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Series V. Speeches and Writings, 1973-2013

Scope and Content Notes:

Series V contains speech notes, transcripts, remarks, editorials, op-eds, and press statements by Elsie Hillman. The folders in this series are general arranged chronologically.

Box 73
Folder 1 Syria Mosque, On Political Background, 1971
Folder 2 United Jewish Federation, Interfaith Roll Call, 1971
Folder 3 American Association of University Women, 1973
Folder 4 Pennsylvania Women's Political Caucus of Allegheny County, 1973
Folder 5 Ross Township, 1975
Folder 6 Duquesne University, Possible Commencement Speech, c.1970s
Folder 7 Pittsburgh Magazine, "The Pittsburgh I love," by Elsie Hillman, 1980-1981
Folder 8 Equal Rights Amendment Rally, "ERA cannot die!", 1981
Folder 9 Rolling Rock Club, "Politics Today," 1982
Folder 10 Community College of Allegheny County, "Women on Boards," 1983
Folder 11 Pittsburgh Vectors, On Allegheny Conference, 1983
Folder 12 Women in the Urban Crisis, 1983
Folder 13 Beth Shalom, "Pioneer Women," 1984
Folder 14 Calvary Episcopal Church, "Men of Calvary", 1984
Folder 15 Carlow College, Women and Politics, 1984
Folder 16 Ellis School, Commencement Address, 1984
Folder 17 "Pioneer Women and Women's Issues," 1984
Folder 18 Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, On the Presidential Election, 1984
Folder 19 Mount Lebanon Council of Republican Women, 1985
Folder 20 Bradford County, c. 1986
Folder 21 Pike County, c. 1986
Folder 22 Penn Hills Council of Republican Women, 1987
Folder 23 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, Current State of the Republican Party, c. 1987
Folder 24 Bush, George H.W., Speech Introducing Vice-President Bush, 1988
Folder 25 Bush, George, H.W., Speech Notes on Presidential Qualities, 1988
Folder 26 Heinz, H. John III, Nominating Remarks by Hillman, 1988
Folder 27 Marywood College, Seminar for Teachers, 1988
Folder 28 Remarks made as President of the State Electoral College, 1988
Folder 29 Burns, Billy, "Ode to Billy Burns," 1989
Folder 30 Ellis School, Commencement Address, 1989
Folder 31 Ellis School, On President-Elect Bush, 1989
Folder 32 Executive Women's Conference, 1989
Folder 33 Pittsburgh Blind Association, 1989
Folder 34 Republican National Committee, Seconding Nomination Speech for Lee Atwater, 1989
Folder 35 Women's Press Club, 1989
Folder 36 Fayette County Republican Dinner, c. 1989
Folder 37 Volunteerism, Notes, c. 1989
Folder 38 "Role of Chairmen - Local and County Organization," Notes, c. 1970s-1980s

Box 74
Folder 1 Bush, George H.W., Speech Notes, c. 1980s
Folder 2 Local Political Participation, Notes, c. 1980s
Folder 3 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, Women in Politics, c. 1980s
Folder 4 Political Involvement, Notes, c. 1980s
Folder 5 Right Wing Politics, Notes, c. 1980s
Folder 6 Shadyside Presbyterian Church, "Women in Politics," c. 1980s
Folder 7 Valley Forge, c. 1980s
Folder 8 Women Business Owners, c. 1980s
Folder 9 Carnegie Mellon University, "What is Expected of You?" 1990, 2007
Folder 10 Point Park University, Commencement Address, 1990
Folder 11 Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, 1990
Folder 12 "Thoughts on Leadership," Notes, 1990
Folder 13 Pi Lambda Theta Delta Chapter, 1991
Folder 14 Allegheny County Country Club, 1992
Folder 15 Allegheny County Medical Association Women's Auxiliary, 1992
Folder 16 City Lights, "City Leaders discuss Pittsburgh's Renaissance," Contribution by Elsie Hillman, 1992
Folder 17 Veteran's Day, 1992
Folder 18 "Women in Politics - Directions and Decisions," 1992
Folder 19 "Current Topics in Politics," c. 1992
Folder 20 Republican National Committee, Seconding Nomination Speech for Haley Barbour, 1993
Folder 21 Republican State Committee, 1993
Folder 22 Rodef Shalom, Hadassah Myrtle Wreath Award Remarks, 1993
Folder 23 United Way Heart of the Community Dinner, Honoring the Steelers, 1998
Folder 24 Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations Annual Meeting, 1998-1999
Folder 25 Twentieth Century Club, 1999
Folder 26 United Jewish Federation, "Building Community Through Philanthropy," 1999
Folder 27 Republican National Committee, Speech in Support of RNC Chairman Haley Barbour, c.1990s
Folder 28 United Jewish Federation Youth Division, 2000
Folder 29 Speech to Students on Political and Civic Engagement, c. 2000
Folder 30 Epperson, David, Dinner Speech, 2001
Folder 31 Federation of Independent Schools Foundation, 2001
Folder 32 Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania, "Family Philanthropy: Making a Difference in the Community and Your Family," 2001
Folder 33 League of Women Voters, 2001
Folder 34 Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, 2001
Folder 35 Mount Ararat Community Activity Center, Honoring George Miles, 2002
Folder 36 Economic Club of Pittsburgh, "The Opportunities and Challenges Facing Our Region," 2004
Folder 37 Ellis School, Commencement Address, 2004
Folder 38 Issues of Church and State, c. 2005
Folder 39 Cooper, Bill, Statement by Elsie Hillman on the Death of Bill Cooper, 2006
Folder 40 O'Connor, Bob, Statement by Hillman on the Death of Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor, 2006
Folder 41 Political Career, Notes, 2007
Folder 42 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "GOP must reject reproductive right extremists," by Elsie Hillman, 2009
Folder 43 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "A Woman's Job," by Elsie Hillman and Jeanne Caliguiri, 2009
Folder 44 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "We must fix the city's long-term financial problems," by Elsie Hillman and David Roderick, 2010
Folder 45 Dantry, Jay, Speech given in honor of Jay Dantry's Bookstand, c. 2011
Folder 46 Chatham University, Speech Honoring Olympia Snowe, 2013
Folder 47 Philadelphia University, Arlen Specter Center for Public Service Dedication, 2014
Folder 48 Writings and Speeches Kept by Hillman, 1986-2007