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Series III. Notes on Various Topics

Scope and Content Notes:

Series III contains notes by F. Ramsey on philosophical topics, psychological topics, specific philosophers (notably Kant, Hobbes, and Schopenhauer), and on mathematical and statistical topics. The miscellaneous notes here - as in Series II - are short exposition of Ramsey's ideas, notes about texts that he was reading, and insights on topics that he was considering. The subjects covered in the wider array of notes are not restricted to the topics prominent in this series.

Box 3
Folder 1 Psychoanalysis
Folder 2 De Rochefoucauld, Hobbes, and La Bruyere
Folder 3 Logic, etc.
Folder 4 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 5 M.F. Washburn
Folder 6 K.O. Erdmann
Folder 7 Shaw's Back to Methuselah
Folder 8 Helmholtz
Folder 9 Judgment
Folder 10 Hume's Treatise
Folder 11 Eddington
Folder 12 W.E. Johnson
Folder 13 Probability, Modality
Folder 14 Aristotle, Plato
Folder 15-16 Probability
Folder 17 Schopenhauer on Kant
Folder 18 Pritchard on Kant
Folder 19 Whately
Folder 20 Schopenhauer
Folder 21 Philosophy, Mathematics
Folder 22 Kant
Folder 23 Bradley and Bosanquet
Folder 24 Bradley
Folder 25 Bosanquet
Folder 26 Metapsychology
Folder 27 Logic
Folder 28 Carnap
Folder 29 Realism
Folder 30-31 Miscellaneous Notes (cont.)
Folder 32 Realism
Folder 33 Epistemology
Folder 34 Vagueness, Sensation
Folder 35 Logic
Folder 36 Definition
Folder 37 Causality, Psychology, Acquaintance
Folder 38 Russell