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Collection Inventory

Box 1
Folder 1 Adams, John C., “Machine Politics in Action: Pittsburgh in the Early 1890’s”, 1972
Folder 2 *Allen, Dorothy E. “A Visionary Profile: The Emergence of Blacks in Wilkinsburg (An Historical Persepective)”, 1976
Folder 3 Apt, Rachel., “Economy and Ecology: Environmental Justice in Pittsburgh, 1890-1950”, 2009
Folder 4 Barnes, William H., "Garbage and Rubbish Collection and Disposal, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 1910-1940", 1980
Folder 5 Baraff, Ron, “Forward Into the Past: The Revitalization of the Manchester Neighborhood”, 1998
Folder 6 Bastaja, Mark G., “The Hardscapes and Architectural Features in the Landscape Designed by Ralph E. Griswold, Fellow of the American Academy in Rome and Fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects”, undated
Folder 7 Becer, Allan, “An Appalling Disaster: The Allegheny Arsenal and the Great Explosion of 1862", 1993
Folder 8 Becer, Allan, “Nobody Knows for Us, Croatians in a Pittsburgh Neighborhood, the Lawrenceville Experience”, 1992
Folder 9 *Bendle, Jean D., [A Czechoslovakian Immigrant Story] 1976
Folder 10 Blackett, R. J. M., “’…Freedom, or the Martyr’s Grave’. Black Pittsburgh’s Aid to the Fugitive Slave.”, undated
Folder 11 *Brinkley, Mary Lou, “Pattern of Settlement and Residence in American Cities”, 1976
Folder 12 Bryan, Sam, “Fifth Avenue High School: An Inner-City School as a Reflection of a Changing Neighborhood”, 1969
Folder 13 Burnworth, Harold F., “A Pittsburgh Goodwill Tour to Ten Nations, Including Russia”, 1959
Folder 14 Cavalier, Jane, “The Effects of Public Housing on East Liberty", undated
Folder 15 Cizmic, Ivan, “The Involvement of Yugoslav Socialists in the Socialist Party of America and the Socialist Labor Party of America 1903-1924”, undated
Folder 16 *Coleman, Wyonna S., “A Feeling of Security: The Iron and Coal Police—Armed Paternalism in the Coal Camps, 1926-1933”, 1974
Folder 17 Coombs, C. Garn, “Law Enforcement in an Urban Setting: The Struggle for a Police System in Pittsburgh, 1802-1868”, 1969
Folder 18 Couvares, Francis M., “Labor and Leisure in Pittsburgh: Some Tendencies in Late Nineteenth Century Working Class Culture”, 1977
Folder 19 Duncan, Clarence Barclay, “Evolution of the Government of Pittsburgh”, 1929
Folders 20-22 Feldman, Jacob S., “The Early Migration and Settlement of Jews in Pittsburgh, 1754-1894”, undated
Folder 23 *Fesz, Judith Orzechowski, “Social History of Three Generations of Irish Women”, 1976
Folder 24 Forberger, Victor J., “Labor Relations in US Steel, The Duquesne Works from 1955 to 1965”, 1988
Folder 25 *Flake, Sharon G., “Three Generational Study”, 1977
Folder 26 Freifeld, Alice, “The Chastened Crowd in Habsburg Hungary”, 1993
Folder 27 French, John D., “Labor Activity in Holyoke and Chicopee Massachusetts, 1933 to 1950.”, 1973
Folder 28 Galloway, James S., “The Negro in Politics in Pittsburgh, 1928-1940”, Undated
Folder 29 Garland, William E., Jr., “Police Reform and Patrolman Behavior: The Pittsburgh Police Bureau; 1887-1899”, 1971
Folder 30 *Gibson, Lillian, “What Jewish Writers Are Saying About Jews in America”, 1976
