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Series I. Biographical Material, 1903-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is divided into two subseries representing Hempel’s personal, educational, and professional records.

Subseries 1. Personal and Educational Records, 1903-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

Hempel’s personal and educational records (subseries 1) feature a few family items, some documents on his and his first wife Eva’s immigration to the U.S., educational documents and certificates such as diplomas and certificates of his high school graduation and teacher certification; his class registrations at the Universities of Göttingen (1923-1924), Heidelberg (1924), Berlin (1924-1928), and Vienna (1929-1930). Included are also student notes on seminars and discussions that cover mostly courses he took with Carnap at the University of Chicago during the years 1937-1939 and his diaries from 1939 to 1966, with some gaps.

Box 1
Folder 1 Family Documents, 1903-1905
Folder 2 Educational Diplomas and Certificates, 1923-1939
Folder 3 Immigration Documents, 1938-1942
Folder 4 Seminar Notes Köhler: Ein altes Scheinproblem, 1929
Folder 5 Seminar Notes Carnap: Research Seminar & Semantik [sic] Meeting, Fall 1937
Folder 6 Seminar Notes Carnap: Discussion Group, 1937-1938
Folder 7 Seminar Notes Carnap: Logistik, Fall 1937, Winter 1937-1938, University of Chicago
Folder 8 Seminar Notes Carnap: Analytic Method in Philosophy (Course 331), Spring Quarter 1938
Folder 9 Seminar Notes Carnap: Research Seminar Problems in the Logical Foundation of Mathematics, Winter 1938
Folder 10 Seminar Notes Carnap: Semantics, Spring 1939
Folder 11 Seminar Notes Carnap: Advanced Logical Syntax, Spring Term 1939
Folder 12 Notes on Carnap, Santa Fe, 1948
Folder 13 Two Seminars by Tarski: 1. Syntax of the Sentenial Calculus; 2. Problems of Completeness & Decidability, 1940-1941
Folder 14 Handwritten Excerpt by Hempel from Tarski’s "Fundamentale Begriffe der Methodologie der deduktiven Wissenschaften I.", 1936
Folder 15 Unidentified Notes by Hempel, 1944
Folder 16 Notes Discussion Group: Scientific Method Group (undated),

Box 2
Folder 1 Diaries, 1939-1966
Folder 2 Correspondence Journals, 1949-1976
Folder 3 Expense Journal, 1948-1950
Folder 4 Medical Reports [RESTRICTED], 1942-1958
Folder 5 Interview of Hempel by Richard Nollan: First and Revised Copies and Related Correspondence, 1982-1984

Subseries 2. Professional Records, 1930-1991

Scope and Content Notes:

His professional records (subseries 2) comprise several curricula vitae in German and English, a 1991 bibliography, biographical sketches; letters of reference, testimonials, and correspondence concerning Hempel’s applications for academic positions in the U.S., e.g. as Carnap’s research associate at the University of Chicago; and an exchange on his appointment to Yale University. Present are also items documenting Hempel’s early professional and academic activities including annual activity reports and newspaper clippings on his public talks and appearances as well as on other events or individuals; statements and correspondence on research projects, grant applications, leave requests; and lecture photographs.

Folder 6 Curricula Vitae, Bibliographies, and Biographical Sketches, 1932-1991
Folder 7 Employment Correspondence and Testimonials [RESTRICTED], 1936-1954
Folder 8 Yale University: Annual Reports of the Department of Philosophy, 1948-1955
Folder 9 Hempel’s Annual Professional Activity Reports, 1950-1975

Box 3
Folder 1 Grants, Research Projects, Leave Requests, and Fellowships, 1952-1975
Folder 2 Lecture Photographs, 1958-1973
Folder 3 Permissions to Reprint from Hempel’s Publications, 1978-1982
Folder 4 Correspondence with Doctoral Candidates, 1962-1973
Folder 5 Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin: Addresses and Information, 1990
Folder 6 Newspaper Clippings, 1930-1975
Folder 7 Articles from the Times Literary Supplement, 1972-1975
Folder 8 Illustration by Unknown Author (Hansen?) and Unidentified Typescript, undated

Box 4
Folder 1 Honarary Doctoral Degree Certificates, 1975-1987