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Series II. Manuscripts, 1900-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes all of Allen’s manuscript iterative drafts, notes, revisions, editions, and some correspondence related to research and manuscript production. The subseries are arranged according to title and genre (Poetry and Prose), as well as incomplete or unpublished material.

See Also: Oversized galleys of Allen's pre-published material are separately housed and can be found in Series XI: Oversized Material, Box 187-188.

Subseries 1. Poetry, 1900-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains early handwritten and typewritten rough drafts of mostly subsequently published poems. The first subseries features Allen's draft single leaf titles, the second subseries features collective manuscript material of Allen's major poems and collections, and the third features poetry written by other authors. Because many of the materials lack dates in particular the single title materials, titles are arranged alphabetically. Some materials lack a proper titles or have indecipherable titles. For these, titles with ellipses reflect indecipherable or illegible words or phrases. For materials without a clear given title, titles are borrowed from the first discernable verse of the poem and are in brackets.

Section: Single Titles

Box 5
Folder 1 Single Titles: A
1. After the March: Nogent l'Artaud, 1918
2. Afterglow, 1931
3. Aftermath, 1920
4. Alchemy
5. [All are snowcapped mountains…], 1900
6. Amelia Burr: A Ballad of Old Charleston
7. America’s First First
8. [And now he dwells…]
9. Anodyne
10. The Answer, 1917-1925
11. Any Time
12. The Apple Tree
13. An Approach to An Epitaph
14. Analia Felix
15. As It Was In The Beginning
16. Assama
17. At Alcantara
18. [At Azerbaijain in the lakes of Khar…], 1949
19. Autumn, 1918
20. Autumn Invocation: The Seasons Wait Their Turns Among the Stars
21. Autumn Portents
Folder 2 Single Titles: B
1. Bacchus Is Gone
2. Back River
3. [Bad the time and the bee…]
4. Ballad of Death Romance
5. Ballad of the Fruitless Plant
6. Banished
7. Baskets
8. Beaumont, 1918
9. Beauty and Love, 1916
10. [The bees once fell a quarreling on the couch…]
11. Bermuda
12. Bewitched: An Incident from the Life of Pierre Loti
13. Beyond Debate
14. Beyond the Night, 1916
15. Bibles
16. Big Bend
17. Big Cove
18. Bill, 1918
19. Biography and Epitaph of Verbum Sap
20. The Blindman: A Ballad of Nogent l'Artaud, 1918-1919
21. The Blockade Runner
22. Bright Star
23. Burnt Sons, 1945
24. Business
Folder 3 Single Titles: C
1. The Cat Man
2. The Cat Witch, 1926
3. The Children by the Lake of Dreams: A Persian Fragment, 1930
4. Christmas Coloure
5. Christmas Magic
6. [Clear as the burning heart of love…]
