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Series I. New York City Theatre Programs, 1857-present

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is composed of all the Curtis Collection's theatre programs from New York City. The series is separated into two series. The first being Broadway theatre programs and the second compiles Off-Broadway and the other boroughs of New York City.

Subseries 1. Broadway, 1857-present

Scope and Content Notes:

The Broadway programs collection is broken into three organizational schemes. The nineteenth century and early twentieth century programs are filed by the date printed in the program. From 1943 to the current season, all the programs of a specific production's run are filed chronologically by it's opening night date. These dates are usually printed in the program. When they are not, staff use Theatre World and the Internet Broadway Database to determine a production's opening night. Finally, there is a small amount of programs without dates. These are primarily nineteenth century programs and they are filed at the start of the series alphabetically by their title.

Supplementary to the programs, there are newspaper clippings, marketing materials, and memorabilia related to productions in the folders. These materials are available for the programs dating from the mid 1950s through the mid 1980s.

Box 1
Folder 1-2 Broadway theatre programs - Undated
Folder 3 Broadway theatre programs, 1857
Folder 4 Broadway theatre programs, 1866-1889
Box 2-3 Broadway theatre programs, 1890-1899
Box 4-13 Broadway theatre programs, 1900-1910
Box 14-28 Broadway theatre programs, 1911-1920
Box 29-49 Broadway theatre programs, 1921-1930
Box 50-101 Broadway theatre programs, 1931-1942
Box 102 Broadway theatre programs - Oklahoma, March 31, 1943
Box 103-127 Broadway theatre programs, 1943-1949
Box 128 Broadway theatre programs - South Pacific, April 7, 1949
Box 129-208 Broadway theatre programs, 1949-1975
Box 209 Broadway theatre programs - Chorus Line, July 25, 1975
Box 210-243 Broadway theatre programs, 1975-1987
Box 244 Broadway theatre programs - Les Misérables, March 12, 1987
Box 245-287 Broadway theatre programs, 1987-2015

Subseries 2. Off-Broadway, 1875-present

Scope and Content Notes:

The Off-Broadway programs are filed chronologically by the date of the program. When there were no dates printed on the programs, the productions were researched to find out when the opening night was and filed under that date. The programs which we found no opening night information for are arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the venue they were performed at. Also filed in with the Off-Broadway materials were a small amount of programs from other New York City boroughs.

Box 1-6 Off-Broadway theatre programs, 1875-1949
Box 7-20 Off-Broadway theatre programs, 1950-1969
Box 21-27 Off-Broadway theatre programs, 1970-1979
Box 28-37 Off-Broadway theatre programs, 1980-present
Box 38-40 Off-Broadway theatre programs - Undated