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Collection Inventory

Oversize 1 Andrew Watson Deed, 1784

John Penn, Jr., and John Penn, Sr., sold lot 225 to Andrew Watson.

Box 1
Folder 1 H. H. Brackenridge Deed, July 23, 1796

This is a deed of sale by Andrew Watson and his wife Margret [sic] to H. H. Brackenridge.

Oversize 2 Watson Deed, July 24, 1790

H. H. Brackenridge sells a portion of lot number 226 to Andrew Watson. The deed refers to George Woods' plans of Pittsburgh land, including lot number 226. The deed also outlines the previous sale of the lot to H. H. Brackenridge by Westmoreland county sheriff James Guthrie following a 1790 lawsuit involving Thomas Hutchins and Alexander Fowler.

Folder 2 H. H. Brackenridge Deed, July 24, 1790

Deed of land sale from Andrew and Margaret Watson to H. H. Brackenridge.

Folder 3 H. H. Brackenridge Settlement, July 13, 1791

This short, quarter page note settles all of Andrew Watson's debts to H. H. Brackenridge.

Folder 4 Andrew Watson Notice, July 13, 1796

This notice of discusses water pumps and lists Andrew Watson, Jones, and Irwin as regulators.

Folder 5 H. H. Brackenridge Road Tax Receipts, 1796-1819

This is a receipt of taxes paid by Watson on H. H. Brackenridge's behalf.

Folder 6 H. H. Brackenridge Permit to "Philip A. Wyss, a Negro", July 28, 1800

Transcript: "Having a certain lot of ground a mile or more distant from Pittsburgh, formerly a part of the plantation of Archibald (Frew?), and purchased from him at publick sales, on which there is a small house and road (?) I shall and do hereby permit Philip a Negro to inhabit, and occupy the said during his life, to make such use of it and improvements on it as he may think proper."

Folder 7 H. H. Brackenridge Rental Agreement, September 22, 1801

Only a portion of this letter remains. Andrew Watson is mentioned in a sentence fragment at the top. The agreement concerns land in Pittsburgh and the vicinity. It mentions allowing "Negro Philip" to live on Grant's Hill and was witnessed by Tarelton Bates.

Folder 8 H. H. Brackenridge to Andrew Watson, September 23, 1803

This correspondence relates to lot number 18 in Pittsburgh, near the Allegheny River.

Folder 9 Andrew Watson Indenture, February 18, 1804

This contract apprentices Andrew Watson, Jr., to William Hayes. It is signed by Andrew Watson and Andrew Watson (Black).

Folder 10 H. H. Brackenridge Statement of Taxes, June 6, 1805

This is a receipt for Pittsburgh city taxes paid by Andrew Watson on H. H. Brackenridge's behalf.

Folder 11 H. H. Brackenridge Statement of Account, November 13, 1805

This ledger documents debts to H. H. Brackenridge owed by Matthew Login, Andrew Watson, and William Cunningham.

Folder 12 H. H. Brackenridge to Andrew Watson, February 7, 1806

In this letter, H. H. Brackenridge writes to Watson from his family home in Carlisle, PA, regarding a lease.

Folder 13 H. H. Brackenridge Lease, March 13, 1806

This memorandum regards a property lease involving Isaac Gregg and Zadok Cramer. This property housed the printing office of the "Tree of Liberty." The document is also signed by Andrew Watson, William Watson and James Alexander.

Folder 14 H. H. Brackenridge Rental Agreement, March 24, 1806

The above is an agreement between H. H. Brackenridge and Edward McCuen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The letter is witnessed by Alexander Watson. The agreement refers to a lot on Grant's Hill formally occupied by "Negro Philip," and McCuen agrees not to dig coal on this lot.

Folder 15 H. H. Brackenridge Settlement, September 29, 1806

This settlement with Zadok Cramer was facilitated by Andrew Watson on H. H. Brackenridge's behalf.

Folder 16 H. H. Brackenridge to Andrew Watson, November 7, 1806

From Carlisle, Pennsylvania, H. H. Brackenridge discusses bidding on a house and lot at Market Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Andrew Watson.

Folder 17 H. H. Brackenridge Agreement, September 15, 1807

This document agreement pertains to H. H. Brackenridge's sale of about three acres of meadow ground to Andrew Watson for three hundred dollars.