7. Clio
8. La Clouche Joyeuse
9. Les Cloches
10. Confession
11. Considerations: After the Fight at Croix Rouge Farm
12. Conversation in Morningside
Folder 4 Single Titles: D
1. The Dark Tower, 1916
2. Dark Tower by Night
3. Day Star
4. Death of the Elk
5. Dem Boids: A Ballad of the Bronx
6. [Dedicated to the man...]
7. [Democracy, the bastard bitch...]
8. Despair
9. Diana of the Dunes, 1925
10. [Debbie] Song
11. [The difficulty of making songs...]
12. Dirge
13. Dog Days
14. [The dog in the manger...]
15. Doomed
16. Dragon's Breath
17. Dream Flowers
18. Dream Fragment, 1920
19. Dream Friend
20. The Dream Wood
21. Dull Days
22. Dust
Folder 5 Single Titles: E
1. Easter, 1918
2. Echoes, 1915
3. Eclipse
4. El Paso, 1916
5. Elesmir
6. Encore un Autre, 1919
7. L'envoi
8. Epilogue
9. Eventide
Folder 6 Single Titles: F
1. Fable of the Dog and Cat
2. Fall
3. First Love
4. Fleur de Lis
5. [The flood of May has moved into June...]
6. For Annette's Andirons
7. For DuBose Heyward, 1940
8. [For though from gentle Jennifer...]
9. Forest Whisperers
10. Friendship
11. Four Proverbs of Hell
Folder 7 Single Titles: G
1. Gamesters All
2. Gemini
3. General Court Martial, 1919
4. Goat Song
5. [Goat of the [farther] left of old...]
6. Goin' Home?
8. The Gold Star, 1916
9. The Golden Ghost
10. Goodbye Sweet Day
11. The Goose Creek Voice
12. [The great [anthological] with front of brass…]
13. The Great Right Whale: A Fisherman's Prayer, 1947
Folder 8 Single Titles: H
1. Hadrian at Tivoli
2. Hag Hollerin' Time
3. [Hail bright [magical brat]...]
4. Hail Columbia
5. Hands Off! Dedicated to Orators and Others
6. Hark
7. Headlines
8. Helen
9. Hermitage
10. A Hermitage of Bells: A Fantasy
11. Hiking, 1916
12. The Holy Rood: A Chant
13. Horoscope for A.A.A.
14. The Hours of Childhood
15. [How did the archaeopteryx…]
16. The House by the Marsh, 1929
17. How Long
18. [How to propose none of us C…]
19. Human Hands
20. Hylas
21. A Hymn on Christmas Morning
22. Hymn to Time
Folder 9 Single Titles: I
1. [I think some dusk [they] metal [mice]…]
2. Illegitimate, 1925
3. In Dear Old Fashion '89
4. In Memoriam: Major Christopher Magee Anderson, Eighteenth Pennsylvania Infantry, 1916
5. In the Woods
6. Inspiration
7. [Into these dark pastures...]
8. Isis
9. Island Winter: Lat. 31 [degrees] N
Folder 10 Single Titles: J
1. Jewish Bonds and Genital [Reviews]
2. John Brashear
3. June
4. Jungle Night: To Ann's Bronze Elephants
Folder 11 Single Titles: K
1. The Kettle-Mending at La Luz
2. King Agog's Bed
Folder 12 Single Titles: L
1. La Fayette Lands
2. Landbound
3. The Last Crew
4. The Latter Day Saint
5. Light on the Hills
6. The Little One at Home, 1916
7. [The little poets of our great despair...]
8. Locusts, 1917
9. [Lumerary]
10. Lust
11. The Lute, 1919

