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Collection Inventory

Series I. Philip Dunning as Sole Author, 1915-1968

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is arranged alphabetically by script title. It includes Dunning’s first play, Dollar Bill, and unpublished novel, Little Ivory Ball (1947), and notes relating to Sequel to a Verdict, also various scripts written under various pseudonyms.

Box 1
Folder 1 Biographical information, 1966-1968
Folder 2-3 Andy McGluke. Written for TV. Plays: Andy McGluke Quits College, Andy McGluke’s Dress Suit, Andy McGluke’s Ringside Seat, Andy McGluke’s Birthday party
Folder 4 Andy McGluke. Five of the finest. Plays: The Old Gent’s Footsteps, Almost Promoted, Ringside Arrest, Wild Goose Chase
Folder 5 Away Up Yonder; a new play. Registered under previous title: The Big Attraction. Latest version July 1967. With revisions, 1964
Folder 6 The Big Depression. As presented at the Lambs Gambol, January 11, 1931. With penciled annotations and corrections, 1930
Folder 7 The Big Puff; a new comedy. With revisions
Folder 8 Boy and Girl, 1920
Folder 9 The Colored Actress and the Nigger Porter (water damaged), 1920
Folder 10 Copacabana; a filmusical synopsis, 1945
Folder 11 Could I Borrow a Match? A comedy in one act
Folder 12 The Crime of the Century. Screen version. With revisions, 1935
See Also: 3:15.
Folder 13 Curtain Going Up; [film] treatment. Revised July 1948
Folder 14 Curtain Going Up. Miscellaneous notes and clippings
Folder 15 Curtain Going Up. Revised August 1948
Folder 16 Dollar Bill; or, Spuds. A farcical adventure. Dunning's 1st play, 1915

Box 2
Folder 1 Dollars and Horse Sense. Mimeograph. Includes wardrobe, property, light, sound, and motion picture plots
Folder 2 Dollars and Horse Sense. Without plots
Folder 3 Elmer Tosses a Party
Folder 4 Happy Home
Folder 5 Home and Mother; or, Back to Earth. Alternate title: Never Too Late, 1916
Folder 6-7 Horses are Honest; a television play
Folder 8 Jury Play. Notes for play idea. Holograph, 1959
See Also: 3:11-13.
Folder 9 Jury Play. Clippings and data, 1959
Folder 10 King of Coffee; a musical play in two acts. Music by Brazilian composers [not included]
Folder 11 Knee Deep in Diamonds; a television play
Folder 12 The Last Rehearsal
Folder 13 Let There be Light; a new play. Mimeograph copy
Folder 14 Little Brown Jug
Folder 15 Little Ivory Ball, a novel. Includes TLS rejection from Satevepost, 1947, and news clips

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Little Man in a High Hat; a screen play. With penciled notes
Folder 3 Little Tin Badge. By William Miller and Ben Madden [pseudonyms for P. Dunning]
Folder 4 Money Don’t Grow on Trees; a comedy in one act. With inked revisions
Folder 5 The Mysterious Mystery. With penciled notes
Folder 6 Night Hostess; scenario
Folder 7 One Born Every Minute
Folder 8 Pardon My Gun; blood and thunder with music. Book by D.V. Hart. [Pseud. for P. Dunning.] With penciled notes
Folder 9 The Professional, 1930
Folder 10 Run for Your Money; a television play
Folder 11 Sequel to a Verdict. Notes, outline, plots, ground plan, etc. (Play published by Dramatists Play Service, 1963. Previously referred to a Courtroom Play; original title: Account of a Trial), 1963
See Also: 2:8-9
Folder 12 Sequel to a Verdict. Background clippings and data
Folder 13 Sequel to a Verdict. Correspondence, 1959-1962
Folder 14 Sh! Sh! Listen! Alternate title on cover: Ether Waves
Folder 15 Shadow of Doubt; or, The Crime of the Century
See Also: 1:12.
Folder 16 Show Folks
Folder 17 Show Beautiful Snow. Version 1, 11p. With inked revisions
Folder 18 Show Beautiful Snow. Version 2, 20p
Folder 19 Spontaneous Combustion: a new play by David Hart and Mary Niles Van Loon [Pseuds. for P. Dunning]
Folder 20 Sweet Land of Liberty. A new play in two acts
Folder 21 Sweet Land of Liberty. A new play in three acts, 1929
Folder 22 The 13th Year of Abie and His Irish Rose; a satirical burlesque
Folder 23 This is My girl; screenplay treatment
Folder 24 Too True; or, Sock ‘em on the Bean. With inked revisions
Folder 25 Two Dollar Bettor. [Short story] Alternate title inked on cover: Two Horse Parlay

