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Series II. Lectures, 1981-2007

Scope and Content Notes:

The lectures in this series are primarily lectures in history of science, specifically history of physics, addressed to a professional, but not specialized audience. There are some specialized lectures, however, and a set of course lectures.

Box 1
Folder 14 "A Perspective on the Magic Decade, 1972-1982," Lecture at the meeting of teh Optical Society in San Jose, CA, 2007
Folder 14 "Early Reception of Bell's Theorem," Lecture at Conference in Honor of Alven Aspect, 2007
Folder 16 "Inquiries Concerning Human Understanding," Lecture at Mt. Holyoke College, 1981
Folder 17 "On the Nuclear Freeze," Lecture, 1984-1985
Folder 18 "Proposed Experiment to Explore the Onset of the Pauli Exclusion Principle," Lecture at Trinity College, Lecture at Conference on Spin of Statistics at Triste, 2007-2008
Folder 19 "The Family of Propensity Interpretations of Probability," Lecture at University of Bologna, 1988
Folder 20 "The Large, the Small, and the Human Mind," Tanner Lectures on Human Values, with Figures and Figure Captions, Cambride, 1995
Folder 21 "The Uncertainty Principle," Lecture at Hillsdale College, MI, 2007
Folder 20 "Three Lectures in a Course on Naturalistic Epistemologie, ETH, Zurich, (German), 1984