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Series V. Library

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is composed of 792 annotated books, 144 annotated reprints and off-prints, about 180 annotated journal volumes, which were amassed by Wilfrid Sellars from the 1930s through the 1980s. This series also contains a set of off-prints and books written and retained by Sellars himself. The books and offprints are arranged alphabetically by author and title, while the journals are arranged by journal title and then chronologically by issue. The library contains material spanning the whole of Sellars' career. The topics covered reflect Sellars' professional concerns and therefore contain works on a wide variety of philosophical topics, but emphasize works on logic, epistemology, ontology, scientific realism, philosophy of science, ancient Greek philosophy, and the history of philosophy. Many of these works contain either annotations or dedications. The annotations include notes in the margins of the documents, underlining, and logical notations. The degree and kind of annotation vary greatly; some items are heavily underlined, annotated, and logically notated. Others have only short sections that are heavily marked, or are lightly marked throughout.

A large portion of the library was deaccessioned; the deaccessioned materials include books, journals, and reprints that were not philosophical in nature and lacked any unique markings such as annotations or dedications. These items covered a broad spectrum of Sellars' personal interests and ranged from sports to crosswords, nature, cooking, politics, biographies, history, religion, art, and works of fiction. There is a comprehensive list of all the books initially contained in Sellars's library available for researchers upon request. There is also a list of journal titles found in the Sellars's library.

Subseries 1. Annotated Books, dates

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries consists of 792 books which have information in the form of annotations, dedications to Sellars, or inclusions. The books are arranged alphabetically by author, editor, or occasionally by translator. The annotations take the form of notes in the margins of the documents, underlining, and logical notations and derivations. The degree and kind of annotation vary greatly; some books are heavily underlined, annotated, and logically notated. Others have only short sections that are heavily marked, or are lightly marked throughout. There are dedications to Sellars from family members or other philosophers, and there are dedications from Wilfrid to his father. There are also books that contained inclusions. These inclusions can consist of fairly extended written commentary. They are sometimes commentary on the book in which they were found, and sometimes on other philosophical or personal topics.

In addition there are a few books that may not be marked, but are on topics that were of particular interest to Sellars. These books contained many slips of paper which acted as book markers. For example, his editions of Kant are included although they are not marked, because they contain hundreds of book markers and show considerable signs of use. In general, the books in this series are books on philosophical topics. They include editions of the works of the central figures in European philosophy such as Hume, Locke, Descartes, Kant, and Russell. Many of these are student editions that he seems to have used during his days at Oxford and Harvard. They are often extensively annotated with both marginal notes and underlining.

A list of annotated books is available.

Subseries 2. Annotated Journals, dates

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains entire journals that feature either dedications or annotations. The journals are almost exclusively concerned with philosophical issues and are arranged alphabetically by journal title. The vast majority of the journals contain some form of annotation. However, there are a few journals that only contain a dedication or an inclusion. The dedications generally consist of a simple salutation to Sellars from the author of an article published in the journal. While a few of the inclusions appear to relate directly to an article or the entire journal, the bulk of the inclusions appear to be unrelated items that were simply used as bookmarks, or were temporarily placed in the journal and forgotten. The annotations vary greatly in substance. Some of the journals only contain one or two markings that appear to have little significance. The remaining journals tend to have one or two articles that are annotated in some fashion. These annotations may include underlined text, symbolic markings in the margins, or some written commentary. In a few instances, the journals are highly annotated. This statement is especially true with the publications The Monist and Synthese. In addition, the annotations in Philosophical Studies tend to be editorial in nature, rather than philosophical.

Subseries 3. Offprints by Sellars, 1947-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains manuscripts published by Sellars between the years 1947 and 1982. The manuscripts are either offprints or reprints from the publisher and contain no unique markings such as annotations or dedications. They are arranged alphabetically by title.

Folder 3 "Abstract Entities", 1963
Folder 4 "Abstract Entities and Classes As Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox", 1963
Folder 5 "Acquaintance and Description Again", 1949
Folder 6 "Actions and Events", 1973
Folder 7 "The Adverbial Theory of the Objects of Sensation", 1975
Folder 8 "Are There Non-Deductive Logics?", undated
Folder 9 "Aristotelian Philosophies of Mind", c. 1949
Folder 10 "Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning", 1980
Folder 11 "Being and Being Known", 1960
Folder 12 "Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the Theory of Ideas", 1978
Folder 13 "Classes As Abstract Entities and the Russell Paradox", 1963
Folder 14 "Concepts As Involving Laws and Inconceivable Without Them", 1948
Folder 15 "Conceptual Change", undated
Folder 16 "Counterfactuals, Dispositions, and the Causal Modalities", 1957
Folder 17 "The Double-Knowledge Approach to the Mind-Body Problem", 1971
Folder 18 "Empiricism and Abstract Entities", c. 1963
Folder 19 "Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind", 1956
Folder 20 "Epistemology and the New Way of Words", 1947
Folder 21 "Form and Content in Ethical Theory", 1967

