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Title: Dick Thornburgh Papers, Series XIX. Videos
Collection Number: AIS.1998.30.19
Creator: Thornburgh, Dick, 1932-

Collection Dates: 1978-2010
Extent: 271.0 items

Language: English

The Dick Thornburgh video collection, consists of 251 videos from the years 1978-1991, 2003, 2009, which begin with Thornburgh's gubernatorial campaign in 1978, and continue up to and including his campaign for U.S. Senate in 1991. There are 55 videos (14.5 hours total) available here online. Subjects and events include, for example: campaign ads, inaugurals, budget addresses, appearances on McNeil/Lehrer both as Governor and Attorney General, news conferences from the week of the accident at Three Mile Island, a brief clip of the welcoming by Governor Thornburgh of Pope John Paul II to Philadelphia, 1979, Attorney General's announcement of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) related indictments, and the first anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Digital reproductions of portions of the collection are available online.

This finding aid is available on line as result of a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania grant to the University of Pittsburgh and with collaboration of the Archives Service Center and the Digital Research Library.

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June 30, 2004

Finding aid prepared by Nancy Watson.
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April 2011:
Added four videos on anniversary of Three Mile Island from 2003 and 2009.

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  • Political campaigns -- Pennsylvania

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  • Pennsylvania. Governor (1979-1987: Thornburgh).
  • Pennsylvania. Governor. -- Elections
  • Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant (Pa.).
  • United States. Attorney-General.
  • United States. Congress. Senate. -- Elections

Personal Names
  • Thornburgh, Dick, 1932-
  • Thornburgh, Ginny (Judson)

  • Pennsylvania -- Politics and government -- 1951-
  • United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century

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  • Government
  • Personal papers
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Dick Thornburgh Papers, 1932- , AIS.1998.30, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

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This collection was processed by Nancy Watson, Curator of the Thornburgh Papers, Holly Mengel, Project Archivist, and a team of graduate students. Processing was made possible by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2002. Revision and rearrangement for the encoded version of the finding aid provided by Holly Mengel in 2004. Information about the collection title and the controlled access terms was extracted from the MARC record in the University of Pittsburgh catalog Voyager ID number: 3608599.


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Collection Inventory

Series XIX. Video, 1978-2010

Scope and Content Notes:

The Thornburgh archive at the University of Pittsburgh has 547 videos from the years 1978-1991, which begin with Thornburgh's gubernatorial campaign in 1978, and continue up to and including his campaign for U.S. Senate in 1991. Since that time, both from Thornburgh's position as Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and in his ongoing career, there have been no video additions to the collection. All 547 videos have been reformatted for preservation and 55 videos (14.5 hours total) are available here online.

Subjects and events include, for example: campaign ads, inaugurals, budget addresses, appearances on McNeil/Lehrer both as Governor and Attorney General, news conferences from the week of the accident at Three Mile Island, Martin Luther King Day events, Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts, Distinguished Service Medal to General Matthew B. Ridgeway, a brief clip of the welcoming by Governor Thornburgh of Pope John Paul II to Philadelphia, 1979, Attorney General's announcement of Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) related indictments, and the first anniversary of the signing of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

It should be noted that at the time Thornburgh became Governor of Pennsylvania, in 1979, videotapes were comparatively early in their use and quality. In fact, Commonwealth Media was formally established by Governor Thornburgh only after the accident at Three Mile Island, which dramatically exemplified the usefulness of visual documentation of major occurrences, news conferences, and events.

Selection of videos available here online is intended to portray an array of events and issues that are both visually interesting and have representative and significant content. In some cases the quality is less than excellent, but the content merited inclusion. Videos here are in low/high bandwidth in Windows Media and Quicktime formats

Subseries 1. Campaign for Governor, 1979

Box 1600
Videotape DTV-001 Thornburgh for Governor campaign ads (Primary and General elections) [online] 1978
Videotape DTV-002 League of Women Voters' Thornburgh / Flaherty Debate #2 October 10, 1978
Videotape DTV-003 PPTN: Governor Thornburgh Inauguration Ceremony [online] January 16, 1979