Box 6
Folder 1 Single Titles: M
1. Macabre in Macaws
2. Madonna
3. The Mainspring
4. Major Andre's Flute and Shelley's Skylark
5. Manhattan Matins
6. Marcia's May-Day Song
7. The Marshland, 1919
8. Melpomeme's Song
9. Middleton's Gardens
10. Modern Philosopher
11. Moments, 1922
12 Montrogan
13. Moon Sonnet
14. The Mormon Trail
15. Morning Noon and Night
16. Mountain Interlude
17. Mourn, Psyche, Mourn!
18. The Murmuring River, 1909
19. Mutability, 1924
20. [My days and nights I have not idly spent...]
21. My Verdun
Folder 2 Single Titles: N
1. Nightingales are Scarce West of Exeter
2. Nostalgia
Folder 3 Single Titles: O
1. [O God looks down...]
2. October
3. An Ode: To be spoken on Memorial Day
4. Ode in Time of Madness: An Incantation, 1945
5. An Ode on Mutability
6. Ode to the Sun (Sol Invictus)
7. Oh, Where
8. The Old Judge, 1920
9. Old Meadows
10. The Old Song
11. [On a distant view of Oxford Tower...]
12. [On earth the wind as [evict] us death...]
13. [Once they looked and saw a valley...]
14. One of Hells Proverbs: Wash Day
15. [Only in dreams of morning...]
16. On the Bay
17. The Oriol
18. [Out out brief candle, now the...]
19. Overtones
Folder 4 Single Titles: P
1. Palmetto Town
2. [Panocia]
3. Paris, Mother of Dreams
4. Part of Angels Song for Christmas Hymn
5. Passes E.W.
6. Pay Day, 1916
7. The Pharaoh of Moses
8. Pines and Cones
9. The Pirates
10. Pittsburgh
11. Poe in Carolina: Alchemy
12. The Poets Epitaph
13. The Poor Poet
14. Portentia
15. Predicament
16. Presences
17. The Priest and the Pirate: The Ballad of Theodosia Burr
18. A Processional on Christmas Morning
19. Proem
20. Profile-axis
21. Progress
22. Prologue: Annie's Town Before the Mills Came
Folder 5 Single Titles: Q
1. The Quality of Beauty
2. Question, 1940
Folder 6 Single Titles: R
1. The Raid on Dun, 1919
2. The Rain Bell
3. [Ramses] Worship of the Third [Cataract]
4. Recollect
5. Relativity, 1922
6. A Rendezvous with Life
7. Rennaisance
8. Reply to Ambush
9. The Reubens of Brass
10. Reverie
11. Rhapsody
12. Rhetorical result of an Elegy for Amy Lowell
13. The Rivals
14. The Road Beyond the Tower
15. Roadside Epitaph
16. The Rose in Amber
Folder 7 Single Titles: S
1. The Sacrifice
2. Saga of Leif the Lucky, 1923
3. Salt o' the Earth, 1918
4. Salt Town
5. The Scandal
6. The Scissor Grinder
7. The Sea Bogy
8. The Seasons: Autumn Invocation
9. The Seasons: Winter
10. [See how the light falls...]
11. The Sewees of Sewee Bay
12. Shadow to Shadow
13. Silences
14. The Skull
15. Sleep, 1909
16. Sohrab and Rustum
17. Soldier Poet: To Francis Fowler Hogan
18. Source
19. Speak
20. The Spirit of the Maid, 1919
21. Spring Authentic
22. Spring Shadows
23. Springs Pilgrims
24. The Stars of God
25. Sullivan's Island: To E.A.P.
26. Summer Girl
27. A Summer Idyll
28. The Sunflower
29. Sylvan Poor, 1929
30. Symbols of Symbols
Folder 8 Single Titles: T
1. The Talker
2. [That's why I sit here now...]
3. That Tiger Cat of Ours
4. Theodesia Burr: Her Story as Told by an Old Confederate Naval Officer
5. [There is a [more]...]
6. They Say
7. They Watch and Wait, 1916
8. Thou Mother
9. Three Landscape Moods: High Tide o' Life
10. Three Lanscape Moods: Youth
11. Tiger Lilies
12. To a Certain Imagist
13. To a Frozen Butterfly
14. To a Portrait of Theodosia Burr
15. To Arthur in Avalon, 1932
16. To Harriette
17. To James Whitcomb Riley, 1916
18. To Ma, 1909
19. To My Dog
20. To My Grandparents on Their Fifty Third Wedding Anniversary, 1910
21. To My Happy Sister Helen
22. To My Father
23. To the Home Folks, 1916
24. To the Polius
25. To the Prime Minister, Mr. Churchill: Christmas, 1941
26. To the Winged Victory of Samothrace
27. The Tower by Might
28. The Triumph of Edom: Palestine
29. Twilight, 1916
30. Twilight Escape
31. Two Pages from the Book of the Sea Islands: Shadows
32. The Two Republics
33. The Tyrant
Folder 9 Single Titles: U
1. [Up all you sluggish men of peace...], 1910
2. Upstairs Downstairs
Folder 10 Single Titles: V
1. The Vikings: North - Proem, 1923
2. The Vikings: Saga of Leif the Lucky, 1923
3. The Vikings: The Cat Witch, 1923
4. Village Voices
5. Voice of Live
Folder 11 Single Titles: W
1. Waitin' and Drillin', 1916
2. Walk [Broad] Song
3. War Clouds
4. The Watchful Waiting
5. We, 1919
6. [What sound to catch the thing...]
7. When Shady Avenue was Shady Lane, 1919
8. [When in the 1920's you began...]
9. [When in the night the [manifest] if island must...]
10. [When dwell and life [sit there]...]
11. [When the frost is on the [fancy kin]...]
12. Where the Sugar and Maple Grows
13. The Wind
14. The Wingless Victory, 1920
15. [With life that hurtles like a spark...]
Folder 12 Single Titles: Y
1. Yes
2. YS
Folder 13 Single Titles: Z
1. Zachias, 1946