Box 183
Folder 1 "Foundations for a Metaphysics of Pure Process", 1981
Folder 2 "Givenness and Explanatory Coherence", 1964
Folder 3 "Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology", 1960
Folder 4 "Hochberg on Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics", 1977
Folder 5 "The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem", 1965
Folder 6 "Imperatives, Intentions, and the Logic of Ought", 1963
Folder 7 "Induction as Vindication", 1964
Folder 8 "Inferencia y Significado", 1960
Folder 9 "Inference and Meaning", 1953
Folder 10 "Intentionality and the Mental", 1957
Folder 11 "Intentionality, Language, and Translation", 1974
Folder 12 "The Intentional Realism of Everett Hall", 1966
Folder 13 "Is Scientific Realism Tenable?", 1977
Folder 14 "Is There a Synthetic A Priori?", 1953
Folder 15 "Kant's Transcendental Idealism", undated
Folder 16 "Kant's Views on Sensibility and Understanding", 1967
Folder 17 "Language As Thought and Communication", undated
Folder 18 "The Language of Theories", undated
Folder 19 "Meaning As Functional Classification", 1974
Folder 20 "Meditations Leibniziennes", 1965
Folder 21 "Mental Events", 1981
Folder 22 "Metaphysics and the Concept of a Person", 1969
Folder 23 "More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence", 1979
Folder 24 "Naming and Saying", 1962

Box 184
Folder 1 "On Knowing the Better and Doing the Worse", 1970
Folder 2 "On Reasoning About Values", 1980
Folder 3 "On the Introduction of Abstract Entities", 1975
Folder 4 "Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell", undated
Folder 5 "The Paradox of Analysis: A Neo-Fregean Approach", undated
Folder 6 "Particulars", 1952
Folder 7 "Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man", 1962
Folder 8 "Physical Realism", 1954
Folder 9 "Presupposing", 1954
Folder 10 "Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology", 1947
Folder 11 "Putnam on Synonymity and Belief", undated
Folder 12 "Quotation Marks, Sentences and Propositions", 1950
Folder 13 "Realism and the New Way of Words", 1948
Folder 14 "Reason and the Art of Living in Plato", 1973
Folder 15 "Reflections on Contrary to Duty Imperatives", 1967
Folder 16 "Reply", 1974
Folder 17 "Reply to Alan Donagan", 1975
Folder 18 "Reply to Marras", 1973
Folder 19 "Reply to Quine", 1973
Folder 20 "Reviews", 1948, 1950
Folder 21 "The Role of the Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience", 1978
Folder 22 "Science, Sense Impressions, and Sensa: A Reply to Cornman", 1971
Folder 23 "Scientific Realism or Irenic Instrumentalism", 1965
Folder 24 "A Semantical Solution of the Mind-Body Problem", 1953
Folder 25 "Sensa or Sensings: Reflections on the Ontology of Perception", 1982
Folder 26 "Some Problems About Belief", 1968

Box 185
Folder 1 "Some Reflections on Language Games", 1954
Folder 2 "Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness", undated
Folder 3 "Some Reflections on Thoughts and Things", 1967
Folder 4 "The Soul As Craftsman, and Aristotle's Metaphysics: An Interpretation", 1973
Folder 5 "Symposium: Intentionality, Notes on Intentionality", 1964
Folder 6 "Symposium: Kant, Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience", 1967
Folder 7 "Symposium: Logical Subjects and Physical Objects", 1957
Folder 8 "Symposium, Substance and Form in Aristotle", 1957
Folder 9 "Theoretical Explanation", undated
Folder 10 "Theoretische Erklarung", undated
Folder 11 "this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks", 1970
Folder 12 "Time and the World Order", 1962
Folder 13 "Toward a Theory of the Categories", undated
Folder 14 "Truth and Correspondence", 1962
Folder 15 "Vlastos and "the Third Man","1954
Folder 16 "Volitions Re-Affirmed", undated

Subseries 4. Annotated Offprints of Other Authors, 1904-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Written by authors other than Sellars, these offprints date from the 1930s onward, with the exception of those by Bertrand Russell. It appears as though Sellars began amassing these materials as research materials during his graduate education and continued to do so into his professional career. Arranged alphabetically by author, the files contain a combination of publisher offprints and photocopies of published works that are mostly journal articles. However, this section also includes book chapters and excerpted sections. They are strictly philosophical in content and contain annotations by Sellars. The bulk of the annotations simply consist of underlined text that may be accompanied by symbols such as checks, arrows or wavy lines that designate areas of significant interest.

