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Series III. Shimony Manuscripts, 1950-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

There are both published and unpublished manuscripts in this series. In the unpublished manuscripts sub-series there are a small number of manuscripts that are transcripts of critical comments or responses that Shimony made about a talk given at a conference. There are also records of comments on manuscripts sent to Shimony by other philosphers of science. The items in the published manuscripts sub-series are manuscripts that are the precursors of articles presenting original research or thought that Shimony went on to have published in professional journals.

Subseries 1. Unpublished Manuscripts, 1969-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

These are materials connected with Shimony's professional work that were not published, or at least not published in this form. Some of the material may have been published as part of other works.

Box 2
Folder 1 A Pedagogical Note on Material Implication, 1970-1980
Folder 2 Amplifying Personal Probability Theory: Comments on L. J. Savage's "Difficulties in the Theory of Personal Probability", 1967
Folder 3 Comment on Cambell's Evolutionary Epistemology, 1977
Folder 4 Comments and Questions concerning Profesosr Shimony's Lecture on "Philosophical Implications of Quantum Mechanics in d'Espagnat's Varenna Volume", 1971
Folder 5 Comments on a Paper by Gage and Hestenes, 1972
Folder 5 B Comments on a Paper by Gage and Hestenes, 1972
Folder 6 Comments on a Paper by Savage, 1967
Folder 6 B Comments on a Paper by Savage, 1967
Folder 7 Comments on a talk by B. Mandelbrot, 1987
Folder 8 Comments on Ozawa, Stein, and Shimony, 1990-1991
Folder 8 B Comments on Ozawa, Stein, and Shimony, 1990-1991
Folder 9 Early Work on Hidden Variables, 1969
Folder 9 B Early Work on Hidden Variables, 1969
Folder 10 Introduction to Boston Colloquium on Quantum Entanglement and Information, 2009
Folder 11 "Noncontextual and Contextual Hidden Variables Models of Quantum Mechanics," A Compendium of Quantum Physics, Undated
Folder 12 Physics and the Explanation of Life, Address at AAAS Meeting, (See Wigner), 1969
Folder 13 Preliminary Comments on Quantum Mechanics, 1951
Folder 14 Question to D'Espagnat - at a Conference, perhaps Erice, 1977
Folder 15 "The Sense of Wonder," Hillel Foundation, Wellesby College, Rosh Ha-shanah, 1989
Folder 16 "Whitehead and Quantum Physics," a Debate with Shimon Malin at Colgate University, 2005
Folder 16 B "Whitehead and Quantum Physics," a Debate with Shimon Malin at Colgate University, 2005

Subseries 2. Published Manuscripts, 1947-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

The materials in this sub-series are materials connected with the various stages of production of Shimony's published scientific and philosophical articles. They can come from any stage of the development of the article.