Section: Major Poems and Collections

Box 7
Folder 1 Black Roses: Original Manuscript
Folder 2 Black Roses: Photograph
Folder 3 The Blindman: Original Manuscript and Correspondence 1919

Correspondence includes editorial conversations Allen had with Amy Lowell. Allen sent early drafts of The Blindman to Lowell who was influential in getting the manuscript published in the North American Review. In her September 12, 1919 letter to Allen she identifies that Allen had "improved [the poem] immensely" and talks about sending it to a "Mr. Sedgwick," most likely Atlantic Monthly's editor at the time, Ellery Sedgwick. The letter ends on a humorous note with Lowell stating Mr. Sedgwick does not know a poem from a potato, but sometimes his taste betrays him and he gets something good by mistake.

Folder 4 The Blindman: First and Second Proof
Folder 5 Carolina Chansons: Preface

Box 8
Folder 1 Carolina Chansons: Original Draft and Revisions, 1921
Folder 2 Carolina Chansons: Typed Copies
Folder 3 Christmas Epithalamium: Original Manuscript
Folder 4 Children of Earth (from Earth Moods)
Folder 4 Earth Moods: Original Manuscript
Folder 5 Flowers from Fields Aflame: Typewritten, 1917-1918

Box 9
Folder 1 The Leaping Poll: Original Manuscript
Folder 2 Mine Host: Original Manuscript, 1925
Folder 3 New Legends: Magazine Publications List
Folder 4 New Legends: Holograph Manuscript
Folder 5 New Legends: Poetic Attitude Holograph and Typed Manuscript
Folder 6 Saga Leif the Lucky: Preface
Folder 7 Saga Leif the Lucky: Original Manuscript
Folder 8 Saga Leif the Lucky and Other Poems, The Vikings: Typescript Manuscript, ca. 1925
Folder 9 Sarah Simon: Correspondence
Folder 10 Sarah Simon: Holograph Manuscript
Folder 11 Sarah Simon: Typed Manuscript
Folder 12 Sidonian Hanno: Original Manuscript, 1925
Folder 13 Songs for Annette: Preface

Box 10
Folder 1 Selected Poems: Typed White Manuscript

Section: Other Authors' Works

Folder 2 Poems Written by Various Authors

Subseries 2. Prose, 1917-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes bound and loose-leaf handwritten and typewritten drafts, proofs, prefaces, and related correspondence to the pre-publication of Hervey Allen’s prose, including various iterative drafts of his novels, short stories, and non-fiction material.

Section: Biographies, Novels, and Short Stories

Scope and Content Notes:

This group includes handwritten, typewritten, original and various drafts and associated material of Hervey Allen's pre-published biographies, novels and short stories. Material is arranged in alphabetical, chronological, and when possible, in iterative order.

See Also: Box 187-188, Series X: Oversized Material for oversized galleys of particular manuscript titles in this subseries.