Subseries 3. Governor, 1979-1987

Videotape DTV-004 PBS: Transition: A Governor Takes Office February 4, 1979
Videotape DTV-005 WTPA: Tour of Governor's Home and Interview with Governor and Ginny May 9, 1979
Videotape DTV-006 Governor's Speech to Joint Session of the Pennsylvania Legislature [online] October 1, 1979
Videotape DTV-007 Governor Greeting Pope John Paul II in Pope's first visit to Philadelphia [online] October 9, 1979
Videotape DTV-008-009 Lancaster Town Meeting with Governor, December 18, 1979 (2 tapes)
Videotape DTV-010 Marcia Kaplan Interviews: Jay Waldman and Paul Critchlow December 21, 1979 December 28, 1979
Videotape DTV-011 Marsha Kaplan Interviews: Governor and Lieutenant Governor January, 1980
Videotape DTV-012 WITF "Newsmakers" John Baer Host: Roundtable Questions and Answers with the Governor January 21, 1980
Videotape DTV-013 WPVI: "First Ladies" Series with Ginny Thornburgh February 26, 1980
Videotape DTV-014 First annual Distinguished Artists Award to Jimmy Stewart May 1, 1980
Videotape DTV-015 PA Distinguished Service Medal awarded to General Matthew B. Ridgeway [online] June 6, 1980
Videotape DTV-016 PPTN: "Call the Governor: PA Town Meeting"; John Dimsdale host June 13, 1980
Videotape DTV-017 PPTN: "People's Business" regarding Promoting Small Business July 4, 1980
Videotape DTV-018 PPTN: "People's Business" regarding Coal in PA, Liquor Control Board, and other topics July 18, 1980
Videotape DTV-019 WPVI-Channel 6 Philadelphia: Republican Governors Association November 17, 1980
Videotape DTV-020 Coal Pier 124 Opening in Philadelphia December 18, 1980
Videotape DTV-021 WITF "Newsmakers" John Baer Host: Questions and Answers to the Governor January 23, 1980
Videotape DTV-022 Governor's News Conference regarding reforms of Liquor Control Board (LCB) and abolishing State Store System, Harrisburg [online] January 28, 1981
Videotape DTV-023 The Governor's Budget Address February 3, 1981
Videotape DTV-024 PA Charter Proclamation March 4, 1981
Videotape DTV-025 News Conference, Philadelphia, regarding SEPTA Strike April 3, 1981
Videotape DTV-026 Arnold Palmer: PA Promotion, Pittsburgh April 13, 1981
Videotape DTV-027 Taiwanese Contract Signing regarding purchase contracts with PA companies May 1, 1981
Videotape DTV-028 PA Distinguished Artists Award to James Michener May 5, 1981
Videotape DTV-029 WQLN: Choices for PA May 24, 1981
Videotape DTV-030 American Legion Convention: speech July 11, 1981
Videotape DTV-031 National Governors Conference (NGC): Transportation Meeting August 10, 1981
Videotape DTV-032 News Conference: Anti-Crime Legislation September 16, 1981
Videotape DTV-033 Capitol Building Rededication: 75th Anniversary October 19, 1981
Videotape DTV-034 Pittsburgh Parkway East Reopening and Ribbon cutting Ceremonies October 21, 1981
Videotape DTV-035 News Conference: Pittsburgh Transportation Projects October 28, 1981
Videotape DTV-036 News Conference regarding Lottery Fund and increased Senior Citizen Benefits November 10, 1981
Videotape DTV-037 PPTN: "Call the Governor: PA Town Meeting"; John Dimsdale Host November 11, 1981
Videotape DTV-038 PA Highway Conference, Pittsburgh: speech December 9, 1981
Videotape DTV-039 PA Highway Conference, Pittsburgh: PennDOT Secretary Larson speech December 9, 1981
Videotape DTV-040 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding New Federalism [online] January 27, 1982
Videotape DTV-041 KYW-TV: "City Lights" regarding Black Issues, Governor January 30, 1982
Videotape DTV-042 Budget Address to the Legislature February 9, 1982
Videotape DTV-043 Thornburgh Re-Election Announcement; Franklin Plaza, Philadelphia, Pa. March 2, 1982
