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Series IV. Prose and Press About, 1920-1959

Scope and Content Notes:

This series consists of prose or press written about Hervey Allen and his work. It includes autobiographical and biographical notes, drafts, published material written by other authors, press coverage, newspaper clippings, obituaries and posthumous dedications about Hervey Allen and/or his work.

Subseries 1. Autobiographical and Biographical Prose, 1933-1959

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries details autobiographical and biographical material about Hervey Allen and/or his literary work. Included are press release statements from Farrar & Rinehart introducing Allen to the media; short essays written by other authors on Allen's work; manuscripts of term and theses projects on Allen and his work; and an unpublished manuscript entitled, "The Selected Poems of Hervey Allen" by Lawrence Lee. The manuscript names a foreword written by poet Robert Frost, however such foreword is not present in the manuscript.

Also included in this material are some notes about the Allen family history.

Box 40
Folder 1 Anthony Adverse and Mr. Allen, by William F. Allison in The Pittsburgh Record, November 1933
Folder 2 Biographical Notes, Loose Leaf
Folder 3 Biographical Notes, in The Pennsylvania Guardsman, August 1934
Folder 4 Cow-boy (Hervey) Allen of Charleston, in The Literary Digest, August 1934
Folder 5 Hervey Allen and His Poetry: A Biographical and Critical Sketch, by Alexander L. Blackburn, White Carbon Manuscript and Correspondence, May 1959
Folder 6 Hervey Allen: A Modern Fennimore Cooper and Dr. Johnsonby Ronald Williams, Typescript Manuscript and Notes
Folder 7 The Selected Poems of Hervey Allen with a Foreword by Robert Frost by Lawrence Lee, Typescript Manuscript
Folder 8-9 Biographical Material
Folder 10 Bibliography Material

Subseries 2. General Publicity and Press, 1920-1950

Scope and Content Notes:

In this subseries are newspaper clippings and general publicity statements about Allen and his work. Included are reviews, interviews, and itineraries of Allen's publicity tours.

Folder 11 Biographical, 1950
Folder 12 Cartoons, 1939
Folder 13-15 Personal and Prose, 1930-1948

Box 41
Folder 1 Poetry, 1920-1925
Folder 2 Mailing Lists
Folder 3 Scrapbook Clippings, 1924-1926

Subseries 3. Publicity, Press, and Reviews about Work, 1921-1950

Scope and Content Notes:

In this subseries are newspaper clippings, press releases, promotional posters, reviews, and publicity statements about particular Allen works.

See Also: Oversized Material, Hervey Allen Promotional Posters, Box 192.
Folder 4-5 Action at Aquila, 1938

Box 42
Folder 1-3 Anthony Adverse, 1933-1936
Folder 4-6 The Disinherited Series, 1947-1948

Box 43
Folder 1-2 The Forest and the Fort, 1943
Folder 3 Israfel, 1926-1949
Folder 4 It Was Like This: Two Stories of the Great War, 1940
Folder 5 Toward the Flame, 1934-1950
Folder 6 Toward the Morning, 1946-1948
Folder 7 Toward the Morning, 1948

Box 44
Folder 1 Toward the Morning, 1948-1949
Folder 2 Wampum and Old Gold, 1921-1922

Subseries 4. Obituaries and Memorials, 1949-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries features newspaper clippings and press releases reporting on Hervey Allen's death. It also features documents relating to Allen's Arlington National Cemetery burial and memorials dedicated to Allen's memory at the University of Miami and University of Pittsburgh.

Folder 3 Obituaries, 1949-1950
Folder 4 Arlington National Cemetery Grave, 1950
Folder 5 University of Miami Memorial, 1950
Folder 6 Pitt Quarterly, 1948-1953