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Series II. Notes on Philosophy and Philosophy of Science

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II consists of general notes by F. Ramsey on topics such as logical philosophy, philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, and individual philosophers such as G.E. Moore, I. Kant, L. Wittgenstein. The notes are arranged thematically by notebook or folder. These notes are on loose sheets of paper and as with his other notes may show the imprint of his developing thought by containing passages that have been lined out and replaced by later formulations. The folders containing miscellaneous notes hold material that is often fragmentary or short. The topics covered are often to be found as principal topics in other folders, so researchers may wish to consult these folders for Ramsey's development of his ideas. The notes in the miscellaneous folders are often Ramsey's jottings on reading that he was doing, as indicated by his citation of specific works.

Box 2
Folder 1 Solipsism and Language
Folder 2-3 G.E. Moore
Folder 4 Notes
Folder 5 Facts
Folder 6 H.W.B. Joseph
Folder 7 Sense Data, Time
Folder 8 Notes
Folder 9 Mathematics
Folder 10-11 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 12 Kant
Folder 13-14 Miscellaneous Notes
Folder 15 Experience
Folder 16 Logic
Folder 17 Existential Judgment
Folder 18 Abstraction
Folder 19 Letter to Behmann
Folder 20 Logic
Folder 21 Logic and Language
Folder 22 Logic and Truth
Folder 23 Truth, Judgment, and Knowledge
Folder 24 Sensation
Folder 25 Miscellaneous notes
Folder 26 Philosophy, Logic, and Mathematics
Folder 27 Logic
Folder 28 Notes
Folder 29 Wittgenstein
Folder 30 Causality and Probability
Folder 31 Notes
Folder 32 Meaning, Acquaintance
Folder 33 Meaning and Experience
Folder 34 Meaning
Folder 35 Self-Reference