Box 3
Folder 1 "Alternative Schemes of Measurement," an abstract in Bulletin of American Physical Society, with Howard Stein, 1967
Folder 2 "Amplification of Belilnfante's Argument for the Nonexistance of Dispension-Free States," Foundations of Physics 18, 1988
Folder 3 "An Analysis of Ensembles that are both Pre and Post-Selected," Foundations of Physics 35, 2005
Folder 4 "An Analysis of Stapp's 'A Bell-Type Theorem Without Hidden Variables,'" Foundations of Physics, 2006
Folder 5 "An Ontological Examination of Causation," Review of Metaphysics, 1947
Folder 6 "Approximate Measurement in Quantum Mechanics," Physical Review, 1974
Folder 7 "Bell's Theorem," Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2004
Folder 8 "Bell's Theorem; Experimental Texts and Implications," Papers on Progress in Physics (supported by NSF), 1978
Folder 9 "Bell's Theorem without Inequalities," American Journal of Physics 58, 1990
Folder 10 Book Reviow of Arthur Pap, "An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science," Philosophical Review, 1964
Folder 11 "Can the Fundamental Laws of Nature be the Results of Evolution?" Physics to Philosophy, 1999
Folder 12 "Carnap on Entropy," Logical Empiricist, 1975
Folder 13 "Coherence and the Axioms of Confirmation," Journal of Symbolic Logic, 1955
Folder 14 Comment on David Tharrah's "Theses on Presuppositions," Review of Metaphysics, 1955
Folder 15 "Comment on 'Nonlocal Charachter of Quantum Theory' by Henry P. Stapp," American Journal of Physics 65, 1997
Folder 16 "Comment on Norsen's Defense of Einstein's 'Box Argument,'" Physical Review A, 2005
Folder 17 "Comments on the Papers of Professor S. Schiller and Professor A. Siegel," Synthese 14, 1962
Folder 18 "Complimentarity of One-Particle and Two-Particle Interferences, Physical Review A, 1993
Folder 19 "Cybernetics and Social Entities," Science, Politics, and Social Practice, 1995
Folder 20 "Dialogue: Abner Shimony - Shimon Malin," Quantum Information Processing, 2006
Folder 21 "Degree of Entanglement," Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory, 1995
Folder 22 "Demonstration of the Complementary of One- and Two-Photon Interference," Physical Review A (With A.F. Abouraddy, M.B. NAsr, B.E.A. Saleh, A.V. Sergienko, M.C. Teich), 2001
Folder 23 "Depth and Breadth of John Bell's Physics," Physics in Perspective (With Roman Jackiw), 2002
Folder 24 "Dr. Hegel's Geisteisschwitzengymnasium," Bostonia, 1993
Folder 25 "Filters with Infinitely Many Components," Foundations of Physics, reprinted in Search for a Naturalistic World View vol. 2, 1971
Folder 26 "Insolubility of the Quantum Measurement Problem for Unsharp Observations," Studies in History of Philosophy of Modern Physics (With Paul Busch), 1997
Folder 27 Interview, Bromberg-Shimony, 2002
Folder 28 "Introduction: The Character of Howard Stein's Work in Philosophy of History of Physics," Reading Natural Philosophy, 2002
Folder 29 "Jaynes's Maximum Entrophy Prescription and Probability Theory," Journal of Statistical Physics vol. 3 (With K. Friedman), 1971
Folder 30 "John S. Bell," New Directory of Scientific Biography, 2008-2009
Folder 31 "John S. Bell: Some Reminiscences and Reflections," Quantum [Un]Speakables, 2002