Folder 31 *Harris, Ilene D., “Jewish Law of Divorce”, Undated
Folder 32 Helfeld, “Planning and Government in Pittsburgh: A Case Study”, Undated
Folder 33 *Iandiorio, Edward, [Study of African-American History] 1976
Folder 34 Iandiorio, Edward, “3 ½ Generations”, Undated
Folder 35 Kessler, Elaine, “Attitudes, Values, and Needs of a Sample of People in the Manchester Area of the North Side”, 1962
Folder 36 Landesman, Sarah, “The Early History of the McKeesport Jewish Community”, 1973
Folder 37 *Lehrer, Penina, “Ethnic Women: A Three Generational Study”, 1976
Folder 38 Lloyd, Paul, “A Study of Social Control in Bethlehem Steel Company and the Westinghouse Companies, 1900-1916.”, Undated
Folder 39 *Lovasic, Sharon, “The Sulek Story”, Undated
Folder 40 *Lovasic, Sharon J., “Slavic Cultures in America”, Undated
Folder 41 Magdovitz, Faith Lynn, “A Comparison of the Changing Functions of Two Jewish Community Centers as Exemplified by the Jewish Community Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Anna B. Heldman Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (Formerly the Irene Kauffman Center).”, 1960
Folder 42 *Majewski, Tom, “Life in the United States”, 1979
Folder 43 *Majewski, Tom, “Land of Equality???”, 1979
Folder 44 *Majhan, Cabrina, “A Three Generational Study of Croatian Women in America”, 1976
Folder 45 *Matta, Vincent A., “Topic: The American Jew”, 1979
Folder 46 Mazerov, Esther B., “The History of the Petroleum Industry in Pittsburgh, Medicine, Refineries, Monopolies, 1794-1911”, 2001
Folder 47 McClain, Raymond, “The Immigrant Years: Irene Kaufmann Settlement, 1895-1915”,McClain, Raymond, “The Immigrant Years: Irene Kaufmann Settlement, 1895-1915”, 1969
Folder 48 McKay, John P., “John Cockerill in Southern Russia, 1885-1905; A Study of Aggressive Foreign Entrepreneurship”, Undated
Folder 49 McShea, Mary & Bob Connolly, “Pete Flaherty, Politician”, 1972

Box 2
Folder 1 *Mervosh, Nick Jr., “Mrvos, Three Generations”, Undated
Folder 2 Miller, Cheryl Lynn, “Loyalties of German- Americans in Pittsburgh During World War I.”, 1985
Folder 3 Miller, Roger G., “Archival Sources for a Study of United States Army Personnel, 1869-1870”, 1979
Folder 4 Misko, Louise, “Family History”, 1975
Folder 5 Moore, Branden, “Where the Evidence Led”, 2009
Folder 6 Murcko, Anita C., “My Progenitors: An Un*Family Tree”, Undated
Folder 7 *Oresick, Peter M., “An Early Family History with Historical Perspectives”, 1979
Folder 8 *Oresick, Peter, “A Family History of Stephanie Lane from Oresick”, 1979
Folder 9 Pailthrop, Michelle, “The German-Jewish Elite of Pittsburgh: Its Beginnings and Background”, 1967
Folder 10 Plank, Kathryn M., “The Steel Novel: A View of Industrial Pittsburgh”, 1986
Folder 11 *Rawa, Charles Anthony, “An Overall View of Polish Immigration and Lifestyle from Then to Now”, Undated
Folder 12 *Rocco, Emma Scogan, “The Italian Heritage in Monaco, Pennsylvania (Beaver County)”, 1981
Folder 13 *Rocco, Emma S., “Ethnicity Patterns, Syrian, Sarah George Sam”, 1981
Folder 14 Rosen, Philip, “Thirty Years at Kingsley House”, 1969
Folder 15 *Rosenthal, Debra “Escaped?” Undated
Folder 16 Ruoff, Fred, “History of the First United Evangelical Protestant Church” [English translation of German text, published in 1882] 1882