It appears as though the offprints dating from the 1930s and 1940s feature more annotations than the later articles which have more sporadic notations. However, there are several significant exceptions, such as the following: "The Logic of Psychological Concepts" by Gustav Bergmann, "Craig's Theorem, Ramsey-Sentences, and Scientific Instrumentalism" by James Cornman, "Actions, Reasons, and Causes" by Donald Davidson, "Coherence, Certainty, and Epistemic Priority" by Roderick Firth, "Quine on Meaning and Existence" by Gilbert Harman, and "Sellars's Argument for the Inevitability of the Secondary Qualities" by C.A. Hooker.

Folder 17 Adler, Mortimer J., 1941
Folder 18 Agazzi, Evandro, 1976
Folder 19 Aiken, Henry David, 1950
Folder 20 Baier, Kurt, 1962
Folder 21 Baker, Lynne Rudder, 1974
Folder 22 Barber, Benjamin R., c. 1973
Folder 23 Bar-Hillel, 1954
Folder 24 Bealer, George, 1984
Folder 25 Belnap, Nuel, 1970

Box 186
Folder 1 Bergmann, Gustav, 1941-1979
Folder 2 Bernstein, Richard J., 1966
Folder 3 Campbell, Donald T., 1966
Folder 4 Carnap, Rudolf, 1947, 1951
Folder 5 Carritt, E. F., 1937
Folder 6 Chisholm, Roderick, 1965
Folder 7 Clark, Romane, c. 1970
Folder 8 Cohen, L. Jonathon, undated
Folder 9 Cornman, James W., 1972, 1978
Folder 10 Davidson, Donald, 1963-1973
Folder 11 Dennett, Daniel C., c. 1980
Folder 12 Farber, Marvin, 1934
Folder 13 Firth, Roderick, 1950, 1964
Folder 14 Frankena, William K., c. 1952
Folder 15 Frede, Dorothea, 1982
Folder 16 Garnett, A. Campbell, 1964
Folder 17 Geach, Peter, 1955
Folder 18 Grunbaum, Adolf, 1955-1976
Folder 19 Haack, R. J., 1974
Folder 20 Hare, R. M., 1973
Folder 21 Harman, Gilbert, 1967
Folder 22 Henrich, Dieter, 1969

Box 187
Folder 1 Hesse, Mary, 1957-1964
Folder 2 Hintikka, Jaakko, c. 1966
Folder 3 Hooker, C.A., 1968, 1977
Folder 4 Huntington, Edward V., 1937
Folder 5 Kaplan, Abraham, 1948, 1951
Folder 6 Kripke, Saul, 1975
Folder 7 Kyburg, Henry E., 1958-1968
Folder 8 Lehrer, Keith, 1972
Folder 9 Lewis, C.I., 1948
Folder 10 MacCorquodale, Kenneth, 1948
Folder 11 MacLagan, W. G., 1939
Folder 12 Martin, R. M., 1949, 1951
Folder 13 Nagel, Thomas, c. 1971
Folder 14 Owens, Joseph, 1962
Folder 15 Pap, Arthur, 1944-1951
Folder 16 Parsons, Charles, 1971
Folder 17 Partee, Barbara Hall, 1971
Folder 18 Popkin, Richard H., 1953
Folder 19 Price, H. H., 1936
Folder 20 Prichard, H. A., 1932
Folder 21 Prior, A. N., 1962
Folder 22 Quine, W. V., 1943-1968

Box 188
Folder 1 Rorty, Richard, 1970-1975
Folder 2 Ross, Gregory A., 1965, 1974
Folder 3 Russell, Bertrand, 1904-1905
Folder 4 Salmon, Wesley C., 1963
Folder 5 Schlesinger, G., 1964
Folder 6 Schuldenfrei, Richard, 1972
Folder 7 Sellars, Roy Wood, 1922, 1938
Folder 8 Sellars, Wilfrid, 1950-1976
Folder 9 Seuran, Pieter A.M., 1972
Folder 10 Smart, J. J. C., 1957, 1968
Folder 11 Stalnaker, Robert C., c. 1966
Folder 12 Stebbing, L. Susan, 1933
Folder 13 Strawson, P. F., 1950, 1957
Folder 14 Thompson, Manley, 1954
Folder 15 Unknown, undated
Folder 16 Van Fraassen, Bas, undated
Folder 17 Vermazen, Bruce, c. 1966
Folder 18 Vlastos, Gregory, 1965
Folder 19 Wilson, Fred, 1970
Folder 20 Yolton, John W., 1971