Series II. Philip Dunning as Collaborator 1927-1971

Scope and Content Notes:

Series II is arranged alphabetically by the name of the co-author. It includes the final script, the tryout version, a television adaptation, and two later play adaptations by George Abbott, of the play Broadway. Among the other collaborators are Charlton Andrews, Philo Higley ( Remember the Day (1935) includes stage inventories, reviews, etc.), John Mcnulty, Harry Madden, and others.

Box 4
Folder 1 With George Abbott. The Big Shot. Book by George Abbot. Based on Broadway
Folder 2 With George Abbott. Broadway; a play in three acts. Tryout version
Folder 3 With George Abbott. Broadway; a play in three acts. Adapted for television as a drama with music by P. Dunning
Folder 4 With George Abbott. A Party at the Paradise; a two act play by George Abbott, based on Broadway
Folder 5 With George Abbott. Speak Easy. Book by George Abbott. Inked on t.p., 1971
Folder 6 With Charlton Andrews. Hoky Hollywood; a farce in three acts. With revisions, 1927
Folder 7 With John Beane. Head over Heart; a new comedy
Folder 8 With Curtis Benton. The late John Barleycorn; a Travesty on Prohibition. Telephone business by P. Dunning
Folder 9 With Hal Borland. America is Americans; a Patriotic Playlet. On cover: Corrected. Mimeograph copy
Folder 10 With Barton Browne. Royal Strings, 1936
Folder 11 With Jack Donahue. The Understudy; a comedy in three acts

Box 5
Folder 1 With Jo Eisinger and Stephen Van Gluck. Public Benefactor; an original melodrama in three acts. Collaboration agreement with Philip Dunning and optioned by Dunning. Motion picture on theme made by MGM (stained), 1936
Folder 2 With Rita Q. Ford. Three Girls and a Pearl; a new comedy, 1940
Folder 3 With Milton Gropper. Anything for a Laugh, 1941
Folder 4 With Lawrence Gross. Face Values; a new comedy in two acts, 1935
Folder 5 With James Hagan. Double in Brass; screen play scenario
Folder 6 With Sam Hellman and Abel Green. Notes and suggestions by P. Dunning on Mr. Broadway, screen play by Hellman and Green
Folder 7 With Philo Higley. Remember the Day; a new play. Mimeograph copy, 1935
Folder 8 With Philo Higley. Remember the Day; a new play. Reviewed 1963. Includes theatre flyer, 1935
Folder 9 With Philo Higley. Remember the Day; a new play. Stage manager’s inventories; wardrobe, electrical materials, properties, scenery
Folder 10 With Philo Higley. Remember the Day; a new play. Reviews of the production at the National Theatre, September, 1935
Folder 11 With Philo Higley. Remember the Day; a new play. Screen treatment for new ending, by P. Dunning
Folder 12 With N.C. Hunter. Palm Beach; a comedy in three acts
Folder 13 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. Based on John McNulty’s New Yorker stories. April draft, 1943
Folder 14 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. With penciled notes. September, 1944
Folder 15 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. Stage diagrams
Folder 16 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. Dunning’s “Notes and rough layout” for McNulty’s stories. February, 1943
Folder 17 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. Paramount contracts (movie title: Third Avenue), signed and notarized carbon; TLS from Paramount, 1945
Folder 18 With John McNulty. What Goes on Here. 11 New Yorker stories. Clippings, 1941-1942