Box 4
Folder 1 "Lattice of Verifiable Propositions of the Spin-1 System," Journal of Mathematical Physics (With B. Hultgrn), 1977
Folder 2 "Limitations on Measurement," Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (With H. Stein), 1971
Folder 3 "Logic of EPR," Annales de la Foundation Louis de Broglie 26, 2001
Folder 4 "Measures of Entanglement," The Einstein, Podosky, Rosen Dilema - Sixty Years Later, Annals of Israel Physical Society, 1995
Folder 5 "Multipath Interferometry of the Biphoton," Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory, Academy of Sciences (With M.A. Horne), 1995
Folder 6 "Non-cyclic Geometric Phases in a Proposed Two-Photon Interferometric Experiment," Journal of Physics A, 1993
Folder 7 "On Carnap: Reflections of a Metaphysical Student," Synthese 93, 1992
Folder 8 "On Quantum Non-locality, Special Relativity, and Counterfactual Reasoning," Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics, 2003
Folder 9 "Optimal Distinction Between Two Non-orthogonal Quantum States," Physics, Leters A, 1995
Folder 10 "Perception from an Evolutionayr Point of View," Journal of Philosophy, 1971
Folder 11 "Philosophical and Experimental Perspectives on Quantum Physics," Epistemological and Experimental Perspectives on Quantum Physics, 1999
Folder 12 "Physical and Philosophical Issues in the Bohr-Einstein Debate," Search for a Naturalistic World View Vol. II, Natural Science and Metaphysics, 1988
Folder 13 "Physical Reflections on EPR," the Dilemma of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen - Sixty Years Later, Annals of Israel Physical Society 12, 1995
Folder 14 "Proposed Experiment to test Local Hidden-Variable Theories," Physical Review Letters (With J.F. Clauser, M.A. Horne, R.A. Holt), 1969
Folder 15 "Proposed Molecular Test of Local Hidden-Variables Theories," Physical Review A 23, 1981
Folder 16 "Proposed Neutron Interferometer test of some nonlinear variants of Wave Mechanics," Physical Review, 1979
Folder 17 "Proposed Test of Bell's Inquiry without Detection Loophole by Using Entangled Rydberg Adams," Physical Review A, 1996
Folder 18 "Reality of the Quantum World," Scientific American, 1978
Folder 19 "Reality of the Quantum World," Scientific American, 1988
Folder 20 "Review of A. Lande's, New Foundations of Quantum Mechanics," Physics Today, 1966
Folder 21 "Review of B. d'Espagnat's 'Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mecanics,' 2nd Edition," American Journal of Physics, 1978
Folder 22 "Review of Braithwaite's Scientific Explanation," and Addendum, "Further Comments on the Explication of Statistical Probability," Review of Metaphysics, 1954
Folder 22 B "Review of Braithwaite's Scientific Explanation," and Addendum, "Further Comments on the Explication of Statistical Probability," Review of Metaphysics, 1954
Folder 23 "Review of Kuhn et al. 'Sources for the History of Physics," Synthese, 1968
Folder 24 "Review of M. Epperson, 'Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead,'" Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society, 2005
Folder 25 "Review of Shimon Malin, 'Nature Loves to Hide,'" American Journal of Physics, 2002
Folder 25 B "Review of Shimon Malin, 'Nature Loves to Hide,'" American Journal of Physics, 2002
Folder 26 "Review of 'The Uncertainty Principle of Foundations of Quantum Mechanics' by W.C. Price and S.S. Chissick," Science 99, 1978
Folder 27 "Role of the Observer in Quantum Theory," American Journal of Physics, 1963
Folder 28 "Some Intellectual Obligations of Epistemological Naturalism," Reading Natural Philosophy, 2002
Folder 29 "Stachel on Quantum Theory," Space, Time, Quantum Entanglement and Critical Epistemology Essays in Honor of John Stachel, 2003
Folder 30 "Statistics of Open Systems," Physical Review, 1962
Folder 31 "Status of Hidden-Variable Theories," Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science IV, 1973
Folder 32 "Status and Nature of Essences," The Review of Metaphysics, 1948
Folder 33 "Stochastic Process of Kielson and Storer," Physics of Fluids, 1963
Folder 34 "Tension in Bohm's Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics," Bohmian Mechanics and Quantum Theory: An Appraisal (With Millard Baublitz), 1996

Box 5
Folder 1 "Theory of Information in the Discrete Communication System," Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories, 1955
Folder 2 "Transient Now," The Philosophy of Paul Weiss, 1995
Folder 3 "The Theory of Natural Selection as a Null Theory," Satistics in Science, 1990
Folder 4 "Two Interferometric Complementaries," Physical Review A, 1995
Folder 5 "Two Particle Interferometry," Physical Review Letters, 1989
Folder 6 "Vindication: A Reply to Paul Teller," Inducting Probability and Confirmation, 1975
Folder 7 "Wake Packet Reduction as a Medium of Communication," Foundations of Physics, 1977
Folder 8 "Wigner's Contributions to the Quantum Theory of Mechanics," Proceedings of teh Wigner Centennial Conference, Pecs, Hungary, 2002

Series IV. Manuscripts Annotated by Shimony Undated

Scope and Content Notes:

The manuscripts in this series are manuscripts by other authors that have been annotated by Shimony. Underlining is not considered annotation so no items that were solely annotated by underlining are to be found. Marginalia and extended commentary are considered annotation.

Box 5
Folder 10 "Nonlocality and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment as Understood through the Quantum Potential Approach," D. Bohm and B.J. Hiley, 1988
Folder 11 "On a Realistic Theory for Quantum Physics," Durr, Detlef, Goldstein, Sheldon and Zanghi, Nino, 1988-1995