Videotape DTV-044 Thornburgh Crime Bill Signing (5 Year Mandatory Sentencing for Violent Crimes) April 23, 1982
Videotape DTV-045a Governor Thornburgh's Final Budget Address to Joint Session of Pennsylvania Legislature [online] February 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-045b Reelection Campaign Fundraiser Luncheon: President Reagan speaker, May 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-046 PA Distinguished Artists Award to Marion Anderson June 8, 1982
Videotape DTV-047 CNN: "Getting Tough on Crime" July 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-051 Thornburgh Inauguration and Celebratory Events [online] January 18, 1983
Videotape DTV-052 WPHL: "Profile" Interview regarding Commonwealth, African American Relations, Appointments, And Ben Franklin Partnership February 11, 1983
Videotape DTV-053 PPTN: "Call the Governor" PA Town Meeting; Mackenzie Carpenter Host May 17, 1983
Videotape DTV-054 Speech to National Bridge Conference June 1, 1983
Videotape DTV-055 News Conference: Chesapeake Bay June 2, 1983
Videotape DTV-056 WHTM: Marcia Kaplan Interviews Roy Zimmerman, Ginny Thornburgh, Dr. Morrison, and Governor Thornburgh December, 1983
Videotape DTV-057 CBS: Governor and Ginny Thornburgh in China December 1, 1983
Videotape DTV-058 Martin Luther King Day Observance and Awards Luncheon with Governor and Coretta King, Philadelphia [online] January 16, 1984
Videotape DTV-059 Budget Address to Legislature February 7, 1984
Videotape DTV-060 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding the Federal Deficit [online] July 31, 1984
Videotape DTV-061 Holiday Driving PSA with Kendall Leigh Thornburgh November 26, 1984
Videotape DTV-062 PA Tourism Promotions December 10, 1984
Videotape DTV-063 Budget Address to Legislature February 2, 1985
Videotape DTV-064 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding the Federal Budget Impasse with Governors Thornburgh and Cuomo [online] February 25, 1985
Videotape DTV-065 WHYY: "In Person" with Governor April 17, 1985
Videotape DTV-066 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Newshour" regarding Reagan's Tax Reform Plan June 6, 1985
Videotape DTV-067 Groundbreaking Ceremony: Bainbridge Street Bridge, Sunbury PA July 12, 1985
Videotape DTV-068 Aldan Elementary School: Students' Interview with Governor January, 1986
Videotape DTV-069 Budget Address to Legislature February 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-070 PBS: "MacNeil-Lehrer Report" regarding Federal Budget '87 with Governors Thornburgh and Clinton [online] February 5, 1986
Videotape DTV-071 Visit to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: Governor reading story about William Penn March 4, 1986
Videotape DTV-072 Speech to Financial Executives Institute (FEI) regarding "Major Business and Economic Issues Affecting Pennsylvania and Philadelphia" [online] May 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-073 Governor's Awards for Excellence in the Arts: Hazlett Memorial Awards [online] June 2, 1986
Videotape DTV-074 Rededication of PA Memorial at the Gettysburg Battlefield: remarks July 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-075-076 Interview with Dick Thornburgh: multiple issues November 12, 1986 (2 videotapes (parts 1 and 2).)
Videotape DTV-077 Bainbridge Street Bridge Dedication, Sunbury, PA November 24, 1986
Videotape DTV-078 Larry Kane Interview regarding Welfare Reform: Governor and Ginny Thornburgh December 1, 1986
Videotape DTV-079 Pennsylvania Tourism Commercials [online] 1979-1986
Videotape DTV-080 Conversations with the Governor #1: Education/Agenda for Excellence with Robert Wilburn September 12, 1984