Box 6
Folder 1 With Harry Madden. Bedtime for Ali Baba; a play in two acts and seven scenes. Mimeograph copy, 1936
Folder 2 With Harry Madden. Kill That Story. MGM synopsis. Summer tryout, Langner’s Country Theatre, Westport. Mimeograph copy, 1934
Folder 3 With Joseph Schrank. Page Miss Glory; 2 plays in two acts. Mimeograph copy, 1934
Folder 4-5 With Charles Sherman. A Thousand Times, no. 1939. Mimeograph copy
Folder 6 With Robert Wilder. A new play by P. Dunning and Robert Wilder. Dunning’s 1st draft of Act I, from Wilder’s novel, Flamingo Road
Folder 7 With Louis Wolheim. History Repeats Itself; or, Even in Robe. Talking picture scenario. 1st draft, 1930

Series III. Philip Dunning as Adaptor 1936-1944

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is arranged alphabetically by the original author of the play.

Folder 8 Farrago, Alexander. Playland (working title). A play in three acts. Translated from Hungarian. P. Dunning’s version, 1936
Folder 9 Hagan, James, and P. Dunning. Reaching for a Star [short story] by P. Dunning based on a play by Hagan and Dunning
Folder 10 Mack, Willard. The Dove. Dialogue adaptation by James Ashmore Creelman. Screen version of Broadway play [adapted by P. Dunning?] Mimeograph copy with penciled notes
Folder 11 Wector, Dixon. Johnny Comes Marching Home. Synopses of adaptations by P. Dunning. With notes
Folder 12 Wector, Dixon. Johnny Comes Marching Home. Armstrong’s Theatre of Today script. November 11. Mimeograph copy, 1944
Folder 13 Wector, Dixon. Johnny Comes Marching Home. P. Dunning’s notes. Holograph

Series IV. Philip Dunning as Producer 1932-1945

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is arranged alphabetically by author of the play. Includes the script, photographs, and stage inventories for the play Schoolhouse on the Lot which had its Broadway premiere at the Ritz Theatre on March 22, 1938.

Dunning was also the producer for the following productions - Broadway, Night Hostess, Sweet Land of Liberty, Kill that Story, Page Miss Glory, Remember the Day. The materials for these shows appear in the earlier series.

Box 7
Folders 1-2 Fields, Joseph A. and Jerome Comoro. Schoolhouse on the Lot; a play, 1938
Folder 3 Fields, Joseph A. and Jerome Comoro. Schoolhouse on the Lot; a play. Photographs
Folder 4 Fields, Joseph A. and Jerome Comoro. Schoolhouse on the Lot; a play. Miscellany: 3TLS, flyers; clippings 1938
Folder 5 Ford, Rita Q. Some Like It Hot. Contract for try-out at Pine Grove Playhouse, Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, 1941
Folder 6 Hecht, Ben and Charles MacArthur. Twentieth Century. a new play based on a play by Charles Millholland. Property of Abbot-Dunning, Inc. Mimeograph copy with penciled notes. Includes ground plans and program, 1932
Folder 7 Klee, Lawrence. The Sergeant. Victory players script. American Theatre Wing. Produced in Connecticut by P. Dunning. Mimeograph copy, 1945

Series V. Associated Materials, 1943-1959

Scope and Content Notes:

This series collects the scripts of Dunning's brother, playwright and screen writer Caesar Dunn. All of the scripts in this series are undated. There is also one folder of newspaper clippings relating to Philip Dunning.

Folder 8-9 The Bridal Sweetie
Folder 10 The Bridal Sweetie. Broadway Bandits; a tonsorial satire
Folder 11-12 Caresses; a continental comedy of the art studios
Folder 13 The Count; a play
Folder 14 A Gay Deceiver. Transcript
Folder 15 Jury Duty for Maggie; a musical dream
Folder 16 The Love Doctor. 2 copies. Includes published columns (clippings)
Folder 17 Moral Man; a financial farce
Folder 18-19 Only a Husband

Box 8
Folder 1-2 Silhouette
Folder 3-4 The State Trooper
Folder 5 What the Doctor Ordered; a laughing prescription. Mimeograph
Folder 6 Women at Races. 2 copies. Includes published column (clipping)
Folder 7 Newspaper clippings, 1943-1959