Box 11
Folder 1 Action at Aquila: Time Scheme, Character List, and Various Drafts, 1934-1938
Folder 2 Action at Aquila: Various Drafts of Chapters, Correspondence, Time Scheme, and Outline, 1935-1937
Folder 3 Action at Aquila: First Holograph Draft, 1937

Box 12
Folder 1 Action at Aquila: Prospectus, Historical Background, and Sources, 1938
Folder 2 Action at Aquila: Incomplete Typewritten Manuscript with Edits
Folder 3 Action at Aquila: Original [Incomplete] Typed Manuscript (Chapters 1-16)

Box 13
Folder 1 Action at Aquila: Edited Typed Manuscript of Final Version

Box 14
Folder 1 Action at Aquila: Setting Manuscript for Printer, 1937
Folder 2 Action at Aquila: Typed White Carbon

Box 15
Folder 1 Anthony Adverse: Various Preface Drafts and Syllabus of a Novel to be Called Anthony Adverse, 1932
Folder 2 Anthony Adverse: Preface, Author's Introduction to Limited Edition
Folder 3 Anthony Adverse: Preface/Author's Statement, 1945
Folder 4 Anthony Adverse: Preface, 1946
Folder 5 Anthony Adverse: Preface, Author's Introduction to Edition, 1946
Folder 6 Anthony Adverse: Synopses, Research Materials, and Notes
Folder 7 Anthony Adverse: Correspondence, Notes, Drafts of Chapters, and Map of New Orleans in 1815, 1932-1933
Folder 8 Anthony Adverse: Correspondence, Dedication, and Other Various Material, 1935-1937
Folder 9 Anthony Adverse: Partial First Handwritten Draft

Box 16
Folder 1 Anthony Adverse: Original Typescript, Volume I, 1933
Folder 2 Anthony Adverse: Original Typescript, Volume II, 1933

Box 17
Folder 1 Anthony Adverse: Original Typescript, Volume III, 1933
Folder 2 Anthony Adverse: Bound Typescript Draft, Volume I

Box 18
Folder 1 Anthony Adverse: Bound Typescript Draft, Volume II
Folder 2 Anthony Adverse: Bound Typescript Volume III

Box 19
Folder 1 Bedford Village: Holograph Manuscript ( The Disinherited, Book II)
Folder 2 Bedford Village: Yellow Typed Manuscript ( The Disinherited, Book II)

Box 20
Folder 1 Bedford Village: Cut Version with Changes
Folder 2 Bedford Village: Announcement and Notes
Folder 3 The City and the Dawn: Holograph Manuscript, 1949
Folder 4 The City and the Dawn: First Typed Draft
Folder 5 The City and the Dawn: Typed Copy of the Final Holograph Pages (1-50)
Folder 6 The Disinherited: Holograph Manuscript of Synopsis and Notes
Folder 7 The Disinherited: Synopsis and Notes, 1942
Folder 8 The Disinherited: Research Notes and Clippings, Copy of 1744 Treaty, Appendix
Folder 9 The Disinherited: Time Scheme and Historical Notes

Box 21
Folder 1 The Forest and the Fort: Holograph Manuscript Book I, 1942
Folder 2 The Forest and the Fort: Holograph Manuscript II
Folder 3 The Forest and the Fort: Holograph Manuscript III, 1940

Box 22
Folder 1 The Forest and the Fort: Cut Version with Changes ( The Disinherited, Book I), 1942
Folder 2 The Forest and the Fort: Yellow Typed Manuscript ( The Disinherited, Book I), 1942
Folder 3 The Forest and the Fort: [Incomplete] Typed Manuscript

Box 23
Folder 1-2 Israfel: Research, Correspondence and Cover Material, 1917-1926
Folder 3 Israfel: Unused Illustrations, 1926
Folder 4 Israfel: Notes on Poe from Various Sources, 1926
Folder 5 Israfel: Printed Pages (1-932)