Videotape DTV-081 Conversations with the Governor #2: Transportation with Secretary Thomas Larson October 21, 1984
Videotape DTV-082 Conversations with the Governor #3: Drug and Alcohol Abuse with Dick Wetherbee and Lucile Flemming November 18, 1984
Videotape DTV-083 Conversations with the Governor #4: Liquor Control Board with Senators Greenleaf and Kelly December 5, 1984
Videotape DTV-084 Conversations with the Governor #5: with Nicholas Benedictus January 10, 1985
Videotape DTV-085 Conversations with the Governor #6: Economic Development and Jobs with Secretary James Pickard and L. Jack Bradt February 6, 1985
Videotape DTV-086 Conversations with the Governor #7: 1985 Budget Address February 13, 1985
Videotape DTV-087 Conversations with the Governor #8: Economic Development and Community Conservation with Secretary Shirley Dennis and Mayors Pfuhl and Althaus April 1, 1985
Videotape DTV-088 Conversations with the Governor #9: Travel and Tourism; State Parks with Chris Umble and Ned Book and Bill Forrey May 19, 1985
Videotape DTV-089 Conversations with the Governor #10: Handicapped with Jennifer Howse, G. Lowe, and G. Makuch June 16, 1985
Videotape DTV-090 Conversations with the Governor #11: Senior Citizen Programs with Secretary Alma Jacobs July 21, 1985
Videotape DTV-091 Conversations with the Governor #12: Job Training with Mike Aker and Marvin Berger August 18, 1985
Videotape DTV-092 Conversations with the Governor #13: Welfare with Secretary Walter Cohen and Don Stovall September 22, 1985
Videotape DTV-093 Conversations with the Governor #14: Agriculture with Secretary Grubb, Obie Snider, and Hugh Miller October 20, 1985
Videotape DTV-094 Conversations with the Governor #15: Health with Secretary Muller, P. Boyer, and George Grode November 17, 1985
Videotape DTV-095 Conversations with the Governor #16: Education with Secretary K. Wright, N. Semple, and K. Evans December 22, 1985
Videotape DTV-096 Conversations with the Governor #17: Taxes/Budget with Secretary Jim Scheiner and Charles Potter January 19, 1986
Videotape DTV-097 Conversations with the Governor #18: 1986 Budget Address February 16, 1986
Videotape DTV-098 Conversations with the Governor #19: Emergencies with Nick Steptzoff, John Patton, PEMA, and Gen. Dick Scott March 16, 1986
Videotape DTV-099 Conversations with the Governor #20: Veterans with A. DiLoretto, T. Hertzler, and D. Swartz April 20, 1986
Videotape DTV-100 Conversations with the Governor #21: Council on Arts and PHMC with Diana Rose, L. Frantz, Larry Tise, and G. Tapper May 18, 1986
Videotape DTV-101 Conversations with the Governor #22: Economic Development with Walt Plosila, P. Likins, George Werner, and B. Logue June 15, 1986
Videotape DTV-102 Conversations with the Governor #23: Mental Illness and the Homeless with Dr. Nelson, Sheila Stacks, Trevor Ferrell, and Robert Williams July 20, 1986
Videotape DTV-103 Conversations with the Governor #24: Workings of State Government with Secretaries Bittenbender, Dr. Wright, and Baran August 17, 1986
Videotape DTV-104 Conversations with the Governor #25: Infrastructure with Secretary Thomas Larson and Secretary Nick DeBenedictis September 12, 1986
Videotape DTV-105 Conversations with the Governor #26: Law Enforcement and Justice with Commissioners Jay Cochran and Glen Jeffers October 7, 1986
Videotape DTV-106 Conversations with the Governor #27: Virginia Judson Thornburgh November 13, 1986
Videotape DTV-107 Conversations with the Governor #28: The Thornburgh Years [online] December 17, 1986
Videotape DTV-108 People's Business Interview with the Governor and Ginny Thornburgh January 3, 1987

