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Collection Inventory

Series I. Photographs

Scope and Content Notes:

Series I contains three categories of photographs. The first category contains autographed photographs of burlesque performers. The second group contains theatre marquee photos. The final grouping contains unautographed and unidentified photos. Each group of photos are in alphabetical order.

Box 1
Folder 1 Angel, Cindy
Folder 2 Bell, Virginia
Folder 3 Bits of Nonsense
Folder 4 Briston, Ginger
Folder 5 Darnell, Sherry
Folder 6 Dawn, Gay
Folder 7 DeeAnn
Folder 8 DelRey, Dolores
Folder 9 Domay
Folder 10 DuBois, Lotus
Folder 11 Knight, Sharon
Folder 12 Kolb, Ray R.
Folder 13 LaFemme, Lori
Folder 14 Long, Brandy
Folder 15 Martin, Maxine
Folder 16 Manville, Anita
Folder 17 Marvou
Folder 18 Milo, Anita
Folder 19 Powell, Pepper
Folder 20 Ravell, Rita
Folder 21 Red, T.N.T.
Folder 22 Rose, Hermie
Folder 23 Satana, Tura
Folder 24 Simone
Folder 25 St. Cyr, Lili
Folder 26 Storm, Tempest
Folder 27 Waggin, Patti (2)
Folder 28 Winds, Gail
Folder 29 Yvette, Yvonne
Folder 30 Unidentified (6)
Folder 31 Babcock Theatre, Helena MT
Folder 32 Century Theatre, Oakland CA (2)
Folder 33 Metropolitan Theatre, Seattle WA
Folder 34 Montana Theatre, Butte MT
Folder 35 Orpheum Theatre, Pocatella ID (2)
Folder 36 Paramount Theatre, Billings MT
Folder 37 Strand Theatre, location unknown
Folder 38 Temple Theatre, Tacoma WA
Folder 39 Wilma Theatre, Missoula MT
Folder 40 Bird, Billie
Folder 41 Bogart, Barbara LoCicero, Anthony (26)
Folder 42 Dowton, Bill
Folder 43 Fritcher,Charlie
Folder 44 Gordon, Phyllis
Folder 45 King, Higgy
Folder 46 Little, Jack Falls
Folder 47 Unidentified (10)

Series II. Burlesque Skits

Scope and Content Notes:

This series consists of short burlesque skits. These are typescripts of short comedic scenes that may or may not have been performed in burlesque productions. All skits are preservation photocopies. To use the original materials please contact the Curator of the Curtis Theatre Collection.

Box 2
Folder 1 "Audience Bit"
Folder 2 "Audience Bit" version 2"
Folder 3 "Bartender Address"
Folder 4 "Carrie Potts, The Chamber Maid"
Folder 5 "Carrie Potts.." version 2
Folder 6 "Haunted House"
Folder 7 "Lady Barber"
Folder 8 "Lady Barber" version 2
Folder 9 "Park the Car"
Folder 10 "Prickly Heat"
Folder 11 "Pullman Train"
Folder 12 "Ten Times Smarter"
Folder 13 "Three Wishes (Potato Masher)"
Folder 14 "Traffic Cop"
Folder 15 "Trolley Car, The"
Folder 16 "Undertaker Parlor"
Folder 17 Bound Volume of 119 skits

Series III. Correspondence

Scope and Content Notes:

The Correspondence file is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. These letters and telegrams are from the friends and business associates of Barbara Bogart and Anthony LoCicero. The subject matter of the letters includes information about booking and planning of productions to reminiscing with old friends who were also involved with burlesque theatre.

Folder 18 16th St. Follies, contract
Folder 19-20 American Guild of Variety Artists
Folder 21 Berge, James MD
Folder 22 Bryan Engel Circuit, contract
Folder 23 Davenport, Del
Folder 24 Film Art Corporation, contract
Folder 25 Jess Mack Agency
Folder 26 Kolb, Ray R.
Folder 27 Manlove, Dudley
Folder 28 Martin, Gerry

Series IV. General Burlesque Theatre Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains several burlesque theatre magazines, programs, and other ephemeral material.

Folder 29 Pay Receipts
Folder 30 Burlesque show scene lists, 1967-1968
Folder 31 The Night They Raided Minsky's, 1960
Folder 32 Calvalcade of Burlesque, v.1, no.2., 1951
Folder 33 A Pictorial History of Burlesque From A to Z, 1964
Folder 34 Program: "Marla Wyman in Person"
Folder 35 Theatrical Variety Showcase v.1, no.3. April, 1968
Folder 36 Seattle vol.3, no.32. Nov., 1968
Folder 37 Love and Peace. Lysistrata adaptation by A. LoCicero
Folder 38 American Guild of Variety Artists convention program, 1965

Series V. The Drunkard Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

The materials in this series document the production of The Drunkard that Barbara Bogart and Anthony LoCicero performed in for many years all over the country. All scrapbooks and clippings are preservation photocopies. To use the original materials please contact the Curator of the Curtis Theatre Collection.

Box 3
Folder 1 Scrapbook 1
Folder 2 Scrapbook 2
Folder 3 Misc. newspaper clippings
Folder 4 Programs
Folder 5 Music score

Series VI. Oversize Materials

Scope and Content Notes:

Series VI is made up of oversized illustrations and photographs.

Folder 6 Pastel caricature of A. LoCicero
Folder 7 Pen and ink drawing of A. LoCicero, 1941
Folder 8 Photo of Bogart and LoCicero from The Drunkard
Folder 9 Photo of B. Bogart