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Series IV. Family Material, Oversized, 1791-1880

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains both Watson and Magee family material. All of the material is housed and an oversized box. The material consists of ephemera, certificates, degrees, sketches, drawings, deeds, estate plans, and ledgers. The majority of the material relates to Andrew Watson and his land and plot plans from 1791 to 1843. The material in this series dates from 1791 to 1906.

Map-case 14
Drawer 11
Oversize 1 Biography of Pennsylvania, 1906
Oversize 2 J.W. Kerr architectural drawings for a summer house, undated
Oversize 3 Spectacles, undated
Oversize 4 Family Bible, undated
Oversize 5 Certificate to practice law in Allegheny County, April 11, 1852
Oversize 6 Certificate to practice law in the District Court of Philadelphia, December 18, 1852
Oversize 7 Christopher Magee appointment to Court of Common Pleas No. 2 of the Fifth Judicial District of Allegheny County, October 7, 1885
Oversize 8 Christopher Magee election to Court of Common Pleas No. 2 of the Fifth Judicial District of Allegheny County, December 17, 1886
Oversize 9 Christopher Magee, Jr., Law Degree, 1892
Oversize 10 University degree, undated
Oversize 11 University degree, undated
Oversize 12 University of Pennsylvania degree, undated
Oversize 13 University degree, undated
Oversize 14 Certificate to practice law in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia, undated
Oversize 15 Headstone design, undated
Oversize 16 Poster, Steamship RR Agent, undated
Oversize 17 Andrew Watson deed, April 9, 1791
Oversize 18 Andrew Watson land indenture, October 19, 1792
Oversize 19 Andrew Watson deed, 1795
Oversize 20 James McKinney deed, January 8, 1796
Oversize 21 Andrew Watson's license to open a public house, March 7, 1796
Oversize 22 Andrew Watson's appointment as Justice of the Peace, April 1798
Oversize 23 Robert Watson land purchase agreement, February 2, 1810
Oversize 24 Road Plan, August 5, 1810
Oversize 25 Robert Watson, Certificate to practice law in Allegheny County, 1824
Oversize 26 Plan of lots laid off by Andrew Watson, December 18, 1837
Oversize 27 Robert Watson, Passport 1843
Oversize 28 Proposed plan of lots for commissioned for Andrew Watson, October 30, 1844
Oversize 29 Partition of land annexed by the District Court of Allegheny County, 1848
Oversize 30 Plan of the Watson Estate, 1849
Oversize 31 Robert Watson, Passport 1865
Oversize 32 Partition of the Estate of Robert Watson, 1875
Oversize 33 Copy of P. H. Parson's survey of Black family property, undated
Oversize 34 Plan of ground of Robert Watson, undated
Oversize 35 Perpetual Lease to Robert Watson, undated
Oversize 36 Plan of Wylie and Tunnel Streets with rail lines, undated
Oversize 37 Map of public road with family lots, undated
Oversize 38 Unnamed land plot diagram, undated
Oversize 39 Ledger, undated
Oversize 40 Ledger, undated
Oversize 41 Cloth backed map of Pittsburgh, undated
Oversize 42 Plan of Andrew Watson farm, copy 1, undated
Oversize 43 Plan of Andrew Watson farm, copy 2, undated
Oversize 44 Plan of William Watson properties, undated
Oversize 45 Mortgage of James R. Irwin, September 17, 1834
Oversize 46 Plan of lots belonging to Jane Watson, April 1841
Oversize 47 Real estate of Jane Magee, deceased 1880
Oversize 48 Plan of property in the Fifth Ward of Pittsburgh, undated