Subseries 2. Re-election Campaign for Governor 1982

Videotape DTV-043 Thornburgh re-election announcement, Franklin Plaza, Philadelphia, PA March 2, 1982
Videotape DTV-045b Reelection Campaign Fundraiser Luncheon: President Reagan speaker [online] May 14, 1982
Videotape DTV-048 WITF Newsmakers:1982 Election, Host John Baer September 3, 1982
Videotape DTV-049 Re-election Campaign for Governor Ads [online] 1982
Videotape DTV-050 Election Night, Philadelphia [online] November 2, 1982

Subseries 4. Institute of Politics, 1987-1988

Videotape DTV-109 Thornburgh Returns to K & L January, 1987
Videotape DTV-110 "Thornburgh Legacy" [online] April 13, 1988

Subseries 5. Attorney General of the United States, 1988-1991

Videotape DTV-111 PBS: "McNeil-Lehrer Report": Thornburgh Named Attorney General of the United States [online] July 14, 1988
Videotape DTV-112 AG Thornburgh speaks to Department of Justice (DOJ) Employees in the Great Hall for the first time [online] October 7, 1988
Videotape DTV-113 Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) San Diego Sector, Mexican Border Patrol, San Ysidro, CA October 24, 1988

Box 1601
Videotape DTV-114 Multiple TV Stations: AG Interview following Argument at the Supreme Court re Drug Testing (Burnley) November 2, 1988
Videotape DTV-115 ABC This Week with David Brinkley: AG Thornburgh and Senator Boren regarding Oliver North January 8, 1989
Videotape DTV-116 Martin Luther King Jr. Week, at 21st Street Ecumenical Center, Atlanta, Georgia; speech January 16, 1989
Videotape DTV-117 NBC Meet the Press and NBC Today Show, Multiple Topics January 20, 1989
Videotape DTV-118 Announcement to National Governor's Association (NGA) re funds to states for fighting drugs and crime February 27, 1989
Videotape DTV-119 President Bush at Glynco: Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in GA, AG accompanies; subject crime package June 15, 1989
Videotape DTV-120 ABC This Week with David Brinkley regarding Flag Desecration July 2, 1989
Videotape DTV-121 FBI Agents' Graduation and Tour, Quantico, VA July 7, 1989
Videotape DTV-122 Federal Bar Association, Tom Clark Award, Washington, DC August 25, 1989
Videotape DTV-123 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer News Hour" regarding Columbia and Drug War [online] August 28, 1989
Videotape DTV-124 Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty Signing Ceremony: AG and Prince Bola Ajibola of Nigeria September 13, 1989
Videotape DTV-125 200th Anniversary of Office of AG: remarks of President Bush and AG Thornburgh September 22, 1989
Videotape DTV-126 ABC Good Morning America: regarding Soviet Union Trip October 23, 1989
Videotape DTV-127 CBS Nightwatch: Soviet Union Trip October 25, 1989
Videotape DTV-128 AG statement re apprehension of Noriega at Howard Air Force Base, Panama January 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-129 MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour regarding Noriega January 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-130 C-SPAN: Employment of the Disabled January 10, 1990
Videotape DTV-131 Attorney General's Press Conference regarding Exxon Valdez [online] February 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-132 AG Testimony at the hearing of the Commerce, Justice, State, Judiciary House Appropriations Committee regarding Fiscal Year 1991 Appropriations March 8, 1990
Videotape DTV-133 AG News Conference/Boston: Crime Family Indicted March 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-134 Senate Judiciary Committee: Testimony April 3, 1990
Videotape DTV-135 CNN "Newsmaker Saturday" AG Interview regarding Crime in the USA April 28, 1990
Videotape DTV-136 C-SPAN: Mexican-American Attorney Generals Borders Conference, Santa Fe, NM May 6, 1990
Videotape DTV-137 C-SPAN: Senate Judiciary Committee: DOJ authorization testimony May 8, 1990
Videotape DTV-138 House Judiciary Committee May 16, 1990
Videotape DTV-139 Ginny Thornburgh on Dr. Schuler's "Hour of Power" May 20, 1990
Videotape DTV-140 ABC: "This Week with David Brinkley" regarding the Civil Rights Bill May 20, 1990
Videotape DTV-141 U.S. Attorney Financial Institution Fraud Conference with President Bush and Attorney General Thornburgh June 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-142 News Conference: AG and U.S. Attorney Arnold regarding the Midwest Federal J&L indictment June 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-143 Heritage Foundation regarding the Rule of Law and David Brinkley Show regarding Neal Bush July 15, 1990
