Metaphysics, Hocking, Harvard, 1940
Folder 4 Vol. 1: Semantics, Russell, Harvard, 1940
Folder 5 Vol. 1: Analytic Philosophy, Carnap, Harvard, 1940
Folder 6 Vol. 1: Empiricism, Carnap, Harvard, 1941
Folder 7 Vol. 1: Naturalism, Dennes, University of California, 1946
Folder 8 Vol. 1: Logic, Nagel, Columbia, 1938-1939
Folder 9 Vol. 2: Logic, Marhenke, University of California, 1947
Folder 10 Vol. 2: Philosophy of Science, Nagel, Columbia, 1939-1940
Folder 11 Vol. 2: Philosophy of Science, Hungerland, University of California, 1947
Folder 12 Vol. 2: Philosophy of Science, Marhenke, University of California, 1947
Folder 13 Vol. 2: Survey of General Psychology, Brown, Harvard University, 1941
Folder 14 Vol. 2: General History of Philosophy, Randall, Jr., Columbia, 1938-1939
Folder 15 Vol. 2: Theory of Value, Perry, Harvard, 1940
Folder 16 Vol. 2: Social Philosophy and Ethical Theory, Schneider, Columbia, 1939
Folder 17 Vol. 3: Ethical Theory, Ross, Columbia, 1939
Folder 18 Vol. 3: Philosophy of Art/Criticism, Columbia, 1938-1939
Folder 19 Vol. 3: The Nature and Theory of History, Randall, Jr., Columbia, 1940
Folder 20 Vol. 4: Plato, Wild, Harvard, 1940
Folder 21 Vol. 4: Public Lectures on Aristotle, Ross, Columbia, 1939
Folder 22 Vol. 4: Aristotle, Randall, Jr., Columbia, 1939
Folder 23 Vol. 4: Aristotle, Hungerland, University of California, 1946
Folder 24 Vol. 4: Hume, Williams, Harvard, 1941
Folder 25 Vol. 4: Hume, Dennes, University of California, 1947
Folder 26 Vol. 4: Kant, Lewis, Harvard, 1940
Folder 27 Vol. 4: German Philosophy from Kant to Nietzsche, Seward, Columbia, 1940

Subseries 2. Student Papers, 1941-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries mostly comprises Benson’s student papers written during his time at California University, Columbia, and Harvard, and a few other items related to this time period. Included are also “Fybate” lecture notes, apparently written by Benson. Fybate was a student-founded business near the Berkeley campus that supplied typed lecture notes, usually compiled by paid graduate students, to students who were unwilling or unable to take their own notes.

The original, chronological order of the material is preserved.

Box 2
Folder 1 "Some Criticisms of an 'Inquiry into Meaning & Truth', Comments by Russell and Carnap, 1941
Folder 2 “Ethics and Logical Positivism,” Comments by Carnap and Perry, 1941
Folder 3 “Prolegomenon to an Empirical Ethic,” comments by Lewis, 1941
Folder 4 “Prolegomenon to an Empirical Ethic,” Paper submitted for Bowen Prize, 1941
Folder 5 “The Philosophy of Psychology,” Comments by Brown, 1941
Folder 6 “Some Remarks on Empirical Knowledge,” 1946
Folder 7 “Categories, Language and Naturalism, Comments by Dennes, 1947
Folder 8 “Summary of Lenzen’s ‘Procedures of Empirical Science’,” 1946-1947
Folder 9 “The Argument of Aristotle’s ‘Posterior Analytics’,” Comments by Hungerland, 1947
Folder 10 “Philip Wylie’s ‘An Essay on Morals’,” Comments by Hungerland, 1947
Folder 11 “Fybate Lecture Notes for Philosophy 10A," 1947-1948
Folder 12 Erich Lehmann: “Notes for Use in Course Mathematics 12,” 1948
Folder 13 “Place of Art in a World of Change,” Magazine-Clipping from Arts and Architecture, October 1948
Folder 14 “The 1945-46 Symposium on Probability,” 1947-1948
Folder 15 “Carnap’s Use of ‘True’ in Meaning and Necessity, 1948

Subseries 3. Professional Papers, 1949-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

The original, chronological order of the material was preserved.

Folder 16 “Carnap Bibliography,” 1949
Folder 17 Untitled Note on a Point in Meaning and Necessity addressed to Mates, 1948
Folder 18 American Philosophical Association Meeting, Program and Abstracts, 1949
Folder 19 Untitled Note on a Point in von Wright, 1949-1950
Folder 20 Suggestion for a Name of Philosophy Club, 1950
Folder 21 Translation from German to English of Tarski’s “The Concept of a True Sentence in Everyday Language,” 1950
Folder 22 “Carnap Bibliography,” 1953
Folder 23 “Comments on Rynin’s The Logic and Semantics of Argument, 1953
Folder 24 Inserts found in Books of Benson's Library