Box 24
Folder 1 Israfel: Typed Fragment as it First Began
Folder 2 Israfel: Handwritten Preface to First Issue and Re-Issue, 1926; 1934
Folder 3 Israfel: Carbon Copy of Beginning, 1926
Folder 4 Israfel: Various Sheets and Chapters, Vol. I (Lacks Chapters 10,11,17), 1926
Folder 5 Israfel: Partial Handwritten and Typewritten Manuscript, 1926

Box 25
Folder 1 Israfel: Typed Manuscript, (Chapters 1-11), 1926
Folder 2 Israfel: [Incomplete] Early Typewritten and Handwritten Draft, 1926

Box 26
Folder 1-2 It Was Like This: Two Stories of the Great War: Syllabus, Introduction, and Various Drafts, 1939
Folder 3 It Was Like This: Two Stories of the Great War: Handwritten Holograph, 1939
Folder 4 It Was Like This: Two Stories of the Great War: Typed Manuscript, 1939
Folder 5 It Was Like This: Two Stories of the Great War: Typed White Carbon

Box 27
Folder 1 Richfield Springs: Handwritten Holograph (Notes, General Approach, Outline, Headings), 1935
Folder 2 Richfield Springs: Handwritten Holograph (p. 85, Chapters 1-4)
Folder 3 Richfield Springs: Various Versions of Typed Manuscripts (First Typed Manuscript)
Folder 4 Richfield Springs: Typed Carbon Manuscript (Chapters 1-4)
Folder 5 Richfield Springs: Typed Draft for Curtis Brown Ltd. (Chapters 1-4)

Box 28
Folder 1 Toward the Flame: Original Handwritten Letter from Hervey Allen on Active Duty, Inspiration for Toward the Flame, 1918
Folder 2 Toward the Flame: [Formally "Targets"], Manuscript, 1925
Folder 3 Toward the Flame: Typed White Carbon, 1918-1925
Folder 4 Toward the Flame: Preface to Re-Issued Edition, 1933

Box 29
Folder 1 Toward the Morning: Handwritten Partial Drafts, Announcement, Rejected Pages, and Revised Typewritten Drafts
Folder 2 Toward the Morning: Complete Yellow Typed Manuscript ( The Disinherited, Book III), 1945

Box 30
Folder 1 Toward the Morning: Holograph Handwritten Manuscript (Chapters 1-17), ( The Disinherited, Book III)
Folder 2 Toward the Morning: Holograph Handwritten Manuscript (Chapters 18-25), ( The Disinherited, Book III)

Box 31
Folder 1 Toward the Morning: Complete Typed White Carbon Manuscript, 1948

Section: Articles, Essays, and Plays

Box 32
Folder 1 The ABC of Reviewing
Folder 2 Amy Lowell as a Poet, 1926
Folder 3 An Appreciation [To the Notable Library of Major W. Van R. Whithall], 1927
Folder 4 Anthony Adverse: The Sources of, 1934
Folder 5 The Arkansas Kookamoosa
Folder 6 Books as Gifts and Other Things, 1949
Folder 7 A Boy's Memory of Bedford Fifty Years Ago
Folder 8 Cats versus Dogs; Crossroads; Cupid’s Pitcher, [University of Pittsburgh folder]
Folder 9 Of Cities
Folder 10 Edgar Allan Poe, on the Dictionary of American Biography
Folder 11 Felicity Haul: The Story of Old Bermuda, 1931
Folder 12 The First Co-ed: A Ballad of Pitt
Folder 13 The Flood: A One Act Play
Folder 14 A Golden Century of American Verse, 1927
Folder 15 Harvest and Reapers: An Anthology of American Poetry from 1613 to 1925
Folder 16 An Island Crisis
Folder 17 Moderation
Folder 18 Monday Morning to You
Folder 19 My Grandfather’s Peg Leg
Folder 20 The Passing of Amy Lowell, 1925
Folder 21 The Passing of Despair
Folder 22 Poetry South

Box 33
Folder 1 The Rise of the New Whaling Industry
Folder 2-3 Roman Britain, 1929
Folder 4 Santa Claus, Triplets
Folder 5 Ysleta