Videotape DTV-144 National Press Club: White Collar crime "Box Score on the Savings and Loans" July 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-145 Action News: Dick Thornburgh Live regarding the Anti-Fraud Bill July 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-146 1990 ALEC Convention: Luncheon Speech regarding civil rights, crime, drugs, firearms, Supreme Court nomination of David Souter July 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-147 Senate Banking Committee: Bank and Thrift Fraud August 2, 1990
Videotape DTV-148 Joint American/Russian Conference with Soviet Minister of Justice Veniamin F. Yakovlev and Attorney General Thornburgh [online] August 17, 1990
Videotape DTV-149 C-SPAN I: Call-In Interview with the AG regarding civil rights, Supreme Court nomination/David Souter, J&L Crisis, Henry Barr, Noriega, gun control, drugs, Nazi war criminals, white collar crime August 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-150 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Speech at Boston University School of Law September 14, 1990
Videotape DTV-151 Press Conference on Crime Bill September 26, 1990
Videotape DTV-152 Attorney General with Stuart Hobson Middle School Class October 4, 1990
Videotape DTV-153 CBS/NBC/CNN/ABC: Attorney General's Japanese Internees Ceremony October 9, 1990
Videotape DTV-154 PA Broadcasters' Gold Medal Award: Dick Thornburgh Biography October 14, 1990
Videotape DTV-155 CNN "The World Today": Civil Rights Act October 22, 1990
Videotape DTV-156 Indictment Announcement: N D Texas/ New Savings and Loan Case/ Press Conference--indictment against Jarrett E. Woods, Jr. October 25, 1990
Videotape DTV-157 AG Closing Remarks, Disability Employment Awareness Month Ceremony October 30, 1990
Videotape DTV-158 C-SPAN I: AG Speech before DOJ Financial Institution Fraud Enforcement Conference November 6, 1990
Videotape DTV-159 CNN: AG Press Conference regarding the Indictment of Mail Bomb Murderer Walter Leroy Moody, Jr. November 7, 1990
Videotape DTV-160 Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN): AG Interview November 13, 1990
Videotape DTV-161 C-SPAN: Role of the Attorney General December 27, 1990
Videotape DTV-162 The Attorney General's Awards Ceremony, Great Hall February 8, 1991
Videotape DTV-163 ABC: AG Guest on Dr. Robert Schuller' s Hour of Power February 10, 1991
Videotape DTV-164 Attorney General's announcement of indictments against former officers of Atlanta Branch of Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (BNL) over Iraqi Agricultural and other Export Credits [online] February 28, 1991
Videotape DTV-165 AG Introduction of President Bush and President Bush Speech to DOJ Crime Summit March 5, 1991
Videotape DTV-166 PBS: "MacNeil/Lehrer Report" regarding Crime [online] March 11, 1991
Videotape DTV-167 AG News Conference Segments: Exxon Oil Spill Settlement March 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-168 CNN: National Newspaper Association, Speech on Violent Crime March 15, 1991
Videotape DTV-169 NBC Channel 4 "Meet the Press": L.A. Police Brutality Case, Gun Control, and Pan AM 103 March 17, 1991
Videotape DTV-170 CNN Newsmaker: AG Interview regarding Crime Bill and Gun Control April 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-171 CNN Crier and Company: AG Crime Victim Impact Testimony April 18, 1991
Videotape DTV-172-173 C-SPAN I: AG Testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Comprehensive Crime Control Act (S635) April 18, 1991 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-174 AG News Conference following Argument before Supreme Court (Payne vs. Tennessee) April 24, 1991
Videotape DTV-175 NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN/MacNeil-Lehrer: Tennessee vs. Payne Supreme Court Decision April 25, 1991
Videotape DTV-176 Department of Justice: Points of Light Ceremony April 26, 1991
Videotape DTV-177 News Conference: Civil Antitrust Case: Eight Ivy League Universities May 22, 1991
Videotape DTV-178 C-SPAN, CNN, CBS "Face the Nation": AG Thornburgh's Resignation June 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-179 PBS: "McNeil-Lehrer Report": Crime Bill and Miranda June 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-180 Fox Morning News: AG Thornburgh's Interview regarding the Crime Bill June 13, 1991
Videotape DTV-181 "Meet the Press" and "This Week with David Brinkley": AG Interviews regarding the Supreme Court Nominee to Replace Justice Marshall June 30, 1991
Videotape DTV-182 First Anniversary of the Signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): DOJ Ceremony [online] July 26, 1991
Videotape DTV-183 Various news segments of BCCI story and interviews with the AG August 4, 1991
Videotape DTV-184 AG Press Conference on Drug Strategies August 7, 1991
Videotape DTV-185 President Bush and AG Thornburgh Address at National Fraternal Order of Police in Pittsburgh, PA August 14, 1991
Videotape DTV-186 AG Thornburgh Farewell Ceremony and speech August 15, 1991

