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Series V. Notes and Materials on Mathematics and Mathematical Logic

Scope and Content Notes:

Series V contains F. Ramsey's notes and manuscripts on various aspects of logic and mathematical logic. Materials in this series comprise Ramsey's work on technical matters of logic and mathematics as well as his thoughts on prominent philosophers and mathematicians whose work made significant contributions to these topics. Researchers interested in Ramsey's work on mathematical logic and logic should be sure to consult the additional materials in Series IV.

Box 5
Folder 1-2 Logic
Folder 3-4 Theory of Types
Folder 5-6 Axiom of Reducibility
Folder 7 Theory of Types and Mathematics
Folder 8 Theory of Types
Folder 9 Second Order Functions
Folder 10 General Propositions
Folder 11 Logic
Folder 12 First Order Logic
Folder 13 Logic
Folder 14 Self-Reference
Folder 15 Propositions
Folder 16 Logic
Folder 17 Scientific Theories
Folder 18 Solipsism and Personal Identity
Folder 19 Meaning of Hypothetical Propositions
Folder 20 Probability, Mathematics (also preservation copies)
Folder 21 Sensation
Folder 22-25 W.E. Johnson, Logic
Folder 26 Hilbert (German)
Folder 27 Bernays (German)
Folder 28 Bernstein (German)
Folder 29 Hilbert (German)
Folder 30 Peirce, Chance, Love, and Logic