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Series VII. Library Materials, 1970-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains a relatively small number of annotated books from Salmon's library. These are all on philosophical topics and are sometimes by Salmon himself, or by philosophers closely associated with his fields of inquiry. While there may be underlining in some books, books whose annotations were solely underlined were not preserved in this series. Annotations here was used to mean commentary by Salmon.

Subseries 1. Annotated Books by Salmon and others, 1960-2000

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains a relatively small number of books written both by Salmon and others that were either annotated or otherwise contain information useful to a researcher.

Box 69
Folder 1 Galavotti, Maria Carla. Probabilita. Milano: La Nuova Italia, 2000
Folder 2 Grunbaum, Adolf. The Foundations of Psychoanalysis. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1984
Folder 3 Grunbaum, Adolf. Modern Science and Zeno's Paradoxes. London: George and Allen Unwin, 1967
Folder 4 Grunbaum, Adolf. Validation in the Clinical Theory of Psychoanalysis. Madison, Conn. : International Universities Press, Inc., 1993
Folder 5 Humphreys, Paul. The Chances of Explanation. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1989

Box 70
Folder 1 Parrini, Paolo. Conoscenza E Realta.Gius: Laterza and Figli, 1995
Folder 2 Parrini, Paolo. Knowledge and Reality. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998
Folder 3 Reichenbach, Hans. Nomological Statements and Admissible Operations. Amsterdam: North-Holland Pub. Co, 1954
Folder 4 Reichenbach, Hans. T he Philosophy of Space and Time. New York: Dover, 1958
Folder 5 Reichenbach, Maria. Hans Reichenbach Selected Writings, 1909-1953. Boston: D. Reidel Publishing Co., 1978

Subseries 2. Thesis and Dissertation written by Salmon, 1950s

Scope and Content Notes:

Salmon's Ph.D. dissertation and M.A. thesis are found here.

Box 71
Folder 1 Whitehead's Conception of Freedom. University of Chicago 1947
Folder 2 John Venn's Theory of Induction. University of California, Los Angeles. 1950

Subseries 3. Translations of Salmon's Work, 1950-2001

Folder 3 Salmon, Wesley. 40 Anni di Apiegazione Scientifica. Padova: Franco Muzzio, 1992
Folder 4 Salmon, Wesley. Logica. Mexico: Derechos Reservados, 1965
Folder 5 Salmon, Wesley. Logica: Segunda Edicao. Rio De Janeiro: Zahar, 1971
Folder 6 Salmon, Wesley. Logica: Quarta Edicao. Rio De Janeiro: Zahar, 1978
Folder 7 Salmon, Wesley. Logica Elementare. Bologna: Il Mulino, 1969
Folder 8 Salmon, Wesley. Logik. Stuttgart: Reclam, 1983