Subseries 6. Campaign for Senate, 1991

Videotape DTV-187 Senator Harris Wofford Press Conference, State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA August 6, 1991
Videotape DTV-188 WQED-TV; Dick Thornburgh and Sen. Wofford Debate #1, Pittsburgh, PA September 6, 1991
Videotape DTV-189 Dick Thornburgh and Senator Wofford Debate #2 October 18, 1991
Videotape DTV-190 Dick Thornburgh for Senate: Compilation of Aired Campaign Ads [online] August, 1991-November 1991
Videotape DTV-191 US Senate Campaign Concession Speech [online] November 5, 1991

Subseries 7. Three Mile Island (TMI), 1979-1999

Videotape DTV-204-206 WQED: Press Conference #1, Lieutenant Governor Scranton, Critchlow, Dornsife and Henderson, 10:55AM [online] March 28, 1979 (3 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-207-208 WQED: Press Conference #2, Lieutenant Governor Scranton, Critchlow, Dornsife, Gerusky and Henderson, 4:30PM [online] March 28, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-209-210 WQED: Metropolitan Edison, Herbein, 1PM [online] March 28, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-211 WQED: Press Conference #3, Lieutenant Governor Scranton, Higgins and Gallina, 10PM [online] March 28, 1979
Videotape DTV-212-213 WQED: Metropolitan Edison, Herbein and Crietz, 10AM [online] March 29, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-214-216 WQED: 1st Governor Press Conference, Critchlow, Scranton, Gerusky, Higgins, Gallina and Henderson, 5:15 pm [online] March 29, 1979 (3 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-217 PBS: "MacNeil Lehrer Report" regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) March 29, 1979
Videotape DTV-218 WITF: "Three Mile Island (TMI) Mishap: An Update" March 29, 1979
Videotape DTV-219-220 WQED: Metropolitan Edison, Herbein, 11AM [online] March 30, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-221-222 WQED: Governor and Lieutenant Governor Press Conference, 12:30PM [online] March 30, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-223 President Carter and Governor Thornburgh Press Conference regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) [online] April 1, 1979
Videotape DTV-224-225 WQED: Harold Denton (NRC) Press Conference, 3 PM [online] April 1, 1979 (2 videotapes.)
Videotape DTV-226 WQED: Governor Thornburgh Press Conference 9:30 PM [online] April 3, 1979
Videotape DTV-227 Governor's Emergency Message regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) April 6, 1979

Box 1602
Videotape DTV-228 WQED: Governor Thornburgh Press Conference, Scranton, Denton and Adamcik, 3PM [online] April 9, 1979
Videotape DTV-229 WITF "The People of Three Mile Island (TMI)" 1979
Videotape DTV-230 WITF "Newsmakers" with Lieutenant Governor Scranton regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) Consequences February 28, 1980
Videotape DTV-231 News Conference regarding Three Mile Island (TMI): Governor and Harold Denton March 27, 1980
Videotape DTV-232 NBC: "Today Show": Energy and Three Mile Island (TMI) Consequences March 28, 1980
Videotape DTV-233 ABC: Governor regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) Venting June 29, 1980
Videotape DTV-234 NBC: Governor regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) Venting June 29, 1980
Videotape DTV-235 Channel 27 News: David Stockman regarding Federal Dollars for Three Mile Island (TMI) Cleanup March, 1981
Videotape DTV-236 Governor proposes Cost-Sharing Plan for Cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) [online] July 9, 1981
Videotape DTV-237 National Governors Conference: Governors statement regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) August 10, 1981
Videotape DTV-238 Governor's Testimony before joint committees of US Senate regarding cleanup of Three Mile Island (TMI) October 20, 1981
Videotape DTV-239 Thornburgh and US Congressman Ertel regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) Cleanup March, 1982
Videotape DTV-240 U.S. DOE and GPU agreement signing for removal of damaged Unit 2 reactor for Three Mile Island (TMI) site April 7, 1982
Videotape DTV-241 PBS: "MacNeil-Lehrer Report" regarding the Three Mile Island (TMI) Cleanup Plan April, 1982
Videotape DTV-242 NRC: Governor's Testimony on Three Mile Island (TMI) before Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) August 8, 1984
Videotape DTV-243 "Friendship Under Fire: Remembering Three Mile Island" (TMI) Merrill Lynch produced) March 22, 1989
Videotape DTV-244 C-SPAN: National Press Club Speech regarding Three Mile Island (TMI) March 28, 1989
Videotape DTV-245 CBS Nightwatch Interview: Three Mile Island (TMI) March 29, 1989
Videotape DTV-246 Dickinson College, Clarke Center: "Three Mile Island (TMI) Lessons Learned"; Governor, Denton and others March 25, 1999
Videotape DTV-247 "Three Mile Island (TMI): A Nuclear Crisis Revisited"; University of Pittsburgh Panel Discussion including Governor, Denton, and Dvorchak [online] March 26, 1999
Videotape DTV-248 “Thornburgh-Scranton 25th Anniversary Symposium: Crisis Management Lessons from Three Mile Island (TMI)," [online] November 19, 2003
Videotape DTV-249 NRC: Three Mile Island Accident, 30th Anniversary: “A Look Back: Preserving the Institutional Memory” (TMI) with excerpts from ‘We Survived TMI’ , WHTM ABC27; Morning Session, [online] March 25, 2009
Videotape DTV-250-251 NRC: “Three Mile Island Accident, 30th Anniversary" (continued); Afternoon Session, [online] March 25, 2009 (2 videotapes)