Folder 17 Sacks, Aaron & Maurice B. Greenbaum, “An Approach to Group Work with New Americans (A Description of a Club Group at the Young Men and Women’s Hebrew Association of Pittsburgh, 1949-1950)”, Undated
Folder 18 *Sauers, Barbara, “My Family History”, 1981
Folder 19 Schubert, Jane G., “A Man and His City”, 1971
Folder 20 *Scott, Denise, “The Yiddish Theater in America”, Undated
Folder 21 *Seamon, Mary E.R., “My Slovak Heritage”, Undated
Folder 22 Selavan, Ida Cohen, “Adolph Edlis: A Hungarian Jew in Pittsburgh Politics” (Tenth Annual Conference on Ethnic and Minority Studies), 1982
Folder 23 *Sell, Nannette, “Syrian-American Women and their Development”, 1976
Folder 24 *Shirey, Sandra S., “Anti-Semitism in America, 1976
Folder 25 *Skirble, Debra Lynn, “Jewish Home & Hospital for Aged at Pittsburgh”, 1976
Folder 26 Smith, Hal, “The Show Trials of the Accused “Molly Mcguires” Patrick Hester, Peter McHugh, and Patrick Tully”, Undated
Folder 27 Smith, Roland M., “The Politics of Flood Control on the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers at Pittsburgh, 1908-1936”, 1971
Folder 28 Smith, Roland M., “The Politics of Pittsburgh Flood Control, 1908-1936”, Undated
Folder 29 Smith, Roland M., “The Politics of Pittsburgh Flood Control, 1936-1960”, Undated
Folder 30 Soens, Ted C. & Jack L. Hiller & Jarrell McCracken Title: “Morningside: An Urban Village” 1969
Folder 31 Studnicki, Anthony, “Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s First Visit to the United States”, 1979
Folder 32 Tarr, Joel A., “Growth, Stability, and Decline in an Urban Area: One Hundred Years of Hazelwood”, Undated
Folder 33 Taylor, Donald L., “The Woods Run Settlement, 1895-1932”, 1970
Folder 34 Teneholz, Beverly, “Three Generations of Ethnic Women”, 1976
Folder 35 *Verk, Rita, “Intermarriage: A Jewish Problem”, 1976
Folder 36 Walsh, Victor A., “Class, Culture, and Nationalism: The Irish Catholics of Pittsburgh, 1870-1883”, 1976
Folder 37 *Wherthey, John P., “Ann Bedzyk & Frank Lesak”, 1979
Folder 38 *Wherthey, John P., “My Grandmother, Mary (Babjack) Fader, 1889-1964”, Undated
Folder 39 *Williamson, Jeffry J., “The History of the Horner Family”, 1980
Folder 40 *Wilson, Bonnie G., “A Three Generational Study”, 1976
Folder 41 *Wilson, Bonnie G., “A Memorial to the Immigrant, the Nationality Rooms with Specific Emphasis on the Irish Room at the University of Pittsburgh”, 1976
Folder 42 Wilson, Cathy A., “The Western Pennsylvania Hospital Site”, 1989
Folder 43 *Wilson, Robert E., “1968 Civil Rights Act Rights at Last?”, 1976
Folder 44 *Wilson, Robert E., “Christmas: Past and Present, A Study of the Wilson Family Traditions”, Undated
Folder 45 Wood, Diana M., “An Analysis of the Pittsburgh Elementary School Boards, 1900-1906: Leadership and Values”, 1972
Folder 46 *Wooler, Elizabeth L., “A Three Generational Study of Ethnic Greek Women”, 1976
Folder 47 Wudarczyk, James, “A History of the Heppenstall Company”, Undated
Folder 48 *Yarkosky, Linda, “My Slovene Heritage in America, Slavic Culture in America”, 1981
Folder 49 Zoidis, Marilyn, “A Class of Their Own: Pittsburgh’s College Women in the Early Twentieth Century”, 1992