Section: Prefaces, Reviews, and Other Short Works

Folder 6 George Ade Obituary, Sigma Chi Newsletter
Folder 7 Introduction to a Poe Anthology, Edited By Addison Hibbard, 1927
Folder 8 Jacob Secley, An Epitaph
Folder 9 Preface for Bermudiana By Ronald John Williams, 1936
Folder 10 Preface for Julie Eidesheim Book, 1938
Folder 11 Preface for Limited Editions Club
Folder 12 Preface for The Gold Bug Edition By Edgar Allen Poe
Folder 13 Preface for Lute and Scimitar: Poems and Ballads of Central Asia By Abdullah Achmed, 1927
Folder 14 Preface for Notes of Life and Death By Theodore Morrison, 1935
Folder 15 Preface for The Old House in the Country By Lizette Woodworth Reese, 1936
Folder 16 Preface for Residence in Bermuda
Folder 17 Report on Royal America: The Story of Henry Bouquet By G.M. Sassaman, 1943
Folder 18 Review of American Poetry from the Beginning to Whitman By Louis Untermeyer, 1931
Folder 19 Review of Amy Lowell: a chronicle, with extracts from her correspondence By Samuel Foster Damon
Folder 20 Review of Broken Ties and Other Stories By Rabinandrath Tagore, 1926
Folder 21 Review of Dark Glory: A Story of Edgar Allan Poe By Dorothy Dow
Folder 22 Review of Edgar Allan Poe: A Study in Genius By Joseph Wood Krutch, 1926
Folder 23 Review of The Emily Dickinson Letters By Mabel Loomis Todd, 1929-1931
Folder 24 Review of Emily Dickinson Research Notes, 1929-1931
Folder 25 Review of John Brown’s Body By Stephen Vincent Benet, 1923-1924
Folder 26 Review of The Land of the Crooked Tree By Ulysses Prentiss Hedrick, 1948
Folder 27 Review of Little Man What Now? By Hans Fallada, 1934
Folder 28 Review of The Portable Poe Edited By Philip Van Doren Stern
Folder 29 Review of Quaker Militant - John Greenleaf Whitter By Albert Mordell, 1933
Folder 30 Review of Sanfelice By Vincent Sheean, 1936
Folder 31 Review of The Sonnets of Petrarch Translated By Joseph Auslander
Folder 32 Review of We Can Win This War By W.F. Kernan, 1943
Folder 33 Review of Young Pegasus, Prose and Verse By The Intercollegiate Literary Magazine Conference, 1926
Folder 34 Street Dust and Pollen [Review of Indian Summer; Flame and Dust; The Poets of the Future, A College Anthology; University of Washington Poems, First Series; and Column Poets, 1925

Subseries 3. Incomplete/Unidentified Material

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes notes and drafts of incomplete or unidentifiable Allen works. Those that have been identified are arranged and grouped alphabetically while others are arranged according to genre.

Box 34
Folder 1-6 A-M
Folder 7-10 N-Z
Folder 11 Unidentified Poems
Folder 12 Unidentified Prose
Folder 13 Unidentified/Unknown Prose Material Related to Edgar Allan Poe Work

Subseries 4. Unpublished Material, 1918-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This material, while some may be incomplete, is much more developed and further along the completion process than material featured in the Incomplete/Unidentified Material subseries. All material in this subseries is titled and may include abstracts, character plots, summaries, and drafts of various Allen unpublished works. Notable is the nascent beginning of a novel, Usted Stanes, set in the future 2015. It was begun October 20th, 1949, just two months before Allen's passing.

Box 35
Folder 1 The Bigger and Better Mr. Peter Polite
Folder 2 Poems
Folder 3 Noodin Nanny: A Small Town Story, 1918
Folder 4 Usted Stanes: Holograph Manuscript, 1949