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Series II. Correspondence, 1893-1972

Scope and Content Notes:

Primarily, this series is personal correspondence, with some business correspondence included, both to and from the Kenyons. It is broken into five subseries. Included are typed letters signed, autograph letters, and carbon copies of letters. Signed letters (some TLS, but most ALS) are from Maurice Evans, Minnie Maddern Fiske, the Sotherns, Helen Hayes, Lucille Laverne, and others, many of the theatre celebrities also represented in the photograph series. One group of letters, from William Moore Patch, relates to his trial in Philadelphia. Another group refers to T. Thomas Kenyon’s gift of Elmer Kenyon’s Papers to the New York Public Library. Business correspondence includes one folder of lectures to and from Warren Munsell, Business Manager of the Theatre Guild, and another folder contains correspondence with the Shuberts.

Subseries 1. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 4 Thomas Kenyon, Sr. - to Mrs. Kenyon, 1893-1913

Subseries 2. Elmer Kenyon

Folder 5 Elmer Kenyon - New Year’s greetings to his parents, 1895-1896
Folder 6 Elmer Kenyon - World War I post cards to his mother, 1918-1919
Folder 7 Elmer Kenyon - excerpts from World War I correspondence to his mother prepared by Titus Thomas for distribution to friends after Elmer’s death, 1950
Folder 8 Elmer Kenyon - from Maurice Evans, 1947
Folder 9 Elmer Kenyon - from Minnie Maddern Fiske, 1924-1930
Folder 10 Elmer Kenyon - Dorothy Jean Minnemeyer Van Wissink, 1949
Folder 11 Elmer Kenyon - from E.H. Sothern and Julia Marlow, 1921
Folder 12 Elmer Kenyon - miscellaneous, 1929-1948

Subseries 3. Elmer Kenyon and T. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 13 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - Harold V. Cohen, Jerone Volk, Karl Krug, Kaspar Monahan, 1932-1958
Folder 14 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Helen Hayes, 1933-1949
Folder 15 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Ray Henderson, 1932-1937
Folder 16 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - Florence Fisher Parry, 1937-1949
Folder 17 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Aug. Rottenbach, 1908-1911
Folder 18 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - correspondence to newspapers, 1932-1964
Folder 19 Elmer and Titus Thomas Kenyon - miscellaneous correspondence, 1910-1943

Subseries 4. T. Thomas Kenyon

Folder 20 Titus Thomas Kenyon - to his mother, 1909
Folder 21 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Judith Anderson
Folder 22 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Brooks Atkinson, 1954
Folder 23 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Katharine Cornell, 1937
Folder 24 Titus Thomas Kenyon - John K Daly, 1955
Folder 25 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Anne Ford, 1949-1951
Folder 26 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Sara Greenspan, 1937-1943
Folder 27 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Ann Harding, 1932
Folder 28 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Bill K., 1938-1968
Folder 29 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Lucille Lacey, 1949
Folder 30 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Lucille LaVerne, 1924-1928
Folder 31 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Joan Marion, 1927-1949
Folder 32-33 Titus Thomas Kenyon - Dorothy Jean Minnemeyer Van Wissink, 1950-1961
Folder 34 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Warren P. Munsell business manager of the Theatre Guild, 1934-1939
Folder 35 Titus Thomas Kenyon - New York Public Library, 1949-1961
Folder 36 Titus Thomas Kenyon - William Moore Patch, 1923-1930
Folder 37 Titus Thomas Kenyon - J.J. Shubert and Lee Schubert, 1924-1928
Folder 38 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Cepha (Sisk?), 1934-1957
Folder 39 Titus Thomas Kenyon - from Leo, 1964
Folder 40 Titus Thomas Kenyon - miscellaneous letters received, 1910-1972

Subseries 5. Letters of Condolence

Folder 41 Letters and telegrams of condolence on the deaths of Elmer Kenyon and Mrs. Thomas Kenyon, 1949-1951