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Series I. Philip Dunning as Sole Author, 1915-1968

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is arranged alphabetically by script title. It includes Dunning’s first play, Dollar Bill, and unpublished novel, Little Ivory Ball (1947), and notes relating to Sequel to a Verdict, also various scripts written under various pseudonyms.

Box 1
Folder 1 Biographical information, 1966-1968
Folder 2-3 Andy McGluke. Written for TV. Plays: Andy McGluke Quits College, Andy McGluke’s Dress Suit, Andy McGluke’s Ringside Seat, Andy McGluke’s Birthday party
Folder 4 Andy McGluke. Five of the finest. Plays: The Old Gent’s Footsteps, Almost Promoted, Ringside Arrest, Wild Goose Chase
Folder 5 Away Up Yonder; a new play. Registered under previous title: The Big Attraction. Latest version July 1967. With revisions, 1964
Folder 6 The Big Depression. As presented at the Lambs Gambol, January 11, 1931. With penciled annotations and corrections, 1930
Folder 7 The Big Puff; a new comedy. With revisions
Folder 8 Boy and Girl, 1920
Folder 9 The Colored Actress and the Nigger Porter (water damaged), 1920
Folder 10 Copacabana; a filmusical synopsis, 1945
Folder 11 Could I Borrow a Match? A comedy in one act
Folder 12 The Crime of the Century. Screen version. With revisions, 1935
See Also: 3:15.
Folder 13 Curtain Going Up; [film] treatment. Revised July 1948
Folder 14 Curtain Going Up. Miscellaneous notes and clippings
Folder 15 Curtain Going Up. Revised August 1948
Folder 16 Dollar Bill; or, Spuds. A farcical adventure. Dunning's 1st play, 1915

Box 2
Folder 1 Dollars and Horse Sense. Mimeograph. Includes wardrobe, property, light, sound, and motion picture plots
Folder 2 Dollars and Horse Sense. Without plots
Folder 3 Elmer Tosses a Party
Folder 4 Happy Home
Folder 5 Home and Mother; or, Back to Earth. Alternate title: Never Too Late, 1916
Folder 6-7 Horses are Honest; a television play
Folder 8 Jury Play. Notes for play idea. Holograph, 1959
See Also: 3:11-13.
Folder 9 Jury Play. Clippings and data, 1959
Folder 10 King of Coffee; a musical play in two acts. Music by Brazilian composers [not included]
Folder 11 Knee Deep in Diamonds; a television play
Folder 12 The Last Rehearsal
Folder 13 Let There be Light; a new play. Mimeograph copy
Folder 14 Little Brown Jug
Folder 15 Little Ivory Ball, a novel. Includes TLS rejection from Satevepost, 1947, and news clips

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Little Man in a High Hat; a screen play. With penciled notes
Folder 3 Little Tin Badge. By William Miller and Ben Madden [pseudonyms for P. Dunning]
Folder 4 Money Don’t Grow on Trees; a comedy in one act. With inked revisions
Folder 5 The Mysterious Mystery. With penciled notes
Folder 6 Night Hostess; scenario
Folder 7 One Born Every Minute
Folder 8 Pardon My Gun; blood and thunder with music. Book by D.V. Hart. [Pseud. for P. Dunning.] With penciled notes
Folder 9 The Professional, 1930
Folder 10 Run for Your Money; a television play
Folder 11 Sequel to a Verdict. Notes, outline, plots, ground plan, etc. (Play published by Dramatists Play Service, 1963. Previously referred to a Courtroom Play; original title: Account of a Trial), 1963
See Also: 2:8-9
Folder 12 Sequel to a Verdict. Background clippings and data
Folder 13 Sequel to a Verdict. Correspondence, 1959-1962
Folder 14 Sh! Sh! Listen! Alternate title on cover: Ether Waves
Folder 15 Shadow of Doubt; or, The Crime of the Century
See Also: 1:12.
Folder 16 Show Folks
Folder 17 Show Beautiful Snow. Version 1, 11p. With inked revisions
Folder 18 Show Beautiful Snow. Version 2, 20p
Folder 19 Spontaneous Combustion: a new play by David Hart and Mary Niles Van Loon [Pseuds. for P. Dunning]
Folder 20 Sweet Land of Liberty. A new play in two acts
Folder 21 Sweet Land of Liberty. A new play in three acts, 1929
Folder 22 The 13th Year of Abie and His Irish Rose; a satirical burlesque
Folder 23 This is My girl; screenplay treatment
Folder 24 Too True; or, Sock ‘em on the Bean. With inked revisions
Folder 25 Two Dollar Bettor. [Short story] Alternate title inked on cover: Two Horse Parlay