Folder 18 H. H. Brackenridge Bill of Sale, October 27, 1807

Sale of land by H. H. Brackenridge to Andrew Watson.

Folder 19 H. H. Brackenridge Memorandum to Andrew Watson, October 10, 1808

This letter is almost indecipherable due to H. H. Brackenridge's penmanship.

Folder 20 H. H. Brackenridge Receipt, February 4, 1809

The receipt is for William Foster's subscription to the publication, "Tree of Liberty."

Folder 21 H. H. Brackenridge to Andrew Watson, May 10, 1813

This letter may have been transcribed. The correspondence relates to a Market Street property in Pittsburgh. It also refers to several items of business involving Abner Barker, Mrs. General Barker and Cramer & Co.

Folder 22 H. H. Brackenridge Family Agreement, September 11, 1813

This document consists of three separate entries spanning fifty-three years. First is Hugh Henry Brackenridge's September 11, 1813 agreement to pay an annuity to support his sister-in-law Mary and family in the case of John Brackenridge's death. Second, on the reverse side of the page is an accounting of annuity money paid to Mary and accounted for by Catherine Brackenridge, documenting funeral and other expenses in connection with the July 16, 1826 death of Mary Brackenridge. Catherine Brackenridge was the daughter of John Brackenridge, Hugh Henry Brackenridge's brother. Third, on December 22, 1866, H. H. Brackenridge's son, Alexander Brackenridge, wrote a letter on a portion of the original annuity agreement to William McCullough Darlington offering this document as the Hugh Henry Brackenridge autograph that Darlington had earlier requested for his collection.

Folder 23 Alexander Brackenridge Agreement, July 12, 1817

Alexander Brackenridge agrees to sell a piece of land adjoining Second Street to Andrew Watson, witnessed by L. Stewart.

Folder 24 Alexander Brackenridge Agreement, September 25, 1817

Alexander Brackenridge sells to Andrew Watson land willed to Alexander Brackenridge by his father, Hugh Henry Brackenridge.

Oversize 3 Andrew Watson Lease Agreement, December 23, 1817

Sabina Brackenridge leases lot 226 to Andrew Watson following H. H. Brackenridge's death. The lease is signed on Sabina Brackenridge's behalf by her son, Alexander Brackenridge.

Folder 25 Stock Agreement, February 24, 1820

This certificate conveys a share of stock to Mrs. Hugh Henry Brackenridge in Harrisburg, Carlisle and Chambersburg Turnpike Road Company. The document is signed by Benjamin Reynolds, President and J. B. Parker, treasurer.

Folder 26 Andrew Watson Memorandum of Agreement, July 13, 1821

In this memorandum, Andrew Watson and Sabina Wolfe Brackenridge agree on terms for the use of a Market Street property.

Oversize 4 Andrew Watson Lease Agreement, July 13, 1821

In this lease, Sabina Brackenridge revises Andrew Watson's lease on lot number 266. The lease is signed on Sabina Brackenridge's behalf by her attorney and son, Alexander Brackenridge.

Oversize 5 Robert Watson Deed, August 6,1827

Robert Watson paid William Henry Brackenridge $5.00 for portions of lot number seven left to Robert Watson in Andrew Watson's will. The folder contains two copies of the deed.

Folder 27 Alexander Watson Agreement, August 23, 1827

This agreement relates to Tunnel Street and lists Alex Watson, Andrew Watson, John Black, and others, as Trustees.

Folder 28 Andrew Watson Housing Survey of Pittsburgh, undated

This partial survey chart landownership in Pittsburgh, showing the lands of Andrew Watson, John Park, Abnes Barker, David Wallace, and Matthew Logan.

Folder 29 Watson Family Residential Plots Map, undated

This diagram shows numbered plots labeled with the names of residents. Many of the residents share the Watson family name, but other family names are present. The streets are shown, but not named.

Folder 30 H. H. Brackenridge to Sir, undated

This business letter includes a pencil note with biographical notes about H. H. Brackenridge, presumably added at a later date.

Folder 31 H. H. Brackenridge to Sir, undated

The letter references George Wallace, James G. Herron, G. J. Woods, John Wilkins, Jeremiah Barker, Andrew Watson, McKean and Ross. This folder also contains an undated, handwritten transcription of the letter by staff at the Darlington Library.