Subseries 8. Ongoing Career, 1993-

Videotape DTV-192 First Annual Attorneys General Forum, University of California, Hastings School of Law: "American and the Courts" September 14, 1992
Videotape DTV-193 Second Annual Attorneys General Forum, University of California, Hastings School of Law October 23, 1993
Videotape DTV-194 Larry King Live regarding the O.J. Simpson Case; Thornburgh guest expert February 7, 1995
Videotape DTV-195 DOJ Official Portrait Presentation of Dick Thornburgh, Washington, DC September 28, 1995
Videotape DTV-196 SIGMA XI Town Meeting "Current Issues in Scientific Research" November 1, 1995
Videotape DTV-197 Host Dennis Wholey: "America" regarding Terrorism in America August 6, 1996
Videotape DTV-198 The Eisenhower World Affairs Institute Panel Discussion: "Policy Making in the White House" April 28, 1997
Videotape DTV-199 GOP TV: "Rising Tide: Reno's Refusal," Guest Former Attorney General, Dick Thornburgh October 16, 1997
Videotape DTV-200 "Viewpoints": Interview with Dick Thornburgh regarding leadership, his career, and education issues February, 1998
Videotape DTV-201 Speech to SPAS Society, 1998 Lecture Series at the Vineyards: "Challenges, issues and opportunities at the end of 20th century" February 23, 1998
Videotape DTV-202 Pennsylvania Cable Network: PIN Profiles: Governor Dick Thornburgh (1979-1987) January, 1999
Videotape DTV-203 Vision House: "Opening Doors" (Disability Event and Award) June 3, 2002

Box 1602
Disc DTV-252 Dick Thornburgh: An Oral History Parts 1-3 (3 DVDs)
Disc DTV-253 Dick Thornburgh: An Oral History Parts 4 & 5
Disc DTV-254 Thornburgh-Scranton 25th Reunion, November 19, 2003
Disc DTV-255 The Jim Bohannon Show, September 23, 2003
Disc DTV-256 House of Representatives: Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) Hearing, Panel 1: Dick Thornburgh, September 14, 2006
Disc DTV-257 House of Representatives: Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) Appropriations Hearing, Panel 2: Dept. of Justice Inspector General, Congressional Research Service, and Director Mueller, September 14, 2006
Disc DTV-258 Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law and Public Policy, Dick Thornburgh Room, and Judge Jay C. Waldman Seminar Room Dedication, April 5, 2007
Disc DTV-259 C-SPAN: Puerto Rico's Future, 2007
Disc DTV-260 C-SPAN: Washington Journal, 2006
Disc DTV-261 Bill Scranton: Dick Thornburgh Interview, October 16, 2008
Disc DTV-262 Jim Seif Interview, October 1, 2008
Disc DTV-263 Rick Stafford: Thornburgh Interview, October 20, 2008
Disc DTV-264 Thornburgh Delegate: Conversation on Constitutional Convention 1967-1968, ca. 2000
Disc DTV-265 HBG Living Legacy Interviews, Richard Thornburgh
Disc DTV-266 9/11: A Memorial & Remembrance, Gov. Dick Thornburgh
Disc DTV-267 Three Mile Island (TMI) Video
Disc DTV-268 I Survived TMI, "27 News Special," 10 Years Out, 1989
Disc DTV-269 U.S. NRC: Inside Core - Original footage of the damaged core of TMI-2
Disc DTV-270 Japan Nuclear Accident - Aftermath
Disc DTV-271 Pennsylvania's First Ladies
Disc DTV-272 Enrichment Lecture, February 5, 2004
Disc DTV-273 Seven Seas Voyager, Enrichment Lectures: Homeland Security and Fight Against Terrorism, February 11, 2004
Disc DTV-274 Seven Seas Voyager, Enrichment Lectures: Memorable Moments from the 20th Century Presidential Elections, February 12, 2004
Disc DTV-275 Jeff Brodsky, Columbia University: Dick Thornburgh Interview, October 19, 2010